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Church Brevities

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- Rev. Henry W. Qelston preached in the Presbyterian Churcn on Sunday evening. -Bey. Mr. Hurd, of Detroit, ocoupied the pulpit of the Congregational Ohurch on Sunday Ia9t. - Prof. McLouth, of the State Normal School, Ypsilanti, "ïpelled" the pastor oí the M. E. Churoh at Dexter on Sunday last. - That excursión to GroBse Isle, under the auspioes of the young ladies of th Congregational Uhurch comes off to-morrow. TickeU only $1.50. - The Ypsilanti Citnmtrcial says that the Rev. Mr. Eichmond comea to the I'resbyterian Church of that city (il he comes) not as pastor, but as " stated siipply for one year, or last. - Rev. E. L. Miller, of Iowa, preached in the M. E. Churcb on Sunday last,- in the forenoon. He was a classmate of the pastor, Mr. Elwood, graduating trom the Uniyersity in 1867. - The basement rooms of the new Congregatioual Church are nearly completed, and promise to be the best hghted, most attractive, aud tinest euite ot Sunday School rooms, church uarlora, &c., in thia city.