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Possessed Of The Spirit Of Washington

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A PJiiiadepliia dispatcli saya : The session of tlie Universal Peaoe Society at Carpentoi's Hall Üiis mofnilig carne to a summary and very peculiar tírmiaation. About noon, Dr. Charles Pinkliani, of California, bogan to address tho meeting, His mauner was cxcited, and his remarks were -wild and disconnected. It soon became xnítnlfest thnt he was ingaile, aud calis to order were heard from all pointe. Prcsideut Love insisted that the speaker be allowcd to proceed, and Dr. Piukham went on, beeoniiug moro and more excited and violent, nutil at lengtli he juniped pon a cbair, brandishibg a sword in a furious mannor. At this point, sevoral of the menibera went out after thn pólice, alid 8cviri:l %fficers carne in to remoye the disturbar, but President Love insisted that lie should liot be iuterfored with, and the principio oi non-resistance be constantly adhered to, and there was a consequent clearing of the hall. Pinkham's wife reniained sitting in her placo, and aaid that her husband was charged with a message fiom hoavon to deliver tliei'e, ud lio must deliver it no matter yrbat Jiapponed. A large crowd from the outside gathered, and there was great excitment. At length Pinkham bccami; quiet, and said, in explanation, that hc had been possessed of the immortul npirit of AVashington, but had at last succeoilod in "shaking the spirit." 'Dio spirit, he explained, had attempted, tlirough hini, to pronounce a new doclaration.


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