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Grant's Cabinet is without a Jewell, hut what a gein Chandler is. - Cleveland Plain Dealer. The Kepublicans make fun of Democratie reductions in expenses, and yet tha Ktpubliciins ot the Senatecut down the pension of General Custer's widow f rom $50 to $30 a nionth. - Cleveland Plain Dealer (Dem.) Whisky rings, bribe receivers in and about the cabinst, and the smaller thieves in places over the country, are to bo protected as long as they contribute to tbe fuud rolied upon by Chandler's couiinittee to continue the peculation of Grant's adminUtrntiou through the election of Huyes. - Boston Post. Garfield is the commander-in-chief of the boys in blue, and Gen. Woodford is to be his chief of staff. Garfield won his spurs in the credit niobilier business, and Woodford is described by men of his own party as a soldier who never saw a battle, and a lawyer who never won a cuse. - Boston 1 oat. Zack Chandler gaya Bristow migbt as well have been in heil without a fan as in Grrant's oabinet trying to carry out his reform notions. Zack is one of Grant'a Cabinet, and Zaok is also Chairuiau of the Bepublioan National Exeoutive Couiruittee that is trying to elect Hayes. See the connection ? - Peoría Democrat. The Louisville Conrier-Journal says : The Kepublican papers have got far enough along to cali Governor Tilden "a rebel and a oopperhead." They should remind their readers, while discounting Tilden's patriotism, that Kutherford B. Hayes was a pronounoed seoessionist in 1860, and wanted to biseot this glorious union forever. We fear our northorn friends have not in good faith " acceptad the resulta of the war." The bloody shirt now wave8 over every Kepublican camp, and Centennial Dix is bawling himself hoarso in efforts to rally the boys in blue. The Southern people are wiser and more patriotic, they admit that the war settled something - Richmond tinquirer. If there is a sorrier spectacre than the " huoiiliating return of Cari Schurz to . the party he has so unsparingly de■ nounced, it is that of Secretary Briatow repairing to Vermont to epeak for Hayes and Wheeler, of whioh the telegraph informa us to-day. It is indeed a critical emergenoy for the country when honest men lack courage to break company with thieves. - St. Louis Rej publican It may be well enough to talk about . a President going into office unpledged, but in view of the last eight years ex perience it will do no harm to hare each of the candidatos sign an iron1 ciad total-abstinence document. A "White House populated by elephants, l snakes, blue-haired babies, dragoons and so forth, is not a pleasant place to [ visit. - Chicago Tijnes. The St. Louis Repuhlican says of Tilden's letter : The whole document is couched in very vigorous, plain and simple language. If longer than sucb letters usually are, it may be aaid that the occasion and the opportunity justify an elabórate presentation of views and sentiments. The letter is suoh a one as could emanate only from a statesman worthy to be the President pf a grand Republic. A notable feature of the Presidential canvass, is that the very men who worked night and day to gave Babcock and the whole whisky ring, and conspired with the President to compasa the destruction of Bristow and Wilson; who used every means in their power to defeat the former for the Presidency are the persons who labored energetically for Hayes' nomination, and are now shouting loudly for him. - Adrián Press. Grant throws open the door and Iets the guilty Belknap escape by resignation. A Republican national convention heartily indorses the president. Hayes cordially approves the iudorsement. A Republican Senate then turns back the avenging House of Repreaentatives, and laughs the people to scorn. And this is the sort of an administration the people are asked to approve by electing Hayes ! - Attiany Argus. There was no talk at Lansing on Thursday about aweeping Michigan by 50,000 for Hayea and Wheeler and the Republican State ticket. The men who were there would give a good deal to feel sure that the State will be carried tbÍ8 year for the Republicana by any majority, no matter how amall. There is nothing in the prospeot to gire thein any comfort. The State can be cp.rried for Tilden and Hendricks, and with earnest work it will be carried. - Detroit Fres Press. It is to be explained that souie of the Senators who deemed Belknap guilty in fact, whipped the devil around the ' stump by voting for an acquittal on the flimsy technicality that he was not an officer of the goverument at the time of his impeachment. This is a votv nnmll hnln i'nr t.hrtaa twlirt wnnf f vuiji auiau uuid lui buuso W11U WUlll LU acquit the oiFonder to oreep out of. Thosu who voted for the acquittal of Belknap now stand before the country in a very pitiful light, all the world kuowiug that he is a very guilty man who deserves the severest punishment that ju8tice could possibly administer. - Chicago Journal (Mep.) The Boston Globe (Ind.) says : It cannot be denied that Mr. Tilden's letter is a very strong bid for publio oonfidence. It does not appear like a mere matter of profession, shrewdly devised to meet the demanda of publio sentiment, but a declaration of earnest convictions and a determination to carry them out, so far as it may lie in his power, if he should be eleoted to the ehief executive office of the nation. It only confirma us in the opinión repeatedly expressed, that the Democrats selected their best and strongeat man as the party standard -bearers, and therein showed more sagacity than they had display ed for man y years before. In the Dexter Leader of Friday laat the publisher announcea that he ia about to remove to another locality. We underatand that Brother McMillan, wishing both for a wider field and a paper in which he can talk for Tilden, Hendricks, and Reform, without violating the auppoaed neutrality of a nón-political journal, . - - - - L- J I p proposes to tart a Democratie paper at Bay City. Mac is a good, spiey, and strong writer, and if half-way encouraged will give our Democratie friends down at Bay City a live paper. He has made the Leader a good local journal, aud the Dexter people will miss both hiin and it: that is if he removes the office as he proposes to do if a purchaser does not turn up tor the same immediately. Mr. Cramer wishes us to give his comphments to the "King" of the "mongrel corporation," and inform him that he is the same M Cramer " that Republicana used to employ 80 constantly to do their speaking and to attend on the Bepublican side their discussions with Democratie Congressmen. The only difference being that uow he can speak near a saloon without being tempted to imbibe, and can speak in candor for a needed reform while then he, like the "model statesman " now, sometimes indulged, and was more anxious that success should crown the effort than that the true wants of the people should be stated. Cramer thinks he shall continue notwithstanding the ñfty cent sheet may publish the views of some pin-featherod, green-eyed nonentity. Count the votes, Mr. Register, after election and then kUk and blow.


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