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The Summer Exodus

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At thia time when ao many of our patrons are preparing or contemplating their usual trip during the sumnier BOlstice, it is woll to present to our readers the prominent advantages offered by the railroads running d irect to the Centennial grounda. To thia end we would speak of the economy, convenience and desirability of talcing the Great Fort Wayne Pennsylvania Line, whtch is running three daily Centennial trains from Chicago to the very gate at the main entrance. These trains are made up of elegant Pullman Parlor, Sleeping and Hotel Coaches, and combine the luxury and comfort of a life at home, yet gliding over thia fanious route, noted for its perfect equipment and careful management, at a aafe rate of speed never yet attained by any rival. A feature not to pass unnoticed ia the facility fór reaching hotels. In the immediate vicinity, within five minutes walk of the Centennial Depot, are to be found hotels, at which good accommodations can be obtained for two to five dollara per day. The Encampment at Elm Station, near the Centennial Grounds, was estabiiahed by the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry, for the purpose of accommodating the large oumber of agriculturiata who desire to visit thejExhibition, and to artbrii a comfortable and suitable reating place at the moderate expense of two dollars per day. Taking into consideration the immense sum of money, time and labor expended by this line to render perfect its accommodations for the comfort and safety of its patrona, we unhesitatingly recommend it aa the most desirable route to reach the Centennial Exhibition. By taking thia route, via Toledo & Mansfield, travelers from this part of the State can avail themselves of the advantages of this great line, which is the only one running direct to the Centennial Grounds.


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