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Forty-fourth Congress

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Tuesimy, July 18.- Senate.- TUe Seuafco ave up agood portion of the day to a ppirited discussion of political questlons, Merrimon and JTorton being the principal spokesmen. . . . Bou t wol 1 maae personal explanation, Btating that tho Dcnioeratic platform adonted at St. Louis chargd that tli-' Secretar; oí the Treaeiiry (alhuling to himself) liad forced balances in the public accoiiüU. Hq dcuied, that p.uch was the caso, and reud from the report of tho, Finauce Comruittee, recenllv inado to the Henate. staiiug that Uiey were fully uAtwücd that not the slightost chuuge had Íjccu xuad iu thr books. Davis aaid that lf tho books of.the Tr'ca-iir' Departíunut had aot becn claangcil, the official statemeu'ö eont'to Congrcgs had. Iíokw.- A flerce political debate raged in the House all iay, the occasion being the amcndineui of Smal Is to the bilí fur tUo proteo tion of the Texas fronüer, in connection Tvlth the Hamburg tronólos, thRt no troops sïiall bo wjthlrawn from South Caroliiiü. Jmalln ulvütatctï iU aiuendment, and was replied to by Cox, who said that the amendmont had been offered for bad political pDrposes. Towuseud f olio we 1 Cox, and made a bitter attack upou tli( Iemo,ratic party. Ho ppoke of TViHiam M. Tweed as the ruïer of New Yorfc city for more thau twoive years, and paid tbfct dnrfug that tinje, when Tammany Hall was in its po-vcrand glory, dnder Tweed, the eontliiu;m from Ohio (Cox) brought his Httle carpet-bag into the city of New York, yetit down in Tammany Hall, and looked up sinüing for tho approbation of William M. Tweed. Cox, in rer ply, reruiuded Townscnd that it was becaDpe of Gov. Tilden 'h eminent services in drivintf out Tweed that he was now tho Democratie candidato for the Preteideuey. As to his (Üox't) takitig las carpet-bftff froiu bfüo, he had always maintftluod oís rght of locomotion, aud he had the rlgbt to go back to New York in sightof bis grand fat her1 old CoiigTesftkraaï District. He did not care whero a man was born, po long astae was good and jmt. Lamar got the floor and Bpbke of tho Hamburg affair ns disjirawful a.ud ttiiTiblo, bnt lio denied that its circumntanccs were a legitímate topic in the Honao debate. Tbcre -were one or two tMtê that glrampd out indisputably. Onool1 üiet-o was that a body of white meu bad put to death withont aiíthorííy of law a number of colored dtfssens BrtBonors, uut prisonore in the legal r iii-o, inafcmurh M tbr-se white men had do rigbt todeprive them of thoir personal liberta. Howifihed tusayin thiR pïace that uo excune or pa]lintiou could possibly be fonnd fot tbal mitrare aud barbavism. [AppfrniBti on publican side of the House. J Tho Soulh had itö lawlcps clasa, as the Norlh had. líe doclatodthat thftre . wae not ;woiiuuunity iu tho South whieh bdd faöt been Rtrnck with barrer at stirh ocourrenceR as the Hamburg affair. Iledoenicd it a wónder ti.. ciety under the Governuient wfaich allowed such lawleesncsB to etalk abroad in the-. ]md did not go to pieecs. He declarad that the nee of the artuy haü never producid a good effect inp such cagee. The troops always got there after the oconrronce. In conclusión, he declared the ocenrienoe at Ham bmg was a mobiflc element, not spnradic, luit minatural, and oue that would disappear undrrgoott Koverumuut. At tlio cloee of the debato HancocK infv(-d a Bubstitute for KinaHs'amendment, tothe cífect that uo troops shail be takeu from anytato or service whera public iuterpt requiros their continuance. Smalle acoepted the Btibfttitiiti-, aud it was agreed to- 86 to 83. Tho êUsèunfÖn of the South Caroliua matter was snbutqupntly nopnned by Hoge and continuod by Cox, eaubapeaking of the othcr as the carpet-baguor trom Obio, but Uoge eaying hehadcarpetbaí;grd wilh ii-knap-iti-k. to which Cox reitfrated, win au iutimatio that Hoge needed a kuaisack tocarry all tlmt ho had picked up. Fouter called upon He prese ntati vos trom Georgia to [atop these infernal outragew, and to be active in bun til) g out tha inhuman ti iul.that OBOSMd the bridge f rom Atígaatt to }famburg. Do this, and theu mug to us a panegyric in vinüiuation of outraged law, insttaü of talkiug about your noble bioot', aye, a nohiiity ihat luurtiers in oold blood a capturad negro. ïï vou ]jí4i ■ ïü.t thf ■ abiüty to stop these outragoK yu aro not iit to be repreona',ivfs of tne pooplo of Georgia. l)o it, aud wo will tuiy Wtill doi:o,f' and we will fall on your necks and rcjoice. (Mo.ikiHK lauglitfïf on the Democratie Hkio and Btóuts oí " No !" No !''] Cook -"Yon havo Callen on our proper by and everything eleö, and ut want you to fttll ou our necks." Cox riüicuJed Foster's expression about falling ou the necks of Southern men, aud askrd liiir. wto be had not i;iHi ii on tho uecke of Pratt, Yaryan, Dycr, Jewell, and otüerH, and 'ftbgested tSukt hu would ratlur fall on thp nocks bí slcKeQi MoBnaM( Joyce, Babcock, Dolaco, and ..rv, umi wtu!d ovi-.ii ratherembracR a barrt;l nf T',(kcd irhlsky. [.b&ttd Imlflhénii and much couiusioii.j KepubUdMl Kidc of the House had dí'iciidtrd (ii"íint and Jiis tdmiuietrution against all tbose meu, and whou tbo gentlmiun fioru New York (Townsenti) talked eo glibl oí Fweed and otbcris witli uli ni In.' (Cox) hutl uo aMOOUiton, Juwantod to know how it waa -witti iJatcock, with Avcry, with WiÜianiH, and the BCflt of fibéflB uieu. Townsend - " Wheu did you dissolve assoolattOD w.ih tJit-m?" Cox" I nevor had any connoction with, thora to diseolve. It iva the lïepubl:can Leyüílature, ei which yun wcre tho great truinpott-r, which iiclpcd Twcf-d lt lis fraudri in New York. Everybody known that I never in niy life gikve volee or vote to help hini.' Townsoud - "'ï)ii uu ver etmt a voto aatnst Tammany Bince God made you I [Loud ShOttta 10 order.] You arw the most perfect tooi of 'ianmiauy who bas evor been in New York. [Laughter, uproar, and gruat coufuHloü.] You had fco leave thal cbair, tb ank God, at tbc cali of Kelly and go to St. Lotlis. Tbank God you are out of it aud vun'ï et back !"' Mr. Cox- "You sitdown- [ havo Ihc floor. Whon you say that I Icl't that chair at the bock of any out, it ia uiitrue, I waa elected as a delégate frommj. district., aivl, my alternato not belnff tbere, I had togo; out it wns at no man f"i!l ' [ShontH of "Time !" "ïimc!" "Order!" "Order!" and f;rcat confusión,) V rantESDAY, June 19.- Senate.- Coneïderation of the artloles of inipeachmont waareBUini'd, and John S. Kvans, tho Fort SU1 1 rader, was exainined. He t stlfled bhat lielknap was ignorant oí' the understaúmn betwèeu Iiim and tho d and the prownt 3lrs, Üdltnap, but adimttd that Bélknap brougbt liim and M&teh tob d Die arrangeraentfl were made, and me wlif-c ol Lln: fidnicc oi' botfa Bvrim md Crosby, the cbiüf c'.erk of tlio depanmeut (who alno d), Wfftfl daiuiitfiijg to lle;kioi[. . . .CoiiferporlB on Uie Arniy und Kuudry Oivil Appropriatiou bilis were agreed to. Umtne,- Jones, f rom the Committee on HailT-oads, repoi-tud a bilí incorporati: f: tho l"ï i i l 'l Statefl Ct DtraJ Üaihoad Compauy, for the conHÍruction ot ;■ . ra i ! u ay írom Chivar go, ibrougb Indianapoiis, i, wr-m-r. Ky., Ashville, n. . aud Spartansbiirg, s. ('.. to Cliariestou, Port Royal, and Savar.uu!, wiih aaother branch to 8t. . KefüirGd to the coiuiuitiee f the whole.... ïlo Seuatr bJU, exttndiug he duratiou or the Court of Cmutuiw-W'.x r oí Alabuwa Olttiiu iintil the lul of Jiuntnry ui t, w:is passod . ... TIn ï 1 ■ : t ■ - tlnu (.onmileïW! thf flonth (',ir'h::% f intn:-tMt-tK rtion case, the unanimous report of the cotnniiUfo brlng that neither the Edttlng menibor, Sf&okOY] OOI tii-1 oontestant liuttw, is entltledtoasdai. The report was agivcd to without a división . . . ,The conference report on the Ariuy Appropriatíon" bill was ftgreed to, and the l'ill gOGB to the President for signaturc . . . . The bill for the protection of tibe lYx.-is frontier was considercd in oomwittce of the wble. mitted a r&ofutioïT'rcqïï&Bting türredri ; !■ ci'iuinñntcatt; tö tile Sohate, ií uot incompatible with tho phblic intbreflt, nny Lnformatioxi tliat lie niay have ih repard lo Ihs riot at Hatuburg, S C. . . . A bill wan paspod to cuutiimb for ten flftyg tin act to providc tomporarilj' f or tho oxpcwaesof the i-nmoiit. . . .The inipt'ftchmt'iil trial was rosuined at noon, and Blair, ot connscU oponed tho argument for the defoiuéf hOldlnjt that the iinpeaclim ut shouhi be Clfialúd on tho ground that more than nu' -thivii o)' the Sonate roted agaüiAt it. He was folkiwt'd by JjyndL' for Iln ■ n, wfaQ commeuted on Uu effect of tho tot oT'l Uiaflt t■1,1 ]■ r.i SeiuUa vutüJK ui. vte. uf jiuiWi-tion, and argncd that in the inipoachn.fnt of Judge Harnard, of New Yorl;, VftliOOi Senators who voted against juridiction voted in favor of hiHconvii timi. The qaeatíou of jurisdiction in thia case had been decided accordiug to law, and was binding upon all Senators. He quoted front uiiucüuum lonl au thorities in support of hiaj'le i House, - The bill for tho protection of the Texas frontier was paBBed, autlioricing the PrcBidcnt io station [and kcr-p on tho Itlo Grande two regjmenta of cavalry for üeld -vice, ín lutdjtion D fW ut-h ■ ua iorco as niay bc neecsFary for garrí sou üvty Etanüsll made a conference report nu Souriry Civil Appropriation bil], wtiih wad aclopVpd . . . Bill werc passed appropriating $7.000 for üie joini i-i'tiLiiiittoe on Chinese iniuiitiration, RXtiïndingto the :tlst f July the act mák ing temporary provisión for the expónsesof tbiforfornaeuCjtuTtouuMÍli the ce-unferfi4tinu of tra. I X Fiïiday, July 21. - Senctte. - The impeachment (i:;i! v;i rtumcd, but, on tho Btatemcnt that Mr. Carpeuter and Manager Laphun were sii-k, the Sonate, as a court, adjouni'd tiil Blond&y, ;nnl cni.tinncd its di-cussiou of the ltiver aiul ilurbor bill. Uou9e, - K. nuniber of private bilis were reuorted and octed upon, after which the Houst wout iuto committee ol the vhole on tho pjfivaio calendar. No bitmincRB of iinpiirtaiieo wa trarisacted. Satürday. July 22.- Nrirt.- Shommn calletl up the bill appropnatin 100,OOQ ídr (lio úomptoion of the wa&Qlhffron Hfommiout. Ai'icr disoiiBflloii au cl the adoption f the amendments i ' Mr. Mornl;, providinfi for the eHamination of the foundation, etc, andlJilliUug the oost to 150,000, tho bill wils passcd. It .ipiirojiriutfn: $lunjHM) to continue the wotk afterthe N"aslüngxon ftrouument Society ehall transfer to the United States all ita riRhtH and privileges, and pro■ ..f thwtgmj Stjgif JEfcjjpJM iïChïtrpt of ti:r TroafflrMid tBc JPrehffiÜtt r tflÜ" Capítol Logan called p the House bill to regúlate the issue of artificial liiubs to dleatdecl poldiere, seameu and othUBj vliich Mru ritu atoa mul passed - Tbc Sonate cuíifeideratioTt of the Kiver and Harbor bill. House. - The House was not in &c8ion. Moniay, July 24. -Stinqie.-CrgQ ftub- mitted arcBotiitioit wipiet'tiiis the In ml of cach of the exeentivo ciepurtïncnts of thn í-íove'rnmf-ñt rt f urnish the Senato wlth Ihe a Agrégate mimbcr of civil emfUoycs ia their employ, exclusive of mechanics and laborera, for the ycars 185. 1861, lsi:;t 1805, 1867, 1869, 1871, 1873 And 1873. Arüfcrf tk.... Logan moved to take np tho Hou&e bill io equalize te bounües of yfldlSMjKto jgtygfl uúiüj? ]t wag ror tüe UnlonTreeatS-eaaTaT; nays, il The morning hour e xpiring be f ore" t h e bill was read tlir..n?i, ■ .ui isii.-a that the röadini bi rompl.-i'l. ctds ohjocted Tlio im'pelXclinienT; trial' wae 'rcRuniod. An application of tho tttaxuurera for a .-vu i'i'j.i iiuvu i„i int; iH.'.iiuj;eí b íur a puSipoilvmcnt till Wednesday, owing to the sicJuicsaoi I.Sjiham, was denied. Leave, hoveveL ;i fra;.ted Laphani to print hia argument. Manager Jeulís then spoke on the qucstion of f act. Ho was f olio wed by Black, f ir the d : Tto dw-.-ït oiï 1hc quatton of juriscHcti aö bcm: ull op . tori; - i thr r of moncy by li-,'lkr.:ip ;ii?iïTi'rriit tiioi ceptanco nf prcoñHwhich wad no erline. iP mffenlpusly alluded to the appointnient of Jknry Olay as Secretary of State, by .lohn Quincy Adama, as a return for wkat Clay Uad-dmie in eïectmg bimPresidcnt; to tho pscxiniary donatiou ntaur to Daniel Webster, and to the many valuablo gifte made to Gen. GraTYt báTóro liiií 'cleetionjtlloJetí1 by the appointmoKt, aí'u-r he became VretAcu', uf Bome of the donors to high pTnecB. 'i'lH'se were not bribes. Neither could the presen U nculc liy Marfh to mcmberB of Gen. Belknan'e faiyüy lx called bribes. House.- Kelloy moved to suspencl the rules and paa tlio bilt for tho coiiwgo of a taiulari! u r dollar, and to niafce it a legal tendí r for all dMJts. Jií-jected- U9 to CH ; nnt to-tiiinls votiny iD tlio afiirinative lïnrlbut offered arcsolntiou directing the l'reBideut to talie mcawrêti to provent ammunition bc-iug convíjed tu. Hit' NortuweBtom Itidiáns. Referred. . . A rtsolutinn was adopted calling on the Secretary of the Trtsry for a KópcM a- U).the amount of goid in tho tnaeury, ... tbill waa-passftd extending to the lst of ■ ï'obruarj' uext, ;)■■ within wlihh the liinda held by the United States uuder the several acts evyinfi direct taiea maybo r.'rlc-rniod GoxqjHced leavo to offer . authorizing theeèveraLoóiiinüitc; s of i'ac '■-■ to report, at anyume dnrizig the remftlnder of the Sfflsion, in regard to all martera nnder consideration by such comnritters. Tho inntion to suspend the rules and adopt the resolution was defeated by a party vote- yeas, 121 ; nays, 77- not thu iu'C(-sary two-thtfia iA thaj afflrmative CaldwellmtoS'é ir and adopt tho resolution, ainied at Secrotary Oliand lor, dcclarl tlit ' . an cxiTütKe i :w ïniM'n;: in fharfiC tho arTjmgenJenl aira prosecïinon of a poHtioal oampalgn, In inooDsiate&t wlth the relations cxistiiig between hini .au.cL the whole people, whose ealaxted srrvjiiit hf. is ; is incompatible i witÜ the faithfiii, i:i.pur;:n! and effleint diagharge of Uie dutlee and réitpónpibilïtté? of hia exalt-it poBition; iet vrv witb rvt-ry raiioiuil ithn of ti vJlsrrvici refórmi and c&alienges public crltiQism umi condemnatiou. Tho motioii to IsuhjkmkI tlw i s and adopt the resolutiou wan dereatea Amotion to suspend the rules and order the printing ot tho I report of the Naval Commfttfie nu aTTCJCÏl t abusos and frauda ín the naval Bflcvloe was dcfeated.


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