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Bedbug Cure. - Tako of iodide of potassium one ounoe, and dissolve it in one-half pint of turpentine ; then apply with a sniall bmsh or feather, iu all the crevices of the wall and bedstead. This, I am happy to state, with the addition of fcalding with aluni water, ended my troubli in this line. Care should be taken to label this mixture " poison." To Can Baspberries.- ïïll the cans f uil of the berries, set them iu a boiler of eold water, and bring the water to the boiling point. As the berries settle, add more till the juice reaches tho top of the can, then aeal. In this way the syrupis undiluted with water. Or put the berries in a stew-pan with a little water, let them boil fonr or live minutes, dip into cans and seal up. ■ A correspondent gives, in the Household, a recipe which he asserts will keep the hair from falling ont : To onefourth of a pint of number one castor oil, add ono pint of alcohol, one ounce flour of sulphur, one-half a pint of rain water, enough perfume to give it au agréeable odor. Wet the heacl and scalp thoroughly ; the hair will cease failing off in a few days, and will have a lively, fresh, glossy appearance. How to Cook Codfish.- Put the fish to soak in cold water over night. In the morning remove it into frcsh warm water, and setby the fire. Half an hour previous to its being dished up, change into fresh water, and simmer over tne iire nearly to boiling heat, but uo higher. This management does not draw out, but revives and enlivens the nu!ritious substance in them , andleaves tho Êsh tender and delicious. A lady writes the Farm Journal : " There are various substanees and preparations advertised to soften water; bnt the very best I know of, and I havo tried many, is to ' break ' with wood ashes in the old way of scalding sufficient ashes and then turning ashes and water into a barrel which has been fliled from tho welL It ís botton to have it done over night before usiLg to vash, that it may thoroughly settle, and then use great care in dipping oiï. It is well to have a barrel with a spigot near the bottom, for drawing the water off, as the least of the sediment or ashea. inakes the clothes quite yellow.


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