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At a recent fflwling, called at Fanenil Hali Boston, to ratify the üomination of Tilden and lendricka, the Hon. F. W. Uird was exnectod to speak, but, being ïll, he addre8ed the folowing letter to the Chairman of the meeting : East WAtroLE, July 12, 1876. Messrs. Charles Levl Woodbury, lhomas L. Jenks and Oeorgc P. Baldwin, Coniiniltee, etc. GKStfi.fciHKN ! 1 ha-co the honor to acknowledge he receipt of your in+iWüoii to addre?s the ratificaion meeting at Faneuil Ilftlt on Tbursday cvening. I very much regret that my heaïtli Is snch that I caunot accept it. It would givc me grcat pleasure to oiu wlth my eolleagues to the 8t. Louis Convent ion n rendering an account of our stewardship. The result, whatevor agency Massachusctts may have had in It, l one of which evory truc fricnd of reform may e!l be proud. Our candidate for the l'reiideucy realizes1 o Massacliuaetts ideal of a Democratie ruler ; the cafldiiUtc for the Vice Pref idncy, not perhaps quite up to tbat ideal, is yet a statesman of pure lifo, of tried capacita iá a fpotless public record. I should bc glad to be wlth you in tüe o d " eradle" to give a few of the reason lor KiviiiR my hand and heart to the ticket; but, for a while at least, 1 must school myself to silencc. I do not eee how any sincere and larnest fricnd of reform can hetitato between the pandtdates presen ted by the two partir. CBpecially whefl the party sapporting each is considered. I am surü 1 do not look at the question as a partisan. In Mtty !st a meeting of notables was held at the Fifth Avcnuu Hotel, )n New York, to conüidcr the duties of AttieHifrts ititteuB in tüe ensuing caiupaign. They were geütltmen "f the higheat cDaracter and of the most nnselflrtl mtie. As to their tical wisdom in affaire, thore ma be ome difïerence in public opinión ; but there la no difference upon this point, that thcy were capable of formsug the highest ideal of a President and capable of clcarly deBcribing that ideal. This they i dld in their address to the country. Aftel describing the oondition of pub. ie affairs to which Hepublican misinlle ha brotight ns, Ihcy describe the " candidato needed." "Öur dnty in tbis respect ia plain and imparionsj it suffers not trifliug or equivocatíon tile worn-out clap-trp of promises in party platlortHs will not satisfy it. Neither will mere profession on the part of candidates ; not mere words are neede,d, bU acttf ; not mere werds are needcd, but men." These would wcll describe Bristow or Tilden ; does Hayes meet their requireroents ? Agatn, thcy cay, " We shall support no cundidftte who, however favorably judged by bis neafest frlends, Is not pubücly known to possess those qualltie of niind and character whlch the Btern taek of geïiuiüe yeform requires," etc. Jf tliis was not desigued as a sketch of Mr. Hayes, it surely describes him and his positlon. Again, Ihey ask, "Can he (the candidate) with. cerlalnty be depended on to posaess the moral courage and Bteadï rcBolulion to grapplo witb abuses which have acquired tue Btrength of eetablished cuslon),and to tliis end flrmly rsaist the pressuxe even of hits party frionas ?" Tuis laeaiis Bristow or TUdeo. Xhey repudíate the avaüability whioh oonpist in tïllp: "Tnat the candidate be neithcroo l)ad as to rtpel good citizens, nor eo good as to discoutafle the bad ones." Mr. THdeu's noruination diseoursgc the Tamniany and canal ringe. We do not yet h arn that Mr. Hayes' nomination discourages any of the rings which have made this adminiBtration infamouB. They clinch their whole argument with Xho. following : The man to be íntrubted with the Preeidency thig year must have deserved not only the conüdence of honest men, but also the foar and hatred of thieves. He who managrs to cultívate the thievefi can not be the candidate for honest men. Everj' American ciíizon who has the fiuure of the republicand the national honor Beriously at heart should solemnly resolve that the countrjmust now líave a President wuopc n;ime is ah watchword of reform ; wbose capacity and courage for the work are matters of record rather than of promiee," etc. This pcrfectly fits Mr. Tilden. Does it fit Mr. Hoyes 7 Anrt yet tnost of onr Independent" frieiïdfi in hot haste proclaim their adlïvsion to the Republican party eolely on the round of " the worn-out clap-trap aflair of pr miseg in party platforms," and of "more fino profesaions on the part of candidates." Not only tliln ; but they proposo to enter the canvans undcr the ' lead Of "Zach." Chandle:- a man repudiated by the Itepubllcan parij of his own State, and elocted against the opposition of the friendR of Mr. Hayes, apparently eolely because he is a mmberof (iraat's Cabinet. Never before, I think, wla aCabinct Minister placed at the Uead of a National Comniittei m a Preaidential campaign ; but this administración uiakes ita own precedenta, and it certainly is vr-ry convenient for the party which indorsea den. Orant's adminietration to have for its direct r a man who i- eminently fitted to admirjiater upon the estáte of the outgeing administration. It seci res eontinuity of policy as effectually as would a third term. Kqually with the candidatos the platform embodies the aspirations and purposes of earnust roformera. Thtre are spots on the sun; nevertlielese it giree Ifght and heat. The Uo publican candidato exerciseB the right to Rupplewent his platform al pleasure. The same right belongs toevcry vc-ter. I am tempted to enter at lentrth upon the invi iug field which thia topio open ; but 1 spare you. I do' not doubt the uld " Gradlo of Iiuerty " wüi orho tomorrow night the same sentiments for huxaau rif,rhts and againet hnman wrongs which on tbe same spot. feil from the lips of James OtiB and the "braco of Adanises." I havo tho honor to be, gentlemen, Your obedient servant, F. W. Biitn.


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