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-Dry.yery di y. That'e a f act. Jlle Council is to meet Monday evening KJl ,Burke hos sold bis I ime kiln near the depjttoJaoobVolland. -The public schools of this city will open jjKonday, the 28th inst. „The Compauy A Put-in-Bay excursión 1,(1 yesterday about 500 strong. -Somany of our citizens are headed for the Oiutennial that we can't list them. „Gottlieb Lodholz, baker and saloon keeper the Fitth ward, died on Ftïday eveuing last. - Jndge Cheever has gone to the Ceutenniil, and Judge Willcoxson is running the probate Court. _Mrs. Henriques and daughter (Sarah) arjjved bom6 from their year's stay in Southern California, on Tuesday, well and looking well., -Mis. Sarah B. Bryan, mother of Alpha ï'jshtenaw Bryan, the first white child born „thiscounty, died at Coustantine on tbe 3d slt,aged82 years. -Jndge Huntlngton has sent au order to lïeCounty Clerk for an adjournment of the idjoorned term of Court from September 7 to September 13. -Jó'6,8": that is the amount of ml dividend the city has received tom the assignee in bankruptcj of S. j!. Webster, late city treasurer. -Miss EmmaL. Baker, for several years a teacher in the High School of thiB city, has ïiin appointed to a position in the Detroit High School, at an increased salary of f250, -Col. J. L. Burleigh has purchased oí Z. faMdel, for $2,000, the lot on the corner of State and Madison streets, adjoining the leidence of Jas. Clements, and we learn in'Dds building thereon. -It is next Wednesday the farmers of SlaiOD hold their animal .harvest picnic in ■te grove of D. G. Eose. Eev. C. f. Allen, a Slaron born boy, dulivers the addregs. -The saloon keepers are again wrestling nlh the liceuse ordinauce. That $5 fine and it resolution isn't just what their iancy piitedit: that is if prosecutions are pushed tigorously as is threatened. -Che3ter E. Pond, who formerly ran a Commercial College in this city, is now living inPhiladelphia, and viaitora to the Centennial mmids will find him superintending the Fionsylvania school department. -J. J. Mapei, last year an instructor in tach and Germán in the University, has ta appointed Superintendent of Schools at Kregor, Iowa, as successor to Theodore ï-Jolinson, ol thiB city, a Uuiversity graduttlass of '73. -Mnng the absence of hia father on Tuesqer Seward Cramer succeeded iu erectiDgii young hickory, about fifty ieet high, al Ut lomer of Washington and División fteB,bearingaloft the ñames of Tilden and Hendricks. Good for Seward. -Corydon Fairchild, for many years editor iltheOvid Bee, Seueca Co., N". Y., visited our Ir last week and gave the Aköus a cali, but iï editor was uufortunately out. Mr. F. is a ÍTtDemocrat, and is confident of the success i Tilden and Hendricks. He is en route befrom California. -Several huudred subscribers have uot paid iitfteAüGüsfor the current year, and as it sMiething ot a labor to cali upon each indininally we invite each and all to cali upon Mremit the arnouut of subscription. PaBink.and labor cost money, and caunot be rtuinedona loug credit. Beaides, just now fieedtheBinewsof war, cash, 'and must taita we are to wage an active campaign. kleverysubscriber pay up without further all, -Albort Millspaugh, a residaut of Bridge"t,aged about 16 years, was drowned on ''"kyaiternoon, inthe lake at Phelps' coro about tliree miles west of Saline. He wtmswimming and when about a rod f rom wbegan to cali for help, and some smaller Wtheshoregota rail aud reached out lü!'ea8 unable to get hold of it. His body ""covered about an hour afterward by a '■""i. aan uamed Bhodes. The water was ight feet deep. -A team belonging to Polhemus started :--MheLeonard house on Sunday forenoon, ■-"Rwayfrom the driveras he was getlie carriage. 'Joing up Huron they ■"i ïnto State street, tipped over the car" "i front of the University grounds, dmgged it along at a reckless rate, lately missing a number of carriages t of the Congregational Church, and % coming toa halt at the foot of State net ■tile threshers were just finishing nihing some stacks of wheat on Weduesday iiarmof George Armbruster, in PittsJ" machina took fire from the friction ' 'haft-bearings of the straw carrier, ■ 'e'ore the fire could be put out, the ma'ttai straw etacks were consumed. It thgteat difficulty the barn was saved, 'mtaineuiKme 400 bushels of wheat ■ "teshed, besides a quautity of other W.etc. iiDUnUg the "ight oï Tue3day 'as' two ""' atIen in the town of Dexter : one ' pasture of James Keid, and the other pasture of Shepherd Taylor. One of ote had a peculiar toot and shoe, aud ,a 'rack6d 'o the Northfleld church where W WM Ye8terday forenooa Sheriff "g was telegraphed that the horses and were caught at Feutonville, and to e and get them. He went. Names of notgiTOn. Vating of the last Fnday erening Opera L "ietm the Register says : Tne plat'Moccupiedby the speakers, the Presi(ite e y aild Wheeler Club, and a ,, 0tDlore of prominent men of the city,- 4! i! l00kin& they were, and with clean „H "e are glad to learn that our Eepubfrieuds, especially the "prominent" "e mended their ways, and have taken Hl, 'g their Laces before appeariug " in .,the stage." There is hope of them abT""8 'ad named John Mc Govern, ;,, ut U vears, stood urlon the ience of lab, yard near the Dexter depot, with a it' her bovs ou Friday morning lajt Ij, 'mPtea to gut upon a passing freight' -ij T1 ag a rouod of a ladder of ne f ""Wfoot missed the step and he was "t!htOttle raU betwee" "e cars, and tusboeeIa paas6d over him terilb'y mauglt a aUU causinS 'nstaut death. It is of Tü 'hat mre bys d0 not me the roun,?eMcGoVerQ'SO manyf them Und dePot nd board moving trains.