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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. ÜNALD MAÜL.KAN, M. D., Physician aud 1 Surgeou. Office and residence, 71 Huron street, Ann Arbor. Office hours froni 8 to 9 a. m. and f rom .! ■TïT J. HEBOMAN, M. D., Physician and SurVV geon. Office, outhwest corner Main and Huron BtreetB. Rcsideace, 48 South State street. Office hours from 10 to 12 a. m. and 2 to 4 p. m. LE. McFARLAND, Surgical and ! . ical Deatlat, corner of Main and iluron gtreets (-T tckson's old stand.) Great pañis takeu in ] all operations entrnstcd to iuy care Prices to suit thetiuics. All work wnrranted. Teeth extractad without pain. Ofllce hours : 8 to 12 n. m.; 1 to 6 p.m.; 7 to8:80p. tn. W!1.,IACKSO5, Dentist. Office corner of 1 t Vain and Washington streets, over Bach & Abel's store, Anu Arüor, Mich. Auesthetics administered if required. ; UGENI5 K. FKUEACiT, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, and Conamissioner of Deeds ior Pennsylvaui, OöuRiiK#tioii in the Germán or ïnglish laiiguago, liftroe, M.ill'3 Opera-House, Ann Arbor, M cu. , EC1'A.RK, Jirstice of 4he Peace, Notary Pub, )■ and Oraveyancer. Will loan money for others on rcul télate Eecñrity. Office over No. 8 Huroü street, Anu Arbor, Mich. WINKS & WOUDEN, 20 South Main street, Aun Arb r, Mich., wholcsalo and retail dealers in Dry Goods, Carpcts and Groceries. MACK S SCHMED, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, etc., No. 64 South Main etreet. BACH & ABEL, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, etc., No. 26 South Main street, Ann ■ Arbor, Hich. M. AVAGNER, dealer in Iteady-Made , ing, Cloths, Cassüneres, Vestings, Trunks, Carpet Bags, etc, 21 South Main "street. ' , , JFREDERICK SCHAEBERLE, teacher of . . the PIANO, VIOIilN AND GUITAB. Eesitjnce southeast corner Main and Liberty I strest, Ann Arbor, Mich. NOAH W. OHEEVEB, ATTORNEY AT LAW. 1 Office in Frobate Office, Ann Arbor, Mich. EVEKYBODÏ SAYS THAÏ REVENAUCH IS THE Boss Photographer of Ann Arbor. 28 Sast Huron Street, up-siairs. Yv"T]NrSL,OW BROS. 32 East Huron Street, DEALERS IN PiCrUKE FKaMES, BBACKETS AKD V10LIN SlBINes. liffi J. H. NICKELS, TRESH & SALT MEATS, Hams, Sausages, Lard, etc, STATE STREET, OPPOSITE NORTHWEST COKNEK OF UNIVERSITY CAMPUS. Orders promptly fllled. Farmers ha ving meals to ell should give him a cali. 1568-yl THE ANN ARBOK SAVINGS BANK -A-nn Arhor, JVXicliigaii. Eeceivos deposita of One Dollar and upwards and allows Five per cent. interest on all deposita remaining three montlis or longer. NTEREST COMPOUNDED SEMI-ANNUALLY. Also, bujs and sella U. S. Bonds, Gold, Silveraud Intorest Coupons, and New York, Detroit and Chicagfj Exchange. Also sellB Siprht Drafts on Great Britaio, Ireland, Germany, or any otlier part of the European Continent. This Bank is organized under the General Banking Law of this State. The stockholders are individually liablo to the amount of their stock, and ■the whole capital is security for depositors, wbile witti Banks of issue the capital is investcd for the Recurity of bill-holders. This fact inakes this InBtitution a very safe deposit of moneys, llarried Women can deposit subject to their own drafts only. Money to JLoan on Approved Securitles. DniECTOBS- B. S. Smith, E. A. Beal, C. Mack, W. D. Harriman, W. Denbel, W. W. Wines, D. Hiscock. OÍTICEES : C. Mack, Pres't. W. W. Wines, Vice-Pros't. C. E. Hiscook, Cashier. W. A. LOVEJOY, Tobacconist ! DEALS IN FINE-CUT AND SMOKING Tobáceos, SNUFP, PIPES, &c, At No. 7 East Huron-st., Next to tlae Express Office, ANN ARBOR, - - - MICHIGAN EBERBACH & SON, Driüsts ui Ptemacists, 12 South Main St., Kceps on liaud a largo and well selectcd stock ol DRUGS, . MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, DYE STUFFS, ARTISTS' & YAX FLOWER MATERIALE Toilet Articles, Trusses, Etc. PURE WINES AND LIQUORS Special attention paid to the Xiiruiibiin: of Pby Bieians, CheroititB, Sc1i,oo1r( etc, witli 1'hilnsopUica i" '1 Cliemicftl ApijarahiK, Bohcn ;U-m (Jhemics swarö, Porcelam wre, Purs Ben olaiw prMcrlptlons rjrpfnilv t''pwed 156


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