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Why All Nevada Rivers Run Into The Ground

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It is a well-known pecnlianty ot our , Washoe rivers, says the "Virginia City ] Enterprise, that they all Bink into the 3arth. Each river empties into what is ïalled its "sink," or lake. None oí them get out of the Stato or empty into the sea. This curious fact was once ! riously accounted for by a queer old fellow who made his home in the shadow of Mouut Davidson. Said he : "The '■ way it cotae about was in this wiae : The Almighty, at the time he was creatin' and fashionin' this 'ere yearth, got along to this section late on Saturday evenin'. He had got through with all the great lakes- Superior, Michignn, Huron, Erio and them; had made the Ohio, Missouri and Miasissippi rivers, and, as a sort of wind up, conolnded to ïnake a river that would beat anything he had done in that line. He started an' traoed out Humboldt river, an' Truckee river, an' Carson river, an' Walker river, an' BeeSe river, an' all tho other rivers; an' ho was a leadin' of 'em along, calkelatin' to bring..'m all together iuto one big boss river, au' then lead that off an' Iet it empty into the Gnlf of Mexico or the Gulf di California, as might be ruost conveniont; but as he was bringin' down an' leadin' along his branches- Truckee, Humboldt, Carson, Walker an' tliem- all at once it camo on dark, an', not bein able to oarry out hia plan, ho just tuked the lower ends of the several streams inter tho ground where they war, an" they've stayed thar ever since." The nerves of woinen, says tho Austin (Nev.) Jieveille,'iiï0 sómething hard to understand. A woraan who can throw a tea-cup at her husband's head with unerring aim will wake the echoes with her serearns che next minuto if a bug happens to light on tho back of her neck; and the vojnan who oould coolly horsewhi the mau who siandered her wil jaxop on a chair aud holler bino rnuntei t m lif m I mWHi' {TB tho Q$pti '


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