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An Uncommonly Strong Man

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The great VVelsk athlete, J. E. Evans, who enjoys tho ïeputation of bcing the strongest man living, has been giving a serios of entertainment on board the r.ritish flagship and the harbor forts at Cork. Evans is a man of powerful apliciininceand standR aboutfive fect eight taches iu height. .Resting on his back at 'uil longth he Iets f uil half a hundrcd on his chcst. One and a half inches of iron wan cut aeross his chest by a blow of a sledge harnmer on board the Kevenge. Thefi the gun which lires moruing and evoning, and is ovr a ton in weight, was placed on his chest, loaded, and finid ofl without tho slightest apparont incon'ï enionco. ■ j A wiUTBiíin thoPhiladolphiaPz-MiterB' Circular advocato the abolition of capital letters, exoept at tho beginniug of ]aragraphs, sentences, and poetical lines. Many of tho argumonts iised are fctvong, aud all readers will agree mtli the anthor that wo sboukl endeavor to brihg the ations of longue and pen intosoinethiug moro liko harmony tliajj osists at present. - yy -- - . . , It iseaid thftt LondoüconsunirN wgokj !y Hiüfoimof AmericAti beef, '""


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