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; At the recent Democratie State Conven tion the following resolutious.Jreported froiu the appropriate committee, by its ehairnian, Wm. P. Wells, Esq., were unanimously adopted. They are right to the point, and we espeoially commend the last oue to our Bepublican friends who profess a holy horror of another rebellion or of the re-establishment of slavery by the Democracy : 1. The Democraoy of Michigan, in convention assembled, affirm their ahiding faith in the traditional prinoiples of the Democratie party, namely : strict construotion of the Federal Constitution, local self-government," strict accountability of public officers to the people, hostility to sumptuary laws and to undue proteotion by Federal legislation of Bpecial and hpcal interests. 2. We declare that the supreme object of political action at the present time is to bring about such reform in publio administration as shall remove trom office the men and the party whose corruptions have dishonored the republic at home and disgraced it in the sight of foreign iiations, and restore to the people, under Democratie administration, a just honest, economical and constitutional government. 3. In the declaration of principies adopted by the National Democratie Convention at Kt. Louis we recognize a just and explicit statement of Deinocratio principie and an unanswerable prqaantation of the neoessity of reform in the administration of public affairs, and we hereby declare our uuqualified assent to the same. 4. The Democracy of Michigan demand in our public aervants, both State and natioual, honesty, capability and fidlity as guáranteos of good government, and in our national standard-bearer, as well as ia the candidates for State offieers, nominated by this convention, we reoognize men who possess preeminently these qualifications, and we pledge them our cordial support, to the end that in their triumphant election may be inaugurated the reform demanded by the people and so essential to the very existence of good government itself. 5. We declare our devotion to the Federal Constitution, with all its amendments, and insist that it ig the paramount duty of every State government to protect in the enjoyment of all their rights all law abiding citizens of whatever nationality or color, and to bring to convietion and puniahinent all persons guilty of violation of the laws. The Lanaing Republican declines to publish the letters of acceptance of Tilden and Hendricks, but advises all Republioans to read them, " borrowing Democratie newspapers." And the Bepublican olaitna to be a newapaper. Tho same journal aleo slura the Democratie candidates for Presidential electora in this wise : " The district eleotors are men of no particular note, but then they have no chance of doing anything, ao it is all right." If the Republican electoral candidates had been of " particular note " the Republican would not have printed Keinps for Kempf. Isn't our cotemporary hard up for canital ?


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