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Grant's motto - Bule or ruin. - Cleveland, Plain Dealer. The situation is thus contrasted by the Cincinnati Qazette : 1776, Johi Buil ; 1876, Sitting Buil. The edict has gone forth and must be obeyed. "Let no Bristoor man escapa." - Phüadelihia Times. We have the promise of the Boston Post that the Democracy will cary MassacuuseHs for the St. Louis ticket. The Milwaukee Sentinel is thoroughly alarmed over the prospect in Wisconsin . It talks of the oonfidence of the Dernoorata as "unpleasautly suggestive." Having been a close student of Grant's administraron, Sitting Buil deinands the right to stcal wben, where and what he chooses. - PitUburg Post. Zack Chandler will lose Huyes soine votes, and the removal of Jewell a good niauy of them. Set Connecticut down for another round thousaud for Tilden, nmkiug 10,000 in all. - New Haven Jiegister (bem.) Governor Hayes signed the bill increasing; the fee aud emolumeuts of Ohio oniciala, $5,000,000 per annum in the aggregate. Such a man may be anxions for reform, but gives no promise of retrenchmeut. - Vincinnali Ènquirer. The Republicana are findiug rauch fault with the prayers made iu the St. Louis Couvention. This shows the impoBsibility of making a prayer that would be acceptable both to the Lord and to the Republican party. - Worcester Pre. If Mr. Hayes really wants to reform something', let hiin begin with Zack Chandler, who is to organizo his campaign for him. The selection of Chandler tor that purpose means violonce, bribery, and corruption, and Mr. Hayes knows it. - S'i. Louis l'imet. We shall await further developments and further remováis. There poasibly muy be a limit to the aotion of the President, and he may possibly reach a point in nis career beyond which it may uut be eafe tor the President of the United States to venture - even though bis name be Ulysses S. Grant. - Toledo Commercial {Rep.) The wisor Bepublican politioians are very anxious now to unload Grant ; thoy find him growing uncomfortably heavy Siuiilarly, Sindbad, the sailor, after taking the old man on his shoulders, was rery auxious to get him off. But hu foand tliat wanting to do it was one thing and doing it was quite another. - Springfield Republican. The pardon of Avery by Grant is con8idered the beginning of a general jai] delivery of the whisky ring. If the cainpaign lags for want of means, the crooked stills bad better be set in tbii. They have been of great service about election times in the hands oi McKee, McDonald and other cromes oi Grant. - PitMurg Post. There are about 100,000 servants of the government subject to assessment for political purposes, and it only talces $30 a piece to raise a campaigu fuud ol $3,000,000 for Hayes. He cannot afford to go back on Grant or refuse any terms the administratiou may propose to him. llaves' first term will be Grant's muchcovetod third term. - JCansan (Jity Times. The Bepublioan plunderers hired a acalla wag to carry a rebel flag through a Missouri town. And the New York Time thinks that is a good reason why profligacy should go unrebuked, why the people should submit to be plundered, why bayonet rule should bo perpetuated, and why Grantism should be riveted upon the oountry ! - Albany Argu. With Thurman, Allen, Pendleton, Stedraan, Ewing, Morgan, Payne, Ranney, Hurd, Groesbeck, and all the old leaders of the Deinocrrcy of Ohio united on Tilden and Hendricks, with such able liberal leaders as Judge Stallo, Judge Hoadley, ex-Lieut.-Gov. Mueller, Fred. Hassaurek, Chas. Reemtjlin and Gen. Brinkerhoff ooming to the front and pluuging into aa aggressive fight against Hayesism, it is oertain that the ight in Ohio will result in the triumph of the Tilden reform ticket.- CUvtland Plain Dealer. The difficulty with Commissioner Pratt is that he was too rauch of a reformer for this Aduiinistration. He was in favor of prosecuting tbose who defrauded the revenue, and resolutely opposed to the puyment of fraudulent claims. Tbat was enough. He must be made to step down and out, and give the friends and supporters of the President a chance to secure their plunder.- Botton. Globe {Tnd.) Eren as the winds are tempered to the sbora lamh, eo ure the keepers of county jaila moved to pity, and they befriend Grant's whisky friends, and they, therefore, take their cocktails and punches at fashionable saloons, and at night they repose sweetly in the Inwoms of their families, and look not through prison bars like common thieves. Orant is great and mammon is his prophet. - St. Jouph Oazette. The Cincinnati Oazette is endeavoring to get up a sensation by reprodicing soine aati-Tilden articles f rom the Enquirer. Even when they appeared in the Enquirer they oouldn't capture more than a third of tho representativos of tfae Democratie party in its National Convention, and when they are imprisoned in the columns of the Qautte what influeucü will they have on the American people ? - Cincinnati Knquirer (Dem). The Albany Arug saya : " In 18G9, the Uu publican party, by soleuin act of Congress, pledged itself to ' make provisión ' to resume specie paymonts before paying off the interest-obligationa of tlii'j United (States whicu huve no reaohed maturity. It deliberately violated this pledge. In 1875, it pledgec the government to resume specie pay ments January 1, 1879, and expressl; declined tu ' make provisión ' therefor And now this party of shauis, fals pledges and unblushing repudiation ha the audacity to pretend to be in favo of hard money !" A month ago the radicáis were sure o electing their oandidate ; now they claim that he Iuik as good a chance as Tilden a month trom now they will be insistini that he will at least get as tnany vote as Seymour. - Pittsburg Post.


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