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jUSDÍESS_ DIRECTORY. fTüllALP MACLBiN, M. D., Physician and 1) Office and residence, 71 Huron street, j, Arbor. Office hours f rom 8 to 9 a. m. and f rom JfcSp. Tj. HEBDMAN, M. IK, Physiaian and Sur , geon. Oí&oe, ac-Mthwcst córner Main and Kuroa Btreetfí. Ueaideuce, 48 South State street. Ojee honra froin 10 to ÏS a. m. and 2 to i p. ni. LE. McFARL.VND, Surgical and Mechan, cal Dentist, corner of Main and Hurón tnttt (Jackson's oíd stand.) Great pains taken in jlíjieratiODseutrusted to iny care. Prices to snit üií (mes. AU work warranted. Teeth extracted rtliout pain. Office hours : 8 to 12 a. m.; 1 to 6 p.m.; 7to&S0p. m. YH. JACKSON, Dontist. Oflïce corner of , Main and Washington streots, over Bach & left ttflre, Aun Arbor, Mich. Anesthotics adiniuHdedií roquired. E"tGENK Ii. FHUKAUFF, Attorney at Law, Publjo, ?.ud Coinmissioner of Deedtí ;or PonlwylvaDia. Consultation in the Germán or LDe!isl) li)gge. Office, Hill's Opera-House, Aun jibor, Mich. ECLAKK , Justice of the Peac?, Notary Pub, lie and Oonveyauoer. Will loan money for ítbers on roal cátate t ocurity. Office over No. 8 Harou Street, Aim Arbor, Mich. irrÏNKS & WORDEN, 20 South Main street, yY Aun Arb'ir, Mich., uholesale and retail deal0to D17 Goüdft, O.rp'jts aud Groceries. jrACK & SCHJIID, dealers in Dry Goods, jll Urucoiies, Crockcry, etc., No. 54 South Main strist. BACir & AlïEt, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceiii-s, de, No. 2S South Maiu street, Ann irbor, Micü. fM. WAGXEU, dealer in lteady-Made Olothiug, Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Truuks CirpetBags, etc, 21 South Main street. FKEDEKICK SCHAJSBERMc, teacher of J, the PIANO, VIOLIN AND GUITAK. Kr-iileuce southeast corner Main and Liberty ftreetó, Anu Arbor, Mich. NOAH W. CHEEVER, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office in Probate Office, Ann Arbor, Mich. EVEEYBOPY SAYS THAT REVENAUGH 19 THE Boss Photographer of Ann Arbor. 28 East Huron Street, up-siairs. 1ÏÏNSLOW BROS. 32 East Huron Street, DEALEÏÏS IN PlClURE FRAMES, BKACKETS AND VIOLIN S f KIN GS. m_ J. H. 2STIOKELS, Dealer in FRESH & SALT MEATS, Ham, Saagages, Laid, etc, SIATE STREET, OPPOSITE NORTHWEST CORNER OF UNIVERSITY CAMPUS. (Mera promptly fllled. Farmers having meats toBdlshouldgivehim a cali. 1568-yl THE ANN AKBOE SAVINGS BANK Ann Arbor, Michigan. deposita of One Dollar and upwards and öows I'ive per cent. interest on all deposita rcaiiniog three months or louger. WEKEST COMPOÜNDED SEMI-ANNUALLY. üo, buys aud gells U. S. Bonds, Gold, Silver and Interest Coupons, and New York, Detroit and ChiioExchange. 41 sells Siuht Drafts ou Grcat Britaiu, Irelaud, Ctncany, or any other part of tho Europeau Conlinent. TtfaEank is orgauized under the General Banket law of this Stite. The stockholders are indifaUy Hab'.e to the amount of their stock, and "whole capital is security for depositors, while ililtöiïs of issue tho capital is investcd for the mrityof bill-holdors. TLis f act makos this Iu'Wution a very safe deposit of moneys. MarrieJ Womeu eau deposit subject to their own tafte oiily. )Ioley to l,naii ou Approvctl Securitlcs. Bhboiobs- B. S. Smith, H. A. Beal, C. Mack, W. D-lIüTiman, W. Deubel, W. W. Wincs, D. Hiscock. 03?riCERS: c' Ia, Pres't. W. w. Wisks, Yice-Pres't. C. E. Hiscock, Cashier. W, A. LOVEJOY, Tobacconist ! DEALS IN ÖffE-CUT AND SMOKING Tobáceos, ÖNUFF, PIPES, Sec, At No. 7 East Huron-st., Next to the Express Office, NjUïBOB, - - - MICHIGAN EBERBACII & SON, hlliStS il PllffllBtS, 12 South Main St., "T" on hand a large and well sclected stock of ÜKUGS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, DYE STÜFFS, RTISTS' & WAX FLOWER MATERIALS Toilet Articles, Trusscs, Etc. PH WINES AND LIQUORS, ■Utention paid to the furnishiug of Phy, ,; "emists, Schools, etc, with Püilosophical "cal Apparatua, BoHoiuian Chemical 1 ■ l'uiv. -ïain waro, Fute HeagonU, etc. 1 bon ' PrMrlptloiUi carefuily prepared at 3040


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