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DRUCS. H. A. Tremaine & (o, (Succo.lsora to It. W. ELLIS & 00.) ANN ARBOR, MICH. A FIEST CLASS Drug Store. DRUGS Affl DYË STÜFFS, Patent Medicines, TOILET & PERFUMERY ART1GLE8 DProsoriptions Compounded ai' A.11 Hours. Cor. Main and Hurón Sts, : - r__ CONTINENTAI LIFE INSURANCE CO. Annual Statement, JANUARY I, 1875; Accninni(ttt'tl Assets ,$t;..,,s! JJahittirs, iaclmft nj rcsm-c. . . . && WjS ,Sifr;hfs hrlon'fintf to Polictjfytfdera 7tt.u Annual incaute L,H2Q$ Attuntut oj' lusKjftnco inforce. . .5-t,U'.is,'.i TUIRTT DiTS OF GBACE AI.LOÏÏE ON PAYMENT OP liENEWAI.S. No restrictiou 011 Travel. Prompt aud libera Iaymcut of cliiius. QlrfUJHS JA1I) OH 18T1, S600.000. Total dcatli claiinw ]aid in layt cijrlit yrn 3,000,000. G. A. WATKFNS, Ho. 10 )!:i'.ilc Block. Detroit MuuaRcr íor Michigan, JOHN SF.AES, T):st. Afjrnt, Anu Artwr, Mifü. 1538 FIRE INSURANSii l.NSl'KE YOU1Í l'KOrKliTY WITH FBAZER & HAMILTOX Wbo roprewent tlio follownp safo and trustworthj riro lutiiiraucc Ccmii'ü: FIRE ASSOCIATION O' PHILAUliJ-l'UJA, Iiicoriioratecl 1820. Assots, Jan. 1, 1876, - 83,289,798.31 AMERICAN m INS. CO.. OF l'HILADELPHI.V, Incorjjoratod 1810. ' Assete, - - $l,250,MIwestchësteiTfireis.i' ' Assets, - - - $859,70 i Northwestern National FIRE & MARINE INS. CO. Assets, - - 881, Michigan State Ins. Co. OUT -AJDIil-A-ISr. Assets, - - $327,493.8 The State Insurance Co OF LAJSTSING-. Assets, - - - 8175,0 OFFICE OVER THE SAVINGS BANK .Aain. -A.rbor, Müabisan. 568 "THEVÏBRAför 1000 SOLD LAST si;a'..n WITHOUT OKB KATï.VRE OB EEJECTIOH ' This i th( fiimouB Thivpbinc; marliin0 íTuit K "Mvcpt thn fii'ld" and creaui sucta n revolutioi r;l'l', 1V lts MATCHLES8 GkAIN-SaVINO AN1 'J - ikq prtnclpttis. THE ENOEMOOS WASTAGE o( Kmh,, o innilt wilh olher tlylet of Thrcshem, ui Lo SAVÜD by Ö Improvcd lïachiuo, S'iljicktit, on every joh, lo TJíOi'O 0 pay uil expenses of thrthing. FLAX, TIMOTHY, MILLET, IIÜNGARIAN 'f- liko eoetls aro llirt-sheíl, Bcparatt-cl, clcuim .1 oti a oasily and perfoctly s Wbca!, Oata, Byo or AN EXTRA rBICE is ueunlly pafd for prAin rf scedfl flènavd ly líiia macblno, for extra cleanl I IN TUK WET GBAIfT of 1875, tlicse tc -i: " ti:illy the ONLY MACHINKS thntcould mn wi or cónomy, tloing fost, tborough and perfect viï tckat others titUrlyfailoi. ALL GBAIN, TIME and MONET wasting coaip'.li tione, euch as "EndleM Apronfl," "RaddJes," "Boatf " Pickora," etc., aro MWk iitfaued wilh ; l."8S tï ona-half t!io usual Grtirs, IVlrn, Boxcb, and Jui oasier mnnagod ; moro durable ; lïht ninninp;nocí ly repairs; nodust; no" llttcriugB" to cleau uj'i trouMod ly adven windt, rain or atorms. F4RMKRS and GRAIN RAiERS ïïho ro f: in the largo paving made hy it will not employ in'? rior and waatoful xnachinpa, bnt wlll imist ou üuprovcdTlireshor doing tbcfr wort. FOUB SIZES mudo for 6, 8, ÍO and 12 H'1 Powers. Also a spccialty of Sepabatobb, (lecis"" audiiiadotxpnEssi.Y ron stfam powbb. TWO STTTES OF HORSE POWEBP, vi?,.: our v, provort "Triplo Gear,"and onr"Spur Speod" (Woo bury Styic), both " Mounted " on four whuvlfi. TF INTEKESTED in ThroehlnR or Grain RsW'f1 apply to onr ncarost Dealpr, or write fons for III"-11 t.a Circular (ent froe), giviug full particulars of Si Styk'B, Fricos, Ternis, etc. NichoU, Shepard b Co., BAX1LE CEEEK, iü13" Thosc iiT'.rivali-d HKuhim-i and extras aiv Jf liliuil at 1 iwest lii.rtory prlea by MOSES 1Í0CÍ.C1'5' Auu ArboTi Micü, 4


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