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Tnr. cottage of Georgo M. Pullman, of Long Branch, was robbcd tho othor day of diamond and jowelry valuad at $2,500 Another bucceesful experiment in the eale of heavy lots of di y goods at auction was made in New York last weok. The salo was the largest of 'hekind ever held in America oompriaing 13,000 packi;,'fB vjüued at froni .-f'i.COO.OOO ti 3,000,000. Tho goodH were Bold for cah, and nolized tibriut 3L per cent below prevafliiig ratea.... Tiwthree evento of Hie iuter-eolkgiate canio off at Saratoga, N. ï., on the 19th of July, and the tropillos all go to Itbaca to keep eonipany with the liags won by Cornc-U last year. The Umversity raoo was the moot closely contestad, Hitrvard OMotiig n a lgth and a half bohiud. Columbia was third. Union fourth, and Wesleyan and Princeton fnr in tho rear. The single-scull race m easily by Francia, of Coruell (a son of Jolm M. Francis, of tho Troy Times), üanforth, of Harvard, alone, proving a respectablo autagonitt. Tho Freshman race was a walk-away for Cornol ; t!io Harvard crew failing to makc mü good timo as thoy barí in private. 13y the oapsïzing of the yacht Ifoliaw';, in NaVTork bay, a fow daya ago, WiJliam T. Ciarner, a well-knowninanufacturerandyachtman, his wife, his brother-ÍB-law,FroHt Thorne, Miss e Honter, r young lady well knowu in New York aociuty, auü a cabin-boy lost thoir lives. There were seveml other. persons on the vjiohi in additiou to tho crew at thotinie of the disaator, bat they wpro reacued witu tlio c-xooption of one or two bf tfte crew. ... A terrible 1 1 is reponed from Poniberton, Pa. Sheppanl P. Wiley, a weiiltliy wool merchant of tlmt place, murdered bis young wifo, of whomhe had beoi jealo'is, by braining her with a hatcliet, and then committed uuicido by cutting bis throat with a razor. Thref. tanks, containiiiK upward of 70,000 barrel of oil, were conaumed by fire at Park er'e Landing, Pa., last week A colored mai has turned up in Philadelphia who claim (La Chailey Eosa is alive, that be has seon iiitn within a few weeks, and tbat ho is able to re store the lost ehild Mr. Ulaine haa gone to Bye Beach to recupérate his shattercd health He is said to be a little strenger physicallv though tho improvement iu bis bealth ia ver ulight. By the swp.niping of a sinall eteiim yacht i the Huduon river, near Mw York city, a few evenings ago, Gregory Fox. Thomas Edgley Jr., George Bloomfield, Jonas Faulkner aD( Harry Manicho wero drowned. Four oth tre tho party were saved by swimmiu ashoro. Edgley was drowned in atterup' mg to save Fox. who could not Bwim A lir t Shelburno Falls Village, Mass., last week dostroyed the Woodward Hotel, Jfethodis Churcb, thirtoen stores, and two dwellin bouses. Losa 80,000 ; insuranco, i'40,000. THE WEST. A 8iJ.-c.DLiR domestic tragedy was encted hi Chicago a fow days aio. A married wnmm, named Mrs. Henry WUner, while laboriiig unuer a temporary fit of insanity, threw her two Mldren into the river and then jumped in herHClf. Ali tliree were drowned bofbre assistauce could rcach them A. fine corn erop is predictod in Minnesota Four from Deadwood arrived at Sioux City, the other day, with alargo qnantity of gold, one of them having sixty ounces. ThoSstate that claims u that locality are paymtr from 8100 to $400 perdayper man, Provis"ions ure now to be had at roasonable figures. Ou the way out thoy met 300 teams loaded with supphes between Fort Pierre and the bilis. Hos. Geokge E. Pugh died at Cincinnati lafiv week of paralyais. IIo was 54 years old . A Cheyenno dispttch of the 20th statea that (ten. Merntt has succesafully intercepted the 800 Cheyenne Indiana who had left the asency, snd driven thom back to that place. The rumorod death of Sitting Buil, Crazy Horse, and Bkck Hoon, in the fight with Custev'a command, ia confirmed in a special to tho St. Paul J'reat from Bismarok. It is msieted that these three great chiefs of the hostile fiionx Were slain at the battle of the Little Horn, and that about 400 of their followára -..cío seut to meet them in the happy j U)o-éroundB X'our miuers, on -tbeir wav I from the Black Hilla to Cheyenne, were recently killed and eoalped by Indiana. The Chicago T7,ies, oí Saturday, saya: " Doleful faets and disconraging figures tñrn up from the rauntha conoerning the crops and farm pruílucta of ail kinds. From present apoearanoP Illinois will raiss barely enouKh to aupport her own miirion, with nothing to sparo tomake a frugal profit on.". . . . llie growing crops ín Nebraska are said to be tho ünest ever seen, in the State. Ikfobjution from Gen. Crook's camp on Goose creeir, d3ted the 18th of Julv, statea that Gen. Crook expected Gen. Tfny to Join him by the 15th cT August, aud Gen! Mertitt as obaerved before, will probably reach him about the 5th of August. . . .Iíepoíta from túe sgencies are that 100 Indians have left Bpotted Tail, and from Red Cloud, that 2,00í) Sienx and 1,500 Cheyennes, men, women, and ehildren of whom 7J0 wfiro warrioM, haI left einee the 15th of July. Ou t!ie 15th 200 Indiana under Dull Knife left in a body. The agent at Ited Cloud admita that 1.000 Öioux and 1,200 Cheyennes have gone north. ■ A sad calainity oceurred a few dtya ago ncar 8t. Joseph, Mo. Jamea C. Cross waa with a pai ty oí youug gina boating ou Coutrarj' Iake, and one of them rcaching to got a watcr-lily i tipped the boat over. Tho water was twelvo leet (Jeep, and before assietanee eould arrivo, the grria, five iu number, were drowned. Crosa had seized Jüs datighter, aud as endeavuring to place lier ou the bottom of the uptnrned boat whon ho waH taken witb. cramps, and was with great difllculty eaved A f roigiit train on the Union Pacific raiJroad recently ran into a wuHhout uear Greeu river, WyomiDg and killed tno ei'gineer, fireman, and auo'.her man ivho was riding on tho engine Denver, Ooi.. liad a doublo lynohing the othev nighfc. Iwo niurderers, Joe Tallmadge and icJipo bmaz. wlio ïocently mnrdered and J-obbed a air. Newmaii, in Wet Mountain valley, were arrcBted, brought to Denver, locked up iu tbo jail, and cünro:-sed thoir crime. A compeny of óitizens forced tho jai] aud hun" theia Tbivteen Ohioéae woodcUoppera, at work m the Diamoüd liaugo mountaiiw. uear J'.ureka, Cal., were recontiy overwholmed and Orowned by the biirsting of au immcuao water8pout....Josoi)h Wise, ono of Keuo'u command.who had boen juut difcharged, arrived at t. 1 aul Iaet week, en roate to New York, and gives a vciy graphic debcription of tho terrible fiyht iu tiie Biack HUla. Ho puts io roiit the Btory tuat Custer's lieart was cut out, etc He sayH thac Mie only diBflguraüon on the body was a red croes on tho forobead, indicating tbát he wan a great brave. Tho remainiug oliicers, he Baye, were horriLly mutilated. THE SOUTH. The cotton. worm han appeared iu great abundance in all the cottou üelds ia Middle aud South Alabama. They seem to bo genera), and fears aro enlertajned, owiug to their advanco'l state at tuis early dato, of a total do btruction of the erop. The coru erop vvill bo the best ever m?.do. WASHINGTON. A Washington dispatch of tho 19th says : 'Gov. Chambsrlain, of South Carolina, arrived here to-day, and bad a consultation with Secretaiy Cameron and Attornoy General Taft regarding the recent tronblfi :t Hamburg. The Gorenior wan fuUy informed aa te wht tho viewH of the eentnil Govrnment are upon this affdir, sud they are subutantiaily to tho effect that the' State of South Osrolin ahould execute ita lawa and bring to prompt trial and pnnishment parties who are guilty of haviug iiicited the riotons demonstrations and murders jiist reported." A Wasuinüton ditpatch of July 21 says : "It lma bdèn repreiicnted in ramo quartors that Oov. Clianibcrlain, of South Carolina, was coming here to Mk the interposition of Federal power, beá this in nat ttno. Ho does uot telieve this Djèceaaary, aud is oppoued to it, and does uot ask it." l'OT.ITICAL,. Ex-SkcretahyBristow, in alottcrto tho Prcei.lfiut, declines the lattei'a iuvUation to teatify oncerning Cabinct conversations. Ho gaya : "i reapoctfully Huggest thai tho uppearance of the aeveral besdi oí departmenta boforo coramittoeH oí ConyreHS to tcstify to eonveiatiou butwcen the Prosideut and themaelvee, runni7g Ihrougli a poriod o{ tnany mouths. woul 1 almoht iuovitably load to discloanrea of diffcrencta of recollection, and ireucut to üie country au unseemly conilict to whieb I could not wilikigly be a party ; beúdes it aeciEH to me that hucli an iuqniry by a eommittee of OoiiHriB t ikIs to t!io ateoiption if not the completo destniet;on of oxecutivo power, and to tbo eatablishratmt of a pureiy-legielativo governmeut. In auy view I m abje to tóke, itecemHtome that duty reqiiixea me to adlicru to my aniioujiced purnope not to anawer tlie quostions propoiindod to mo by tlie committce. 1 bég to reiuiud you tbat rny piuion on tliia nnbject was repeatedly HtatcdtoyouaudinernberBof the Cabiiict,andas I uudorsiood met your and ftpprovaj. My uitlüiri-.wal from the Oabiuet does not alter or modify b duty in this respect, nor havo my viowB umiergono any cbange. I hopo I will not be rocalled by the ctnimittee, but sbould tlicv o ]roper to cali mo again I caimot consent, as at present advised, to testify to cenvernati' iH held with the I'reoident on oflicial busiuüBa." Mr. Manon Iirayman has been ap p linted by tho l 'tesident Governor of Idalio. The MisBOup 'DemucratH have j;ominted Hon. John S. Bholpa fof Oovernor. Mr. Thelps woö a ropreiseutative iu Congrem for many y are, piior to the fl'r. . , ,The I'reeident Uaa appointed Samuel Hooper, of Iowa, Consul at i Glasgow. Appointmk({Tb by tho President: C. C. i Sheats, Appraiaer of Merohaudiae, Mobilo, Ala.; Col. Benjamin Alvord, Paymaster General, with tlio rank of Brigadier General: Goorgo Andrews to bo United íítatos District Attorney for tbe Eastem District of Tcnnemific ; ïïm. Al Bathorne, of Massachusetts, to be Consul at Zanzíbar ; Herman Yau Aruam, of New York, to be Consul at Guayna. Thk ofücial canvaes of ('oloilo' toto on the State con ititution haa Jiiu.t beeul made, and ft ccrtified copy of the retama forwai'dod to Washington, on reception of which the President wil] issue hi pi'oclauiatiou rieclaring Colorado aJmitted toto the Uuion. The maj rity for the opnïtittttiOU ih 11. "UI out. of'a total voto of l!i t'.i2. The fir3t election for State ofticers will take place the firat Tuosday in October, and tho Kepublican State Conveutiou will meet atr Puoblo, Aug. 23. OENEKAL. Commodore Oaunku, who, with his wifeand aeveral othor persons, was recontly drowned near Nöw-Yotk by the capsusiug of a, vacht, poaseesed an esteto valaed at aboiit 02,000,000, coiisintiiig maiuH of mnmrftictorio. Bpeasino of the Insliaii war, Gen. Shermah says it will be stubbom and blooJy ; that thé Indian chief taina will nnturally havo the choice of positiou ; that to (ight them it will be neceaBSiy to take them wlnii the y offer and wherever caught; tbat thoy will uot figlit if they can help it unlcsa lii Ulo. advantage of grotUid and numbers, and as a consequente we must suffer losses. He says that Crook and Teny have no supc-riors as Indian fighter.s, and if they get anything like a fair chance tlioy will make it warm for tho warriors of tbo Big Hora. Ho estimatea tho flghtiog forco of the RlnnT nnw in armB at 2,600. It is the settled parpóse to make the puniehmeut of the Sioux oue never to be forgotten by that powerfnl portion of our aborigiual populatiou. FOHKIGN. It is cstimafed that 20,000 Bulgarian and Bosman vohmteors have takon up arms againat Turkoy.. . .A Vieniia aispatch eays auoutbreak ol the party opposed to tho war is expected in Ceutral Servia. Falso telegrama are beiug aecretly dieseminated aunonncing the annihilation of (he Servían arniy. It ia rpportod that Knssin, thinking the Turkish war likely to bc-eamo aavage aud fanat ical, intenda ahortly to urge upon the powers the necessity oí amnging an armiatice. A dispatcu from Jicl-rade, dated July 21, aya: '; The Turks uve eTcrvwhore aasnming the offousive. It is oflicially anuounced that the Ttiiks iatrenched at Beljiue attacked Gen. Olitupiui, Xbureday, with ten battalione, chiefly irregulsrí. Thcy attenipted to drive the Servians ocrosa tho Driua. After bíx hours' fichtinp; they were rcpulsed and puraned to Bcljine with heavy loes. The ground waa covereii with Turkish dead. A rai-i-storin stopped the piirtsuit, bnt thi Servían artillory mado great liavoc in the Turkish ranks. Tkiuíidlk atrocities by the Turks are reported from Buigaria. Tho destnictiou of Christian vil.'ages and the burbarouH masaacro of men. vromen and cliildrec are of cónimoi! occurrence. These outrages, it i alleged, are committed by "irregular" Turkish troops, and the Sultau'a Oovernment is arreatüig the In tho Britisli House of Lords, the otherday, Earl GranvUle calleJ atteution to the extradjtion question. Hp said the act of 1870 conld havo no effect on the troaty of 1812. The only advantage derived from Earl Derby' coure e waa the questionable c-n j jynient of tlio soeietv of certain American cilizena until they were arreBted for chcatiug, robbing. or mnrdering somo one liero. He advisod remedial leeiislalion. Earl Derby iu reply said negotiation wcre uow goijig on with hopes of spoody eucce-s. JtoanwUilo tha Government is ooncertiug meana to tide over the interval The Belgrado correspondent of tho Nexos asserts that the berviane are not loeing ground, Their delayisi-o sign of weaknesa. The Servian8 are gsining recnüts faster Hau t'ie Torks.


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