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Achievements Of The Great Lightning Express

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What it Teaches- Oub Centennial Year. The accomplishment of the extraordinary run frora New York to San Francisco in 80 hours, and alniost one-third of the entire distance over the Fort Wayne & Pennsylvania Railway, was a most fitting fulnllment of the proraises made by the management of this great line, that in the One Hundredth year of our existence as a Nation, a railway, for the completeness of its structure, the perfection of its equipment, the most exact expedienis for speed, all modern improvements for comfort and ingenious combinations for safety, on the face of the globe, should be the Great Ft. Wayne & Pennwylvania Road. How well, truly and faithfully has that promiae been kept, may be judged by the crowning triumph in the great race aginst time of the Jarret & Palmer Special San Francisco Train, which ranrom New York to Chicago in Iess than 21 hours - a distance of 912 miles. 444 miles between New York and Pittsburg, was run by one locomotive without a single stop - a feat entirely without precedent in the annals of railway history, and teaches that nothing is impossible on the Great Ft, Wayne & Pennsylvania Railroad, and that it has outstripped the progressive railway rivals, not only of America, but the Old World. Foreign newspaper cor responden ta visiting our Centennial, overlook the great Exposition and its world of wonders, and fill their first homeward-bound letters with the advanced ideas of the Pennsylvania fc Ft. Wayne Railway aystem, and iuvariably and unhesitatingly pronounce it the model railway of the world, and Ainerica's fitting representad ve of rational engineering, shrewd official observations, and the early adoption of all ideas advancing the interests and comforts of its patrons. Pullman's New Palace Sleeping, Drawing Room and Hotel Cars, are run upon all trains, and the line being many miles th shortest f rom Chicago to New York, Philadelphia Baltimore and Washington, the advantage of low fares are in its favor. It must be borne in mind that the Ft. Wayne & Pennsylvania trains run direct to all the above cities, and into the Centennial Grounds. Low fare tickets may be purchased at the General Office, 65 Clark street, Chicago, or at the Depot, and information by mail furnished. By taking this route, via Toledo and Mansfield, travelers from this part of the State can avail themselves of the advantages of this great line, which is the only one running direct to the Centennial Grounds. ToConsumebs.- It coste you but a trine more to buy a full pound oí D. B. DeLand & Co.'s Best Chemical Saleratusf than it does other kinds that are very crudo or badly adultérate d.


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