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Song Of The Turtle And Flamingo

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BY JAMES T. TIEUW, A lively joung turtle lived down by the banlis Of a dark-rolling streani called the Jingo, And one summer day, as he went out to lay, Feil in love with a channing flamingo - An enormously genteel flamingo! An expansively crimsou fianiingo ! A boautif ui, bouncing flamingo ! Spake tho turtle in tones like a delicate wheeaoï " To the water I've oft aeen yon in go, And your form has iinpressed itself deep on niy shell, You perfectly modeled flaniingo ! You uiicommonly brilliant flamingo ! You tremendously ' A one ' flaniingo ! You inex-pres-ífi-ble flamingo ! 11 To be sxire I'm a turtle, and you are a bello, And my language is not your fine lingo; But smilo on me, tall one, and bo my bright flame, You miracukras, wondrous flamingo! You blazingly beauteous flaniingo ! You turtle-absorbing uaminyo ! You inflammably gorgeoua flamingo 1" Then the proud bird blushed redder than evci' before, And that wa quite un-ncc-cCB-80-ry, And she stood on one leg and looked out of one eyo, The position of things for to vary- This aquatical, musing ñainüigo ! This dreamy, tmcertain flamingo ! Tbis embarraseing, harassing flamingo! Then she cried to the quaclrupcd, greatly amazed ; ' Why your passion toward tne do you hurtle ? I'm an ornithological wonder of graco, And you're an illogical turtle 1 A waddling, impossible tuvtle; A low-minded) grass--eating turtle l A higiiLy improbable turtle Í" Then the turtle fcneaked off with his nose to th ground, And never more looked at the lagses; And faUing asleep, whlle indulging his grief, Waö gobbled up whole by Attassiz - The peripatetic AgaBsiz ! The turtle-dissecting Aassiz ! The illustrious, induötnous AgasBii l Go with me to Cambridgo soine ÖoOl, pleasan dayT And the I'U show you ; tle'e in a hard case, Uut he'll look in your face, Prctendlng (tho roguc !) he don't know you ! Oh, the deeply deceptive young turtle ! The double-faced, glassy-cased turtle! Th arpan, but a verv ïiiofc-turtle '


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