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lue following tran3actioii8 in real estáte have been recorded in the office of the Regiser of Deeds, duriug the past week : W. W. Wallace to Sebastian Seyfreid, lot 13 in Beuedict's addition to Ann Arbor. f b'25. John S. Haylow to Reuben Kempf , 6-10 of an acre off southeast quarter of sec 12, Sylvan, being in the village of Chelsea. Y360. W. P. Groves to John M. Rhein frank, south half of lots 14 and 15 in block 5 south and range 6 east, Ann Arbor. $400. Gottlieb Kuhnle to Dauiel Steinke, lot 3 in block 2 of Felch's addition to Ann Arbor. $1,100. Matthew E. Keeler to John Anderson, 14 acres off southwest quarter off sec. 20, Sharon. $300. Henry Stumpenhusen to Sumner Damon, 40 acres off southwest quarter of sectiou 26, Ypsilauti. $1,800. O. G. La Rue to Henry M. CurtiB, lot 8 in Howard's addition to Ypsilauti. $800. Mack &, Sohmid ta Mary Cocker, house and lot corner of Huron and Manu streets, Ann Arbor. $3,100. (Jlara A. Grieb to Charles F. Grieb, land off section 1, Sylvan. $2,000. Martha J. Popkins to Sarah E. Gregg, house and lot on South State Btreet, Ann Arbor. $4,600. Caroline E. Lewis to John W. Flower, lot 509 in Noms' addition to Ypsilauti. $400. Jas. Snow to Robt. Brooks, 10 acres off southeast quarter of section 2, öylvan. $300. J. N. Wallace to P. Davis, lot and store on Cross street, Ypsilanti. $3,500. P. Davis to J. N Wallace, lot on Towner street, east of intersection of Towner aud Prospect streets, Ypsilanti. $1,000. P. Davis J. N. Wallace, lot corner of Congress and Prospect streets. $1,500. Alva A. Robiuson to Jas. T. Eaman, part of lot 13 in block 19, Dexter. $-100. Christina Paul to Chas. F. Grieb, lauds off section 1, Sylvan. $1,000. Casper H. Borgess to Frank Fenker, 1 acre off northwest quarter of sec. 18, Lodi. $160. Augustus G. Clark to Wm. Clark, 50 acres off section 15, Superior. $1,240. IEdward Chester to Clark H. Gleason, house and lot on Maynard street, Ann Arbor. $3,000.