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Dr. Wistar's Balsam Of Wild Cherry

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This celeWatod rcmcdy is n compound balsainie preparation of the Wild Chcrry Bark and tht Mossof heiand, combined by n now chem ica] proceBS with' iho Extract of Pite. So salülary haro been its efleets n all cases wlien adminietered lor Coughs, Asihma, Consumption or any dieease erf the Iünga, that many of tlie mos distingüiahed phyjicians havo approved and ree ommended it, and openly acknowlcdged ;t th most valuable medicine ever diecovcred. It is truly a valuablc medicine, and isoflecting on immenso amouni of good in the reÜcf of euilering humanity. MAYNARDS. Se advertBctnent.O-WORMS KILL THOUSANÖS, nnd aro niuch moro dangerous to humon Iifo ilion is cenerally supposedccnuse pnrents aro not aware that tho majority of dinonscs under which iheir childrcn oppear 10 suffer, ariso aliogeiher from worm; and while ihoy aro (ampering wuh nicdicinos that are of no avail, tha children pine awny ahd soon dio. The rernedy ia Ure. DR. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES wcknow to be a spetific. Tiiey kill tho worms ont bring them away, when all otlier means fail. Etjunlly good and suecesifül is DR. SIIERMAN'Svjuvjrri uu.ófcíxiíKs; i liey allay all irrJlíilion from cougliing, promo'e expeciorniion. nnd in a hort limo rectoro lo perfect Iiealth. Even the moet obstinate cnseé of cough givo woy, and when tho BufTcror line a'jtpearé'd to bc fnr gono in consumption, ihey hnvc raiscd Kim' lip. Are you troubled with headnehc? Try SHKHMAN'S CAMPHÓR LOZENGES- tlicy wilt curn you n n ehort spaco of time. ag well as reliovo from alpitation, cramps.ncrvouB discoses, and pninfu lTections of iho bowols. And 8HERMAN'S OOR MAN'S PLA9TER is decidedly the! est fitrenghteninfl; piaster in the world. It rurra ïeumntlom, Wcnkness nrid pain ín the back, hest, Ac, andwill act lke n churm. Do not bc imposod upon by spuriuüinrtjc!e, but nek for Dr. Shcrman'e preparations, nd6cc that you got the genuino. W. S. & J. W. MAYNAHÜ, AScnta for Anö Arbor.