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tion at Rook Aluin Springs, Va., and sinkÍDg rapidly. Mr. Webber's a letter accepting the nominatien for Governor, is out, and is full of pith and point. We sball give it to our readers next week. Charles Francis Adams, son of one President and grandson of another, has written a letter in which he says that he will vote for Samuel J. Tilden for President. MH44 - I -M Grant has turned economist at the last, and signs the River and Harbor bill under protest : protesting tLat he won't expend any of the moneya for auy object not purely national. TnE Eepublican Senato tacked a provisión to the Postoffice Appropriation bill restoring the franking privilege, but it didn't go through the Democratie House. Stick a pin there. It' those Germans who used to boast "we fight mit Sigel" wish to "vote niit Sigel " they will have to vote for Tilden and Hendricks. That is what Gen. Sigel says he shall do. Gov. Hendricks has issued a proclaination commanding the railroad brakemen who are stopping trains to disperse, and advising them thitt the laws must be obeyod. He does n't proposo to cali on Washington for aid. The Democrats of the Fourth Congressional district have nominated Hon. Henry Chamberlain ; and in the Fifth district, Hon. Myron Harris, of Ottawa, a member of the present Legislature, is the candidato. Both nominations might have been bettered. TUE Secretary of War has issuod an order to Gen. Sherman to hold all spare troops ready for usé in the South. To protect all citizons in the exercise of the right of suffrage he puts it: to carry the South for Hayes by the use of tho bayonet is what he moans. The Conservatives of the South must give no pretenae or excuse for the uso of troops. The House adop'ted a Constitutional amendment prohibiting the use of school funds for sectarian institutions ; but the Sonate ainended it and then failed to get tho necessary two-thiids vote. It is the Republicau Senate which blocks the whoels. So that electioneering dodge of tho Cincinnati platform is disposed of. WE BELIEVE in making the campaign aggressive instead of defensivo, and do not thereforo propose to fooi away much space or time in defending Mr. Tilden against the attacks of Republican organs or spoakers. However, we perinit a contributor to uso' space enough this week to refuto and effectually disposo of three or four of the luading standers which constituto so large a part of the Bopublican campaign stock in trade. Raad the article carefully and preserve it for futuro use. Messrs. Willits and Cutiheon spoke for Hayes and Wheeler at Ann Arbor Opera House last night. - Ypsilanti Commercial And never a word did they say about Hayes and Wheeler, or thoir qualifications for the offices for which thoy are candidatos. Had their hearers not . known who Hayes and Wheeler wore thoy wouid have been none tho wiser when Willits and Cutcheou got through than whon they commencod. And this was tho first " Ropublican Rally " of the campaign, - tho ratification meeting. Hon. Scott Lord, of New York, (Dem.), took the Republican buil by the horns on Thursday of last wook, by the iutroduction of a preamblo and resolution condomning all attempts by force, fraud, terror, intimidatioa, or otherwise, " to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage in any State," and deinanding " cortain, condign, and effectual punishment," in all cases, whether past or Juture. It was passed with but two negativo votos, and only thirty-ono voted against tho preamblo, and those because they thought it tacitly adiuitted tho perpetration of such outrages, - which thoy denied. Will Bro. Cutcheon read this preamble and resolution whon next he arrays the Democratie party on this issue 'i Me. Willits told hia constituonts at the Opera House meeting on Friday evening last, tbe hard times, the depression in business, the lack ot' confidence which prevents a revival, were in no way chargeable to administrutive corruption, to official extravaganoe, or upon any party. Individual extruvagance is at the bottom of all our illa, public and social, our wouldbe Congressman would have the voters believe. In prooi, he ventured the assertion that there were now, in this Congressional district, ten pianos for every one owued ia it in 1861. In further proof, he declared that he " well remembered when the first $1,500 bedroom set was brought into Monroe (that is whore Willits resides), and that it was a curiosity and a wonder. And now such bedroom sets are to be found all through the district." Perhaps that may be, though we think there is reasonable doubt about the figuro, $1.500 ; but concoding such individual extravagance (which really exista only in Mr. Willit's mind), we mistrust he will have hard work to conviuce tho mechanic who is out of work, or thelaboring man who does not know where his morrow's linner is to como from, that his extravigance has bred the ourruptiou in high )1:km!s ; that his extravaganco has caussd government officials to rob the troasïry ; or that his extravaganco has led the Senate of the United States to ret'use its assent to measures of economy, to a reduction of the nuinbor of officelioldors and their salaries, and the conjoquent increase of taxation. Not iniividual extravagance is at the root of the calainities now staring the people and the nation in the face, but governmontal - both legislativa and executive - imbecility, official dishonesty and corruption. Mr. Willits would do well to chango his tune. Mr. S. M. Cutcheon thought he made a telling point at the Opera House meeting on Friday nvening last, when he charged that the " Confedérate Doorkeeper " of the " Confedérate House " had discharged sixty-seven Union soldiers, emplQyes in various capacities and ulied their places with Confederato soldiers. Now Mr. Fitzhugh may not be, as he iinagined, " a bigger man than old Qrant," nevortbeloss Mr. Cutcheon should do him justice. In the last House there were 103 employés under the doorkoeper, of whom but 19 were Union soldiers, either able bodied or wounded, so that Mr. Fitzhugh by no possibility oould have discharged 67. In the present House there were under Mr. Fitzhugh, Februury 4, two full months aftor the House was orgauized, and wiftn the corps was complete, 123 employés, - a saving of 30 employés and their salaries. Of these, 35 men had served in the Union army, - almost doublé the number of Union soldiers givon places by Mr. Fitzhugh's predecessor, - and only 10 in the Confedérate arniy. Of the whole number, 109 took the " iron-clad oath," (does Mr. Cutcheon know what that is ?) and only 14 took the modified oath. 11 of Mr. Fitzhugh's appointments were colored men. Will Mr. Cutcheon repeat his slander when again he speaks his piece Y It is eleven years siuce the close of the war of the rebellion, eleven yeurs and more since Gen. Grant accepted the surrender of the rebel army, through its cominanders, guaranteeing omcers and soldiers against trial and punishraent tor their crimes against the Union. It Í8 eleven years that the work of " restoring " the Union has been going on, and yet we are told that rebellion is rampant to-day all through the South, that tho Union is bound together only by " a rope of sand," that slavery is not doad but only sleeps, and that the Kepublican party must bo continued in power or the fruits of the war lost. ' It is almost eight years since Gen. Grant, tho man who uttered the words "Let U8 have peace " was placed at the helm, and yet we are told that " there is no peace," that the nation slumbers on tho brink of a volcano, and that nothing but four years more of Grantism will prevent suro and immediate destruction. Eleven years of peace and eight years of Graut, and every intorest in the broad land staggering under tho burdens of depressed businoss, and bankruptcy and rum staring states and cities and people in the face ; eleven yoars of poaco and eight years of Grant and no star of hope in the future. And is such imbecility to be contiuuod.i' Is not a chango desirable and necessary 'i The Kalamazoo Bazette ruisen the point of Judge Keightly's ineligibility to an election to Congress, - not a very tenable one, however, as it is not within the province or power of the Michigan Constitution to define and prescribe the qualifications of a member of CongrüS8 or other United States officer. The Detroit Tribune sees the point, refers to the case of Judge Sutherland, exactly parallel, and adds : " Did the Quzette also fail to notice that last week nearly a score of votes were cast in tho Eighth District Convention of its party for Judge Moore, Mr. Sutherland's successor Y " And did the Tribune fail to notice or remember that Judge Moore is not a judge, and has not been witliin a year, "Whixe Cutcheon was fighting the war over again at Ypsilanti, on fciaturday evening last, and giving the old rebols and to-day " confoderates," as he sees fit to style tho Democrats, particular lits, an old soldier in his audionce took the wind out of him by oxclaiming, 11 What brigade were you in Y The only time I met you during tho war was when I was home on furlough." Cutcheon had a flea in his ear just at that moment, and showed no signs of hoaring. " Discretiou is the better part of valor " was the motto that tiod Cutcheou's tongue just then. Fuedeick II. POTTER, at present Mayor of Saginaw City, has been nomiuated for Congress by the Democrats of the Eighth district. Ho is a young man of excellent repute, a member of the banking firm of Burrows &Potter, and will honor himself and the district if elected.


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