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Thos. J. Brady, Another Indiana

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politician, has been appointed Second Assistant Postmaster-General, vice Tyner promoted. Indiana is to be carried for the Eepublioans in October, or the Postoffice department " busted " in the attempt. ÏHE Evening New says that " ITiram Shonlder is the man who proposes to shoulder the Republican nomination for Probate Jndge in Branch oounty." But as Hiram's name is Shoudler, not Shoulder, that pun is an unusually poor one, - even for the News. Bluford Wilsox, Solicitor of the Treasury and ex-Secretary Bristow's most trusted adviser, didn't stand by Babcock, and so bis official head rolls in the garbage basket. He " resigned " - because bis services were no longer wanted, and Geoige P. Talbot, of Maine, has boen appointed as his successor. The signs of the tintes indícate that Julius Cwsar Burrows is likely to be the Republican candidate for Congress in the Fourth district, and if tbe Democrats of the district don't " sooop him out " on the 7th of November, they ought to file a voluntary petition in bankruptcy on the 8th. The Jackson delegation to the coming Republican State convention is said to be anti-Croswell. Not surprising : having been elected by a Convention which chose Jim O Donnell delégate to a Gongressional Convention. The politicians who would select an O'Donnell for the one place wouldn't be at all likely to have a " fellowfeeliog " for a Croswell. A CHANGE of AdminÍ8tration without a change of parties will perpetúate the corrupt rings at Washington and in all governmental ciroles. Actual oautery and a free use of the knife are both nece8sary to remove the putrid sores from the body politie. Then shout the watchword of " Tilden and Reform " all along the line. An EXCHANGE intimates that the new Postmaster-General has no claim to the title of " Judge," by which handle his appointment or promotion was heralded tbroughout the land. We suggest to our cotemporary that an investigation may show that thougli he - never presided over any court he may at some time have been judge of an Indiana horse race. One of the principal stockholders of the Cincmnati Volfoblatt being a son-inlaw of Attorney-General Taft it was necesêary for that paper to support Hayes, and so its able editor, the Hon. Fred. Hassaurok, " stepped down and out." As without Hassaurek the influence of the Volksblatt will be a minus quantity Hayes will gain little by its support. Parke Godwin - one of the " Fifth Avenue Conferenoe " men - calis Mr. Hayes " a mere makeshift." A pretty good title, but then wouldn't the eipre8sive term " jack-at-a-pinch " describe him better : accepted by the majority of the Cincinnati Convention and by the Republicana at large because they couldn't get Blaine, Conkling, or Morton. The first choice of none, the lust choico all, - that ia, " Hopkins' choice." The Adrián Times says that a Tecumseh pastor recently preached a sermón on Heil, and that the choir immediately followed with, ■' Oh ! land of rest, for thee I sigh." That choir had about the same idea of the " eternal fitness of thinge " as those Republicana who clamor for " civil service reform "and then follow the lead of that eminent reformer Zack Chandler and hurrah for Hayes. Thf. Hamburg (S. C.) outiage, fe jutrage it was, was a god-aead for Republicana, aft'ording ttem w for half a dozen bloody shu TT they wiU flaunt in the f " Northern voter from rrow ' Ce j , , . . lili the day ot aleetion. Aud yet tb ' , ,-,- , , . , ttt outrage had qq pohtical beariBg, r , ,,. . , . Dut was siuiply a uollision betwe , , j , , . , hot-headed uegroes and hot-head(jd ' r. Z A . whito men. It anotds as much rsu . . . . mM den as d ' 'n for Totln8 aSm8t JU" . „ . ihe recent wholesalomurders v _] .k, New Jersey, followed by üing to death of the murderers. the Bepublioan authoritie ot juth Carolina do theií duty manfully and fearlessly ; let tlit-iu arrest, ti y, couvict, and punUh the men wUo shot the negro prisoners in cold blood. Let thuin make the effort at least, and if resistance is likely to overeóme the powei of the State then will be timo onough to cry " another rebellion " and cali fot Federal intervention. Heanwhile let the con8ervative leader in South Carolina, and other Southern States, deinand a cessation of suoh outrages. If the colored men become transgressors let the law and not a mob take them in hand. A velcome correspondent manages to work a few political prognosticatiuns into a business letter. We quote : " It " does seem from my standpoiut that " we must win this fall. The Democra" cy united, the common feeling that " after any Dartv has held power 12 or " 16 years the country will be batter " governed by s changa of partiea, the " stagnatiou of all kinds of business " and consequent dull times, must give " ub a fine send off toward victory in " November. The farmers you know, " always the slowest to move in poli ti" oal mattere, are feeling and exhibiting " an earnestuess that 1 have never be" fore witnessed this early in a cam" paign. With wool at 15 to 25 cents " per lb. our Bepublican frionds will " find it hard work to keep the Gran" gers in line." Them's our sentiment, and another installment will be digestible. # THIS is the way the World putB it : " Mr. Grant has resolved to let no guilty man escape. Bristow, Bluford Wilson, Henderson, Dyer, Pratt, Jewell - all these tools or abettors of the Whisky Ring have in a few short days been brought to the block, and as that grim headsman, Zach Chandler, has held up the head of each malefactor, a burst of applause has followed trom the great Republican party which at Cincinnati last month resolved that the prosecution and punishment of all who betray official trusts should be spoedy, thorough and unsparing, and that the National Adminiatration merited commendation for its honorable work in the management of domestic nft'tiirs." With the oominsr enlargement of ry, Maguire, MoDoöald, McKee, Joyce, and Jake Rehm tho illustratioa will be complete. Bro. Lewis, of the Saginawian, has been considered as desirous of another heat on the Congressional course, having lost the medal two years ago by jnst about a neck, but he has published a card in which he says : " Being so situated at this time that I rnust take posse8sion of myself, my name is hereby withdrawn froui the canvass for Congressional noinination or election." And not being facetious he wouldu't be Fred, he adds : " For the honors of the position I have no aspirations; of the honors of noinination I have had enough." Thanking his frienda for " kind intentions " he promises to do his " level best for Tilden, Hendricks, and refonn." And Fred will do it, too. Read this extract from the Cincinnati platform, the platform whiou Rutherford B. Hayes has indorsed without re8ervatiou : " The national administration merits commeudation for its liouorable work m the zuanagememeut of domestic and and foreigu affaire, aud Presideut (Jraut deserves the continuad hearty gratitude of the American people for hi3 patnotism and his eminent services in war and peace." The flrst term of Hayes would be a third term of Grrantism. And tbat is what the intelligent rulers of this country - the totebs - have made up their minds thoy do not want, and oiily wait the opportuuity to say they will not have. Stick a pin right there. The Republicans facetiously ohristen some of their oampaign organizations, " Hay makers," - a horrid pun on the name of their candidate ; " Scalpers," - in inemory of " Sitting Buil " and bis white prototype, Zack Chandler ; " Wheel-horses," - because Wheeler isn't " on the lead," etc, etc. Well, if that's their game the Demócrata will go for tbem as " Ring-Smashers," " Thief-catchers," or " Detectives." Tilden is just the man to do that kind of work, and is to be made President for that express purpose. The Demócrata of Scio have organized a Centennial Reform Club, with the following officers: President - A. McMillan. Vioe-President- Johu Croarkin. Secretary- C. C. Tuomy. Troasurer - L. H. Jones. Exeoutive Board - C. S. Gregory, P. Tuite, John Costello, It. P. Copelaud, S. V. Holmes, J. Jedele, A. McMülau. Meetings are to be held each altérnate Wednesday evening commencing August 2. The indications are that the Scio Democracy will make a big tally in the November game. A COLORED man has turned up in Philadelphia who has had oharge of Charley Ross, as cook or man of all work for one branch of bis captors (an organized gang of thievos), and can fínd aad restore him if made sure of the reward. And the detectives are just mean enough to conspire to swindle that " poor nigger " by giving his story to the publio and warning Charley's holders to " get up and get." Are all detectives, so-called, natural bom fools, or is it possible for one of the fraternity to keep a secret long enough to investígate it. THE Democrats of Manchester are to meet to-niorrow evening, at Goodyear's Hall, to organiza a Tilden and Hendrioks Centennial Reform Club. That's the way to do it.


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