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r.ivií tiiiv niwiL irrs dtje. ín glvinp tbo dcvil Iiíb dne tuero Ih nothing out hr wat-teft. This Jt of attië aenae, tho preBdes wjlich lmïü Ulic-ii 'lio (iiirJWi oí tlio lülitical gOHjjel . liai-o forgfttten. ■T(,sl. if flie slioets tiímporarily. deuched tttíta orgaii-ghüdiíjí;; áftbfey $w?ng feaek from tlio I opon pea or indepéndanse: npreAd thó oíd aiL ; of party intolorance, aiul naif the o:iom (M I misrepi'eseutatioii to tiieii" maat. A New York iournal particularly, wliich hannailed uiulertlie wnner of iudepeudenco xiuce '72, on reBuming tu placo in tho party Jíuü of bnttle, lian takou to lirinfi salvos o[ mimeprcuoutation, all tbo molo uilucUjt'ous thnt, tlicy aie obUUuíbly uoupartifían. The iourüal in !ioBtíon, tjioügh it hai alily aitd psraiHteiitiy oppoBod Orañílslíi, and all that Grauttom iniplivH, neo '71, welcomod Haeíf '8 ' & JdHvéf er hoaveu-acut to snatoh the country írom self-invited destructiou. Wftiting until 8t. Louis, that its apparently predetoriuinod nction might a: peur, at least, an unpiiitiaaii dooislon, lt promptly deolared üiat I luyen was tho siulo uian capablA of saving tho'imtlon. 'i'liia becansQ tho St. iotlis CouvtmtlOn, bavlng exháiittd the üntfnntcd bisdom brougüt to tho ''ourontionj onded tbe wise ivoi'k of ono day by tbe tíoíísnítuflatfe folly of Heftdricks' sele'ction on the uext. Tliat' act was a sore dlsappointment to all who had begun to hope so muoh better thiugs from the non who ijad beguu no woll. but tlio fatuoiis folly of Heudticks' solectiou conld not impair to the ámoünt óf a hitir'a bteádth the un(-pected good bCdbo of Tildcu'a SolcctiOD: With thc declarations and candidates of both partios before tln'in. honost inou, earneat for rofcrm, had but one choice- imperfect as tho work of St. Louis waH looliod upon, with Ilendriclts a wcight to Tilden, it was, oven though a hundred-fold faulty, ínameaaurabl}' proferable to another term of Graiitíam, nnder any uamo soeyor Mie party folk cnoone to conjure with. tint eitcuae ia fonnfl for the support of tuia (runt oxtU4iUn, iiníjfer pjijn tiiat the l'csnoci:at are notto bo trueted - that tiieii1 reCrd in tho IIouso this tvintor attasty their coequality with tho Ropublfcaus iu ingjráiued dishoneaty, and on this paiut the New Tork journal in question eays : ■'hen tho Deinoürftts gaíned powfiT, ít "wat; hj ijleiiuea of lirÁcticdl rcíorn. liwt no noouer had the party otiicL'K to givt' tliau the of tríed ain vahiahlf püolic s(;rv:iuts bgan, 10 make room for incompetent backt. We all kno# how the oiBccfi .about the House of HepreHontatives havo leen jiiN-d. Even Demócrata have looked upou theöpectacle with mortificatioi. In Icgislation tbere hae been preat delay, persistent eacrifice of public int-fepttn prtiüaiishh), grosa incouopetence, and iuob discreditablt iudiiïerencc to jïiedgfcs. Betrencment waa protüised, and weeks have been, 6]ïent ii captlous wrangling ■ abnut contemptible triflep whlle uillioiirt were throivn away by thd ltiver au and a buiu varioimly rtñnatcd from flfty to inrefi hundred utiilioUH wan vbted away, so far aa the liousv bas tUe powor. iu thü Bomity bul. fio here'is ttUert tb dwil doísnotget his due. Yery ükoly ttie ÜemóSráta ate at heart just as vilely demagogueic as the Republicana, bat tlieir record in the Houae this winter save in oue act, the liouuty bilí, was in every sense incomparably pvirer, more economiciü, and uta topman liko tuan that of tbe liepublicauB. Tlio iirwt day of tlie setísion wau aignalizea by an anti-subeidy resolution whicl) clearod the lobbiea of the armv of oorruptioniata bred and fostered by the Í!ef!nblifian Congrees. Whilo Blaine and tbe demagogües of bis party were seeking " capital" out of the records of eleven yöttra ago, the committee woto Bet at woi'k rxaminitig tbe status of Government expenditures. Tuis ot itoelf was no ligbt worfc. Years of wrong-doing with the coincident neoesBity of concealment and the corïelative uuucrsitj of porpetuation invoived labor so niountainoiiH that uo Itcpnblican dreamed that inexperienoed mee, in onc session at leaBt, could raaator the intricaoies of corruption. By labor whioh waa coIo8eal the enormities of tho foreign misiuei, the portal bneinens, the War Department business, tíio Interior Department business, and down to the extrftordinary misdoeds of the executivo oliico itnolf, were tracUed, compared, and mu-ítered. Thereianot a clerical forcu in tbe most extensive estabhshniont in tli United States that could have gouo through tho work done by the present Congress between December and May - there has not been a Congress since '01 that eau begin to ahow sucha record of work done. There have been Congreesea more giftod in wiml instaramenta - the present Jlouae lackg airthese airy ; npinga of statesmausbip. The 'tone, and temper, and methods of tbo House are illustrated by its moat sihmt, yet most able and 1 moet ti releas worker, Morrison. It is tiio tea1 mouy of every Republican aasociatcd on the ! Ways and Meaus Committeo with Ihia siugularly modest and excellcntly aenaible man ttiat a more capable Chairman has rarely presided at the Waya imd Alean table. But the particular fault of the quoiidarn independent journal tbat the House appoiutod incompetent or iudocent persons needs in the interest of justice a square refutation. ';They dismis6od tried and valuable public servants to m:iko place for incompetent hacks." Lot U8 sec. The House elcctcd Clerk Adanm, a man . against whom iui iiT6Hponaible attaché of a wuwty oigiin iu uiiü giw uiaue a cuargo o l' mfefeasance, whicli was promptly iuvee tigated and a unanimous roport retnrned tba Adam was ín eveiy eenso as a man and a oílirial above reprosch. Jinttlio man who hat made the charges, mimi you, boing snmmcuec to teatify. confeBsed that there were u grounds for tbe charge, but drew pajT aa witness for three days' testimony ! Man fcstly tbc appointmont of Adame was i neceHHity. ïlcPherson could not har served, as he was so virulent lii'pubiicaii tlmt ho would have declined eve the miggestion. The Sergeant-at-Arms was it s true, a capable man, Ordway, auddesorvcc well of the iiepublieanu, hut ue was shown o bis booka to be a thief, and ;s evon nor under goiug trial for carr.ving names on his books fo whicli was uo horny ban.1 but lila own t draw pay! Plainly the' Demócrata cfcmldn consistently have selected him. They llííf Sí loot, bowover. John G. T hompsOH, of Ohio, man whoae characUii at au oiticial or a citittet hu never been blurred hy a suapiciou ; a man who bas put more boqest das iuto tlio worko his oiHce than his prodecessors have hours, for yonrs ; a man, indeed, whoso presence honors the ploe. Cau our late independent frioud say au uiuch of aiiy predecessor, going back ton years ? ïhero wcro loft from Clerk MijHursou's regime two old gentlemen who hadcfliciateil 'ai journaland asaistan t-jt-urnal cleks. At the ouggestion of the Speaker, and, it ia Iilcely, on the agretment of thé nmjority of tlie Democratie members, t was resolved to rotain Journal OJerk barclay, undisturbei, and if the assistent waa a ood man, and proved valuab!e, ho, too, was to be retained. Barclay was an old man, so old that his WQch waö done by dc-puty. Xhia, for the sake of his past, tho Houüo miglit liavo borne ; bat, wlieu ho was found brenking day by dav the orders given him by tlie Bpoaker, concerning the bringiug of liquwc on tlie Hoor of the House, it was decidcd Unit he must be roruonstrated with, and, if ucöds be, diíinñBBE.d. Kerr liad ordered tit;'.t thero ehonld be no liqnor of any sort Lrought in tho House ide of the Capítol. Barclay, in deüauce of this ordor, which overy employé else obeyed deferonlially and implicity, congregated about him ia his official roum a crowd of congenial aud guzzled wiiitïky night and day. 'Jiiei' orgics wcro knowii to (!vcrv lialiitüo of tho Capítol, and there' wrp loud coumlaiot agaiint Clerk Adama "for'permitting this. Kerr, hearii them, ordorod tír9D] ]ttw y vcprtatoon. Barclay's ansi-itant wan informed ttiat ho. waa no lqngcr nccdcd. aña Barcia presnuiing upon his age and üuancial indispeusabilityf tjeut an insoient note of restenatión, vrhicli vas at once accopted. It may mirpruse our lato independent co-workcr to leani that his place is now filled by a Libora! ltepnbücan who was for Home time a correspondent to lts Independent columns. (Jcitaiuly it camiot moan to have us su]jpciso that it wolu 3 tolerato hacks in iú own coUuun.i ? The Hiiigle inutauce of equivocal jud-mont on the part of the Democratie House was the uelection of Ooi. i'itzhugh as doorkceper, bnt, whhtovirmay bo said of his absurd lottor, hm rcoord aa doorkeeper iw abovo reproaoh. Xoris tliis waying i email thing. He had. in his gift u great mnny petty officeH, and if a dishoueHl. nam couklMiavs turued many a penny at tbe Government's expense. His letter wis very fooifsh bat notcriminal. Henry Ward1 BftecrioHi'f'ftto tenfold more foolish a weU as more criminal lettern, and our late independendont cotemporary upliold hin staintd hands and niendod tho KAna ia his tarnished rtument. Hut it Tvifl bc olwrrved tliat the Democrats, so soon as atteutiou was uirected to Kitzhugh, promptiy dinmirwo'l bhn. t!-.önt;U -trictly fl]nkïng there was no gciod foamd for that dmmissal, save tlmt the mini had acted liko a simpleton but ou the same ground many places in Congres would be vacatod and maiiy high places in the land crying for an incumbent. No, it is chèap and somewhat charlataniah to point out tho present Congress as tho authers of evil. It bas left things tbat Bhönld liave boon dono ; it. has done many Uiin;,H it should not, havo doné, bnt there is not m; houcst taxpsyer iu the laud who aan (ximino ita work and sty that itSha not wrirWwl for tho interests of tho peoplo more dirccÜy and intelligeutly thau uny preceding (ïougress Binee '68i It has ncither atolón nor permitted steals ; il bas, on tlie caattaixdimnjitlied iU ovn expenses very cousidoraWyVaha" it bas diHilinshed thfl expenees of tiio governnicnt tixty millious, and will iiimüiiü ixtjt B(ll-j ions more next. far i f upt-old in itai present actiou. Verily, if tho Democrats wiil serve u as well four yoam au they havo tfaW, with our Uuclo 8anuel ut tlioir liead to glvé thdUi Ímpetus anti keep them iti !i,aud, Uioy uro j welconie to .uno to power, po tneyeverso badly, höwwer, they couM nit (!o so nmH evtl as the contiiiiKuico of Otaftyn. Now; 11 that is touched upon horoin in susceptible of prooi Í from tlio records iu (io greus, i;m 1 no UODeec I jourual need err. If it is desiiablo to edúcate the peojple, it is deirftble tliat they ahonld be educated on truth. ïhe rscoftis do not Ho, and they teil ex&ctly wliat tho present Congtews has done and ttlmt it ia pledged to do beforC it siJirce in '77'


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