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A Gentlemanly Robbery

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A correspondent -writes irorn (Jadiz, Spain : On Monday the diligence from Seville to Huelva was robbed at 10 p. m., hardly three miles f rom Saa Lucar la Mayor. Every one in Huelva is giying tlie most contradictory versions of the affair, but the story is as follows : The robbers were ensconced in some dry trenches near the road, and some among the growing erops near Molinillo, when a passenger saw that, although the night ■was calm, the wheat-ears were moving. In a moment up sprang twenty men, five of whoa were mounted, and cried ' Allo !' (halt) to the coachman. The horses were stopped, the postilions thrown to the groand, one boing hurt. Then the robbers drew the diligence a a good way oiï the main road, made the passengers lie down on their faces, botmd them with cords, and then pacified them in their terror by saying, " No one here shall be harmed ; it is not our purpose to harm any one." To one gentleman traveling with his wife they said, " Your wif e is as safe here as in her own house ;" and they behaved like gentleman to all. They then asked Don Antonio Sundheim for the keys of the cash-box, ■which contained $42,000 for the wages of the Kio Tinto minera. On his refusal they began to maltreat him, but one of the leaders iuterfering said, " Never maltreat Don Antonio." They then asked the conductor, " Howmanycashboxes?" "Nine." "Come down." One man had 20,000 reals in gold in a belt around his waist. They took his revolver and spared his gold, their object evidently being to rob the coach of the Bio Tinto mine propcrty. The robbery was committed by men who knew the time and way of sending the monthly payments. Some of tho robbers had their faces blackened ; some seemed to be gentlemen and not in their usual clothes. They did not comiüit the robbery like men used to such deeds, as they actualiy left behind them one of the cash-boxes. They plundered the private passengers. Tho whole amount stolen would be, pertiaps $39,000. Tkey took the cash-boxes away strapped on the coach mule3."


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