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Mortgage Sale. DKPAULT havlng been made in the conditions oí a mortgage, executed by George W. Brown and Mary E. Brown, hia wife, to Sheldon Tomlinson, dated the twentieth day of April. A. D. 1871, and recorded in the Otfloe of the Register of Deeda for Washtenaw Uounty, Michigan, on the scond day of May, A. D. 1871, in liber 44 of inortgages, on page 42, by which default the power of sale therein contained became operative, aud no proceeding at law or in equity l.aving bsen mtituted to recover the debt secured by sald mortgage , or any part thereof , and the sum of twentythree hundred and eighteen dollars and mnetynine oenls being now claimed to be due on said mortgage, and forty dollars asan attorney fee as provided in said mortgage,: Notice is therefore hereby given that said morteage will be foreclosed ly a sale of the premlsea therein described, or ome part theieof, viz : All of the following land, coinmencing twenty rods west of the southeast corner of seotion twenty-nine, thence west on south une of aaid section lourteen rods, thence north parallel with east line of aaid section, to the south bank of the Biver Baisin , theuce. along said south bank in a northeasterly direction to a point twenty rods west of the east line of aid section, thence south parallel with the east line of said nection to the place of bezinning, oontaining one acre and one third of land, more or leas i Also, the following described piece of land , on which a flouring mili now stands, namely. commencing at a point twenty-flve and one half rods north of the south line of said Bection twenty-nine, and twenty rods west of the east liue of said section, thence north parallel with east line of said section eleven rods ; theuce east parallel with the sou Ui line or said section nine rods ; thence south parallel with the east line of said section eleven rods, tbence west parallel with south line of said section nine rods to the plaoe of beginning, containing ninety-nine rodB of land. And further with the last described paroelof land ligranted, bargamed, sold and remised the right to build a dam on the river Baisin, and to flow back or up said river to the west line of said section twenty-nine , and the drst i ight to draw sufficient water to drive two runs 01 mui scones ana an ene uwbwim uiouihwi 3 urindiug and flouring purpoaes. The above granl barRain, sale and remise of water power is expresely made subjeot to oertain restrictions and rights made m a deed given by John W. Rice and Mary B. Rice, hif wife, to Miohael Kappler, dated the tifteenth day of November in the year one thouBand eight hundred and sixty-four. and reoordedin the Register's Office for Waahtenaw Cimnty, in libero? oí deeds. on page 161, all of said land bemg in township number three south of range three east, in Michigan, at public vendue, at tho gouth door of the Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor (that being the place of holding the Circuit Tourt for said county), on the twenty niuth day of July A D. 1&76, at one o'clock in the afternoon. Dated, May 3d, A. D. 187fi. ABBT H. T0MLIN80N, Guardian of Sheldon Tomllnson, ByA ttorney. Murtgagee. Mortgage Sale. WEERE AS default bas been made in theconditions of a mortgage, made and delivered by Charles Wheeler to William Cross, bearing date on the fourteenth day of November, A. D. 185", and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of the county of Washtenaw, in liber twenty-four of Mortgages, page one hundred and sixty-two, on the third day of Deoember, A. D. 1857, and which said mortgage was afterward duly assigned by the said William Cross to Margaret E. Thompson, by deed of assignoient dated October 8th, A. D. 1868, and recorded in the said Register's Ofhce in liber three of assignments of mortgages, page flve hundred amd tifty three, on the twelfth day of November, A. D. 1872, and was atterwards duly assigned by said Margaret E. Thompson to Cordelia C. Parish, by deed of SHlgnment, dated November 7th, A. D. 1872, and recorded in said Register's Office in liber two of assitrnmenta of mortgages, page 552, on the twelfth day of November, A. D. 1872, and was afterward assigned by said Cordelia C. Parish to the undereigned John M. Prindle, by deed of aasignment dated December 19th, A. D, 1874, and recorded in said Register's Office in Uber four of assijnments of mortgages, pase 509, on the aeventeenth day of February, A D. 18Í5, by which said default the power of aale confc ined in aaid morlgage became operative, and the um of six hundred and ninety-four dollars and aixteen centa being claimed to be due on said


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