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DRUGS. H. A. Tremaine & c (3uccMS0r t() K. W. ELLIS & CO.) AM ARBOR, MICH. A FIRST CLAS Drug Store, DRUGS AND DYE STUFÍ Patent Medicines, TOILET & PERFÜMERY ARTICLI Prescriptions Compounded A.U Hours. Cor. Main and HuronSt 1564 CONTINENTE LIFE INSURANCE GO, .Animal Statement, JANUARY I, 1875. ActtuniuTated Assets .....LCf555,!ii JLinbilUieti, inchid in ff reserve - ,m SurpVuê bclonyiny to Jolicyholdcrs 7Ui Annital incoine 2,S'0 Antount of Intturance in force. . ,&4,99$!l THIIITY DAYS OF UIUCE ALLOÏÏf ON PAYMENT OF RENEW1LS. No restriction on Travel. Prompt and libia payment of claims. CLAIMS PAID Iïf 1874, S6OO,O00. Total drath laime paid in last eight fff n:;,oki,oiio. G. A. WATKINS, No. 10 Mank Block. Detroit, Manager for Micbigc JOHN SEAR8, Dist. Agent, Anu Arbor, Mid 1538 FIRE INSURAHU INSURE YOUB PKOPEUTY W1IH FRAZER & HAMILT05 Wlio represent the followug safe and trustw Fire iDsuranco Compauies: FIRE ASSOCIATIO! OF FHI1-ADKLPHIA, Xncorporated 1820. Assets, Jan. 1, 1876, - $3,289, AMESICM m M I OF rHILADEWHIA, Incorporated 1810. Assete, - - $l,2óW WESTCHESTËRIIBI II Assets, - - - $851' Northwestern Nati($ FIRE & MARINE IXS. CO. Assete, - - 8881, Michigan State Ins. 6 OF ADRIÁN. Assets, - - $327,$' The State InsuranceC OF LAN8ING. Assets, ... 81 OFFICE OVER THE SAVIN6S BH Ann Arbor, Michigan. 56 8 "theWbraí 1000 BOIdJ L.'.ST BEAS09 WITHOUT OMB TAltL'KË 01; llEJitf Tbis is the finious Thifshinc ïnarliiil1! "svvopt tlio fit'ltl " and creatod hiicIi a n ■■ Irado, ly lts matciilkss Grain-Savino a inü priaciplfs. K A'l } . r THE ENOIÏMOOS WASTAGE of gnMiSlw trith olher tt;lct of Thrcibore, enn bc S Improved Itlachino, mijücimt, on crery ;, payaH ezpetues of tbreshing. FLAX, TIlIOTnY, MILI.KT, HüNOi liko eceas tiro throshed, nnjaratwl, clcrnti as oasily and perfectly as Wbeat, Oats, Bj AN EXTRA PEICE ia sually paid fw C seods cleancd by this mncbinc, for extra d" IN TnB WKT GnAIN of ÏOT,, thrao ",f tiiilly tho ONLY MACHINI thatconld ru or oconomy, doing fast, tliurougb and pn0 ehen oth'Tt uiUrty failetU ALL QRAIN, TIME and MONEY wastfni,'? i'Mis, such aa "Eudlcas Ajirons," "Eaddlrt. 1 Pickore," ote., aro ctUin-tt tUnpnucd tñthl ?p onr-half tho uaual Gcrs,'Hp]ta, Box,1!1' , oaslor mana;;.'d ; moro durable ; liglit ruon'0'', y repairs; notlnat; no " litterings" tod1 " roublod by ndrerae winds, rain or storm?. FARMERS and GRAIN BAISEBS 1 ?„; n tbo largo saving mado by it will not fWj' r and wastoful macbinos, bnt will " ïmproTcdThreshor doing tbeir work. aj rOÜB SIZE3 made for 0, 8, 10 xiA y 'owors. Also a epocialty of SFPAitAto8 TWO STYIJH OF nORSE POWEBS, B-5i iroved "Triple Gear,"and our "Siur Sp nry Style), both " Mounti-d " on foxtr Ac IÏ" niTEKESTED in Throehing or Op rply to onr noarcat Dc&ler, or write to us ■ ,y od Circular (eent frw), giving full particola tyle, PricoB, Tcrmfl, etc. - Kichols, Shepard % BATIK Ci . inirivülcd iiincliincs :■: itMtl lowost fiotoiy pficc b' W! intlAriuir, Mi,-h,


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