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Valuaba Propkrtv íróa Salk!- Mere is anoihcr picco of propcrty in markct in New OHcansof a rmnarkable fine character! ít ie noi ofton that thinga can be put to euch valuublc usea: ENG1NEER FOll SALR. By Beard, Cslhoun & Co.- OíHcc No 8 StS&Stf VVl" lr 8)1(I at vSïSmv! tirsi rato No. 1 Kngmeer, capablo of runninir thc viccs and mofndiea prescribed !,y ÍÍ fc We shoüld not Iik ,0 gúifl, ,0 the man tliat buys Mosca, l,e would not run himsclf ü he could have a fa.r A man that can run a stcnm eftgine ora 8OW mi!!, Inay Wel bo cxpectcd to "cut sticc."Cfi, Citizen.Prkmvtuke Huriai.?:- öcintlfic mnn of Paris has nscertained tbatnot less than ninctyfour premature burials have been prevented by accidental causes since 1833. Thirty-fic of them liad awokc when their bofllns wero bciiig naifed down; thirtecn had been recovercd by care; seven by the upsettingof the coffins; riine by incisons in pintiing their shrouds; ninctcon by nccideiitel del.iys rrentcd purposcly, by their frlenils; and fivo by other causes. Tho annual esiimntc (.f premature buriato given by the sume gentleman is twenty;sBven! Exemitivc CnrnOj.-The President hns pardoned Robcrt Buker, cohviclodm Maryland last year of beiug efigaged in the sínve-trado. Cakor hnö made Ulousanda o( freo Alricans, alavés, and is p.rdoned; Torroy mado a few slaves, ficcmen, nnd is killed by indica, in a dungoon! Well, "God isjuat, aud his venecance cnniiut sloop lorevorr'A Lawyer's Stoiiy.- "Torn strike = Dick over the shouldcrs xvith a rattan a big as your littlo finger." A lawye wou!d teil the story in this way, "And t ihat vvhereas tho said Thomas, nt the said ■ Providenco, iu the year and day afore i said, in and upon the body of the said Richard, in the peace of God and the ■State, then and there being, did mnke a most violent assault, and inflicted a great many and divers blows, kicks, cufis, Ihutnps, bumps, contusions, gashes, hurts, wounds, damagesnnd injuries, in and upon the head, neck, breast, slomach, hips, knees, shins and hecls of said Richard, with divers, sticks, canes, poles, clubs, logs of wood, stoncs,. dirks, swords, daggers, pistols, cutlasses, bludgeons, blunderbusses, and boarding pikes, then and ther held in the hands, fists, claws, and clulches of him, the said Thomas."A Musical Bed.- The last novelty from Germany s a musical bcd which receives the wonry bo-Jy and immediately laps it in Elysium.' It is an invention of a mechanic n Bohemia, and s so constructed that means of hidden mechanism, pressurc upon tho bed causes a soft and gentle air of Auler to be played, which continúes long enough to lull the most wakeful to sleep. At the head is a clock, the hand of which being placed at the hour the sleeper wishes to arise, when the time arrivés the bed plays a march oí Spontoni, with drums and cymbals.and, in short, with noise enough to rouso the seven sleepers. This uniquo bed becomes, thereforethene plus ultra for the wakeful as wellasthe sluggish. In 'The Symbol, and Odd Fellow's Magazine,' for 1845, we find the Annual Report of the Great Corresponding and Recording Sccrctary of theRight Worthy Great Lodge of tho United States, which givesa bird's-eyo view of the country. At the close is asummary (not entirely complete) of the increnso aud operations of the Order, from 1840 to 1845 inclusive, in the U. S. During these aix years, tho number of initiations was 02,804; the amount of revonue, $1,202,858 57; the sum expended for 'relief,' 8333,778 28; the number of contributing members,185,001; the number of Lodges formed, 2105. Deduct the sum of $l, 202,858 57, tho nmount of revenuc, and thcre remains the enormous sum of 028,080 20 unaccounted for. - Liberal or. We are authorised tostato that Thomas Auld who by inheritance became possessed of what in slaveholder's language is denominaled the legal right to Frederick Douglass- has transferred by deed of gift, his title tosaid Frederick to his brother Hugh- who, stung by thener in which his family has boen spoken of by his quondam slave, is so bilterly incensed ngainst him, as to have openly avowed his determination, in case Fredenck ever returns to this country, to spare no pains or expenso in order to regain possessionof him, and- cost what it may, tlie utmost of Iiis wishes is to place him in the cotton fields oí the South.- We imagine that these wishes will not be gratified.- Penn. Freeman. Sons of Tempe ranee.- F vom a circular received from the oifice of the "Urgan," New York, wo learn the following facts: The order was first established in New York, in 1842, (September 29,) by 1G individuals. lts objects were to consolídale tho moral power of the great body of temperanco men, and to givo to total abstinenco greater importance. The success which has crowncd these eflbrts has been very great. There are now 535 suborbinate Divisions and 12 Grand Divisions in the U.S., and upwards of 40,000 members. Chixa Exchaxges.- In Cantón, Chino, according to a lato missionary report, there are now about 100 exchange buildings-elegant and spacious edifices- not for mercan le piírposes, but for social intercourse, and free discussion of all topics of general interest.The Drumond Light nigluly flnshine far out nto tlio seaof darkness from the roof of the American Museum, New York. is one of the most beautiful and Ihteresting apcctaclcs over witnessed. lis brood floods of hgfct penétrate apparcntly over the whoJo city nnd pre distinctly TÍ6Íblcfor sevcral miles on the western Bido of the Iludson. In front of St. Paiils, and the Astor it is as light as iffifty moons were concentrating their radiance thero. The figures on the City Hall Clock can be secn as readily as in day light, and one can rèad thn finest print without difflculty by its beams.- New York Tribune Mowkt DiGdiNtf.- A correspondent of the Cayuga Tocsin writes from Genoa, Cayuga county, that in ploughing up the land of Roderick Moe, to levei down a mound, a six pail brass and S small iron kcttle wero foünd, in which were many valuable anieles, among which are two beaut.ful medals, and having thp ropreöentiillori of B harp „pon one aide, and on the other thal of a man. After these were lound, a soarch was commenced, and valuablos ,ö ,he amoUnt of about $2,000 were d.scovcred in various pldces. The pay for attendance and mileage of the -nembers of fc, Maaehusetts ttfS&m +, Natüramzation LAws.-The Legislaturoof Pennsylvania have almost unanmously instructod their Sonator3 in Congress to vote agaínst any alioration in the exiating naturalization laws.Earthquake in the West Indies. - By way of Havana, ndvices lmve bee recoived from the town of Cuba. O the23d uit, at 7 in the morning, aftor calm, suhry night, low, rumbling sound w-ere heard. Suddenly tho ground shoo! violently,, causing the greatest conster nation, the peoplo rushing into the strce for safety . The first shock lasted one o two minutes ; and after a lapse of five minutes, the ground was again violently shaken. It was a solemn moment : in every direction the niTriglilod inhabitants might beseen on thcir knees, calling on God to save them, expecting each moment to be swallowcd up. Several slighter shocks were feit d uring the forenoon, but it ia believed no lives wero lost. Several buildings were thrown down, and vory manycracked. In theevening mass vas said in nll the churches for their deiverance from death.- Freo Press. Accounts from Persia st ate thnt the Cholera is mak ing frightful ravages in he interior of Asia.Letters fromour squndion on tbc coaM of África, announce thu denth of pureer John C Spencer JrHe died on board the sloop of war ilfar on, to wluch he was attaehed. He was the youngest eon of Hon. John O Spencer, lute Sccrctary of wcr. Captain Georg.; V. T.iylor, the American diving-bell and sr-a-bottom explorin man has been cmployed by the Secretary of the Navy to proceed with his powcrful npparatus to Gibraltar, lor the purpose of raising the tétunsh'lp JHissouri. A Toon Boy. Mr. A. II. Mickle, the newly elocted mayor of the city of N. Y.,wasa poor orphan boy, who,at an early agp, was bound as an apprentice to a tobacconist. He served his apprenticeship faithlully. and s now the ruler of the greatest commercial city of the new world. Governor Shunk hasapproved the bill granting " the right of way," to the New York and Eric Ruilroad through Pcnnsylvania for $10,000 a ycar. Great Flood at New Orleans. A great flood was raging in the rear of New Orleans on the Gth instant, between the Now canal and the Lako road. The streets for a groat distance were inundated, and it was anticipated that considerable damage would be done unless it soon commenced to fall. Fhaudr vt Floüh - The Annual Report of the New York Inspectors, informs the public that 26,903 barrels of flour were weighed in the city of New York, and found short 150,836 pounds, equal to 815 barrels 1 Of the flour inspected at Albany, therc were 93 barrels " light weight," and 59 barrels with "false tare." Forty-si.t young doctors, have been let loose, with fcalpel, lance:, pill and puke, by the Cincinnati Jledical College.


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