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Killed By A Dog

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John CoüüoJly, better Knotvn as Butcher Connolly, who obtained considerable notoriety abont the wnntry by matchiug bimself to kill rats l'Ae a teirier, aud to flght with doga, has tlie here from injuries reeeived in a ííglii with a bull-dog. Connolly had been hostlef at the tavern hexe. On the 8tii of July he got drank and proceeded to si placo kept by Bryan Fogarty.. Fogarty owned a full-blooded English bull-dog, which uRually lounged about the saloon, afid which, despite its savage appearanéfc, eter offered to interiore with anyone. WheE Connolly entered saloon this dog waslying tndeï a small table in the room, -witk its ej'e elosed. Connolly got on his hands and knece anc pttt his head under tltó table. The doj lookeel aZlj up int his face and waggec his teil good-'nattweéUy. The human brute, howeTer, by a sKdáen movement seized one of the dog's cartí, .hich were half cropped, in his teeth, and, drsgginf him from under the table, commencet shnidtig hím. The bull-dog, true to his jijiti: .-i-;' ;!ut not ntter a sound, althongh blood streametl 4own from his ear over his face. After twö ot three ehakes given by Connolly, his short hohl on the dog's ear tore loose, and the dog feil te the floor with a savago growl, and ruebet npon his inhuman assaiiant. Connolly dropped on hi hauds and knees and met the dog with a blow of his rist whicl staggered him back, but he at once re newed tho onslaught. At this juucture two men who were in the place offered to interfere, but Fo gnrty exclaimöd, " Let 'era alone. ] hope to God the dog will kill him.' Tho second rush of the dog was more sucecBöful, and he seized CoEiiolly in tho f orearm tbat was raisod to knock him off. Connolly clutched the dog by the tJLuoat and choked him loose, and re mained on liis knees to icccíto the at tack: The dog made another rush, this time for tho tlaroat of Connolly, but was again foiled, and caught the man in the muscle of the left arm, biting it clear through, and tcaring out a large pieco of rlcsh. Still Connolly remained on tho floor, apparently awaiting to soize tüo dog in somo advantageous spot. The lattet in his fourth attempt sunk his teeth in the left shoulder of Conuolly, anc t)ie man conld not shake nor choke him off, Tho dog shook his head and sanl his teeth to their fnll length into Con nolly's flesh, but the man seemed pos sessed of the very nature of the brute and gave no eign that he was suffering er of sflrrender. By a peculiar move ment he íei4íed the foreihoulder of the dog, his mosi filnerable point, in hi. mouth, and then the two brute rolle.: about on tbc floor tearing ench others llesli. Blood ran in streams from eaeh and miiiglÍBg with the dust that arost from the floor gaVO them both the ap pearance of demons. This laiited at least five minute, when the three spectators wero sickened at the sight, and an attempt was made to sepa rate the combatants. The dog was soized, but all the beating, twisting am burning that wa inflicted on him failed to loosen the hold. Finally, Fogerty drew a pistol, and with the remark, "lt's shame that the best of the two has to die to ?ave the worst," placed it to tht dog's side and shot him through the heart. Even after ho was dead his jaws had to be pried loose from Connolly's flesh. Connolly attempted to got upoi his foet, but feil back exhausted anc weak from the loss of blood. He was given a glass of brandy, and a doctoi was called in. Half of the large mnscle of his left arm was bitten away, and his forearm was torn frightfully, the bone being exposed in one place. Hia shoul der was literally a pulpy mass, both boEOi and flesh being ground to gether by tho teeth of the dog. Therc were other sevei'C injuries on Connolly's person, and tlie doctor at once gave i as his opinión that the condition of the man waa critical. He fioally died ii violent convulsions.


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