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-Shentf Fleming has but three " guests f jliiiisiially popular hotol. 'j A. Sessions and 8oq leave to-morrow , .wo weeks visit to thb Centennial. [fïS n jjnj Brown and wife are now at Berea. ..■ jjjs, Browu beiug uuder medical treat3iSt. _During Dr. Dunster's absence at the East uill deliver a courae of lectures at Hauover, H. ',pj. Frothinghamia rusticating at Groase r,]e fhere ho will spend several weeks with family-Let the Deniocrats and " Reformers " re[urthe Ward Caucuses to take place this (tening_Tbe several school buildings are being tboiougliiy cleaned, and their walls whiteKükeJorkalsoiniued. _Bev. Mr. Smith, of Jackson, preached in h Ccn'regational Churoh, ou Suuduy last, jjdanging with Prof. D'Ooge. -Hon. George Sedgwick, of Chicago, first jjjotoi this city, was giving his old friends s -.bake of the hand on Wednesday, D'Ooge left for Auburndale, Mass., „faesday, and will return via the Centenniil ecompaiiied by hia wife. -Theodore Taylor and wife, accompanied jriomevisiting friends from the East, left iiithe Upper Lakes last evening. -Bt. Duoster and family left for their sumjervacation ou Monday eveumg, and will Bie their headquarters at Attleboro Falls, -Prof. Frieze and two daughters left for Pbüadelphia on Tuesday, and will do the Cenliimial iü company with J. M. Wheeler and mitj. -Col. Burleigh has rented the old áore (but later a harness shop), next to John tore'8, on Mam street, and is fitting it up lira law office. -Tbe dry weather is pinching corn and poatoes, sud iarmers are clamoriug tor rain. Jgood shower would also be welcome on city .::-ná and lawus. -The Ypsilanti Commercial has been desigateft as the paper to advertise the coming list (llanda to be sold for taxes. Not a very " íat Bie" in ttiis county. -The dwelhng oí Charles Grieb, two miles sorth of Uhelsea, was burned on Saturday bit, aud a young child which had been lelt itoe iii the house was burued to death. -The Register makes merry over a Demotnic pole breakiug while being raised. BetUikve a. pole break occasioually than not to tettfe enough to attempt to raise one. 4üLr Istimer, an elderly gentleman liviaoon])i?ifliou .street, füll dowu two or three tipil his stairs on Monday, breakiug one oi te fhsts and throwinjj oue thigh out of joint. -TteRepub.icans oí Deiter village have trganized a Hayes aud Wheeler Club with the iüllowing ofiicers : President, Judge Crane ; Tice-President, T. Birkett; Secretary, E. E. allitOI). -John Henley refuses to take back any oí liíse "cuss words" he bestowed upou the imgere, and, besides, offers to bet that 3. Webster Childa wou't be nominated for I- ■ -On Friiiay last Justice MoMahon ticketed one Thomas Monroe, a tramp who tned to SiieoB with a pair of pauta which did not leloíg to bim, to the Detroit House of Corsctioii for seveuty days. -The Uregory House has a new landlord, Hi. George Wtsou, late of the Herndon Home, Marshall. It is to bti hoped that he rJI Duke more of a success at hotel keeping tbín dd bis predecessor. - Albert í. Cooper, of this city, who graduiWatttie Uuiversity last June, has been apetecí principal of the public school at Wil.XiagaraCo., X. Y.,at a salary of l,00ü '(. -Justbecause he couldu't pay a fiae of $20 udllOcostB, Frank B. Maauing ia now ser'{outasOTenty-five day's seutence in the Hstae of Correctiou : for an assault and bat'jon Edward Eisenhardt. -AJackson dispatch says that Geo. Fulcifa, of Company A (Ann Arbor Co.), suiïered "lijkt sunstroke just as the Company reachithegrounds on Monday, but recovered so sbearound in the evening. -The eiouraion to Grosse Isle on Saturday Wigiïen by the young ladiss of the Congre■ioaal Church-, was not a very numerous B , bot was voted decidedly pleasaut. ïhere 'plenty of room in cars and boat. -Bro.Jio.wlson, of the Hillsdale Standard, to'güutbjscity on revenue business on FriJH made a cali at the Akqus office, for ic pupose of "iustructing us how to '"'ttecampaign." Sorry we ware out. Gall qát Harvey. "Ikecolored citizens cf Ypsilanti, assisted Í outsiders, raa two succeasiul celebrations we lst iustM - the auniversary of emanciWouia the West Indiea. There were prooos, music, muoh speaking aui eatiug, and ! m the ovening. -Theofficers of Anu Arbor Euoampraent of lisllows were installed on Tuesday eve""6 't which there was a large atteudance of "ig members froiu Cbelsea and Milan EqPments. After the ïnstallation a supper ""tred at Haugsterfer's. -The politioal editor of the Register detanearly a column to Hon. Eugeue Prini'e iud his speech at the Court Houae on l'riJ ening last, while " ye local " of the 6e paper pronounces it the " flattest kind of 'lech, utterly devoid of sense or enthusi Compare notes neighbors. Co' A, 52 strong, marched from its armoÏMMonday, and took the 11:26 a. m. train "'Jackson, where the Firat Kegiment of e troops had been ordered mto camp. " Ws weut iuto the " field of duty " in spirits, aad are reported ha ving a good e wheat harvest is all secured, and in W coudition. The yield promises to be ' 'oü the berry, save m exceptional cases, oeUent, assuring a fine grade of flour' i harvest is piogressiug rapidly toward and the erop is large and the quahty """Ixr one. AU the branches that are falhng to the üuil from the ruaple and elm trees arouud " cut f by the borer, should be immedii gathered up aud burued, in order to deïoïthe destructivo pests. j orKe Moss was yesterday up before ' lc McMahon and found guilty of uring entand abusive language toward William "ey. He was fined 15, and iu default fit""daysinjail. - Frazier Harris, of the Fifth ward, aged 85 yeara, and a resident of the city since 1844, died on Mouday eveuing. Mr. Harris was a soldier of the war of 1812, and took great pleasure in reciting its events. He was a brother of a former Minister to China and Japan. His funeral was attended at St. Andrew's church, of which he was a meiuber, yesterday afternoou. - The members of Company A are making great preparations for their excursión to Putin-Bay, to take place on the 17th inst., and in tend to make it the excursión of the season. The large and oommodlous steamer Northwest will convey the excuraionists from Detroit to the Bay and return. Fare for the round trip only $1.75 ; children half price. - The so-called " fast mail " gave us our New York daily exchttnges at 9 A. M., and we now get them at 12 M. As the " fast mail ' left New York at 4 o'clock in the monnng and the letter mail principally the evening before no time is loat in receiving letters. Isn't this a small difference (3 hours in papers alone) for Republicana to howl about ? - The Fourth Annual Picnic of the farmers of Sharon will be held in the grove of D. (J. Hose, on Wednesday, August 23. Eev. Chas. T. Allen, of Pontiac, a Sharou native, will deliver the addreas. The invitation to " come ovei " will be taken into favorable couaideration.