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The Party Of Corruption And Extravagance

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Presidont Grant robukes a Democrato Congress for cutting down expenses. Ie has no word of encouragement for econoray. On the contrary, ho wants üongress to continuo the oxtravagance which has provailed for years past. jrant, and tho leadors who control the iepublican party, havo uo syrupatby with the oppressed taxpayers. ïhey cannot see how it is that Democrats hould bo bo oarnest in favor of reronchuient. It has been the custom of he Ropublican leaders to use the peo)le's money to accomplish selfish and ersonal ends, and heneo it is hard to jome down to a plain, honest, econoniical administration of public aifairs. We say it has been the custom of Remblican leaders to use the poople's nonoy to accomplish selflsh and personal ends. Look at the disposition f the secret service fund by Atorney-Genoral Williams ! Davenort spent thousands of dollars which elonged to the tax-payers, to organizo be Grant political cainpaign iu New York city ! Secretary Robeson has made the Navy Department entirely gubservient to party and personal purpose8. He has used millions of the aeople's money aa though it were his own proporty. He expended millions at Navy Yards to effeot election results when the public good was in no sense promoted. And 8O wo uiight go on with "raud after fraud, perpetrated in every section of the country and at various times throughout all the depaitments of the goverument ! The developinents in the Courts and before committees of Congress upon sworu testiniony have shocked the cítilized world. And now, forsooth, becauae a Dumoeratio Congress, in obediance to the instructions of the people, oommonce the practice of oconomy in the expenditure of the people's money, the President of the United States senda to that body a scolding, fault-finding message. And that message is indorsed by tbe Republican nowspapers and by the Republican party. That is the spirit in which the Hayes and Wheeler leaders enter this campaign. When asked to cut down the extravagant expenditures of the Navy, the cry is, " O, no ! that will not do ! " Curtail the expenses of the War Department, and the same reraonstranco comes up. Make an effort to Ic8son taxation anywhore, and tho Republioan leaders in Congress, and tho President himself, rise up in rebellion at once ! This is the spoctanlo now presented to the people in a most conspicuous mannor by thfl reeent message of President Grant. Tho cry is - " The Departinents need the money - the office-uoldurs must. have it - the campaign is tobe carried forward, and the funds mnst be forthcoming in the usual way. That is what this protest against Retrenchinent timouiits to. Money is wanted now as in the past, to carry Louisiana, Indiana, Ohio and other States. The over-burthened tax-payers are not heedless of these thingg. They will not fail toiuark the courso of events as developed by the Republican managers. They will look to the Democratie party for redres?, and will cast their votes for Tilden and Hendricks. They will not vote for a candidato who indorses, as Hayos does, the rotten Administration of Grant, Belknap, Robeson and pau y.-


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