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The total receipts of tlio Philadelphia ExpoBition for tho flrst ttireomontlia excecd il. 000,000. The total adiaissions for that period wero 2,8GO,000. Jamks Gobdon Bennett has been nominated for Major of New York on tho workingmen' ticket. The firat wiros of tho East river bridgo connocüng New York and Brooklyn, were Btretched acrosstho river on themorning of the llth inst. About 5,000 poople wero present, aud considerablo enthusiasm waa mamfOHtod THE WEST. Advices from the Big Hom expedition to Aug. 4, state that Gen. Morritt, at the head of tho Fifth eavalry, had effected a junclion with (!rn. Crook'a división. The columna thus reinforced numbored 2,100iightins nien, aud had commonced a inovement in tho direction of TCmgae river. Gen. Terry had uot been heanl from for nearly a month. Ho ha about 2,000 men in hifi coininund. Tiiis nisies about 4,000 meu now m tlie field agaiust Sittiug Buil. Tuk Chicago Evening Telegraph (a twilight odition of Storey's Times) has sviapondod afloran inglorioua career of eight woeks Hobb.i Krry, ono of tlio men counorned in the Otton'illo (Mo.) train robbory, haa mado a confeasion. Ho sayn thoso engaged in the alTair wero Clel Millor, Frank and Jeeso James, Colo niHi liad ouiigor, Charles Pitt, William Cliadw( 11. aud himsolf. He iüho confesaos to other robbenos by thia party, and saya Clel Miller aaaisted in tlio robbcry of tlia íluntington (W Va.) bank and tho El Paso stage-coach, and - iisproaentatthoGad's Hiü (Mo.) train Wn.u Bilí, tho well known Indiauscont, was recenUy killed at Deadwood City, in tho I3Iack llille, by ono Bill Sutherland. Wiid BUI- wbose real ñamo ia Wiliiam Hickock- was playing cards in a saloon, when Suthorland oarae up behind and fired, the ball entering bolnnd tho right ear, and passing clearthrongh the head, porforating tho braiu. Tho asaasain Hm 8, m jiiBtification of bis deed, tuat Hiekock lulled lus brother at Fort Haya, Kansaa aomo yoars ago. THE SOUTH. A. hepout cornos from Sweetwater, Tcxas, that there are between 2,000 and 3,000 Indiana camped on tho north fork of the lied riyer, about twenty-fivo milos from Fort Elliot, buaily engaged in "makiug medicine," as they cali ft wluch ia nothing moro nor less than making prepaiatioiiH for going on the war-path. It is beheved tho ravages are preparing for a general masaaore, and tho poople on tho froutier are much alarmed in consequence. Tb parties aceused of complicity in the Hamburg (S. C.) riot havo boen held to bail in tho enm of $1,000 each. . . . J. Sella Martin (colorcd), a prominent Ilepublican politician, waa found insensible in hia room in Xcw Orleans, a few daya ago, and aoon aftcrward died, from tho eiTecte of au overdoae of laudanum. FOLITICAL. IIoitATio Süniouit has written a letter declining tho uso of hiu aame in coimection with tlio Govornorship of New York, and announcing bis positivo withdrawal from public life. Mit. Biaine appeared at tho Bepublican Conventen of the ïhird Maine Congressional Uftnot Convention, the other day, and made a brief speech. He is rapidly regaining kis healtb.. ..The Republicana of Missouri have placed in nomination the followiuK tickat For Governor, George A. Finkelenburg, of St Loma ; Lioutenant Governor, C. C. Allen of Japer county ; Secretary of State, Eugene F. Veigel, of St. Louis ; Treaeuror, Col. John beverance, of Buchanau eounty ; Auditor Gen George li. b'mith, of Pettia county ; Attorney General, A.W Multas, of Linñ countv; Register of Land, Ricliard Draue, of Mari5n TOiinty ; 3 udpe of tho Supremo Court, David Wagner ; Bailroad CommisBioners, J. li. Allen of Ht. Loma county ; E. D. Harper, of CasR couuty : Isaac Hayos, of Macón eouutv Tho Demócrata of Tcnneesee, at tbeir State Convontion i in Nashville, last week. renominated Jamos D. Porter for Governor by acclumatiou Ihe Independent Greenbackëra have issuod a cali, and aro making proparations for a crand niass ratilication meeting, at tho Espoaition building, Chicago, on tho 23d of Auguat. Theke aro are now two Republican tickot in tho field for Stato offices in Arkanaaa, headed respectivelv by Gen. A. W. Biahop and Joseph Brooks as candidatea for Governor. WASHINGTON. Gen. Shekmaït aaya the proposition from tbo agency Indiana that a cesaation of hostilities with BHting Bnll nnd bis adherenta Bhall be arranged iu tlie interest oí a permanent peace.ia ültogethcr out of tho queation, for severa! roasona. The ludían tribo with wbich tho Government is at war ia uot anch a nation as to allow ua to establish any ncgotiation as tbis or aiiy similar diameter. No confideuce can be placed ai their iroziiisos. It was deeided by tho Senato Financo Committeo, at a meeting held ono day Iaat week, to postpono coneidcration of the House bilí ropealing tho lleaumption act uutil tho December Beesion. James O. IIiijl, who has beon niño yeara one of tho principal architeets of tho Treasury De partmeut, has boen appoiuted by Socrotary Morrill Superviaing Arcliiteot. In the courso of a conversation with a f riond (f aya a Washington telegram to the Chicago Tribune) "Gen. Grant haa reviewed the tcatimouy of ex-Solicitor Wilson in detail. From thia same conversaron it was learned that tho 1 rosident claimp to have doferrcd to Secretary Vmgtoma opinión iu all matter relating to tho wliiBky-fraiuU uuvoatigation and the trial of tho offonders, aud that ho at that timo liad eo peat coiifídcnco in Mr. liristow's fidelity aad honoBty that ho waa ready nd williug to co to any cxtent to strengthon tho Seeretarv liand, and eveu to Baciüico mauy oüicora" who bad been bis poiMonal friends', uni in whom ho lilis ropoae.1 m imioh coiiüdonco on account of tlieir supposed honesty-and abilitv a in Seoretaiy briatow himself. In reícrencu M tlia assertion of Mr. Wilson as to the ïudoraemeut of 'Lot no gnilty man ; 'O, on tho Bariiard letter, he said that he uaano aospiolon of oithcr Caaev or Babcock wlion he wroto that iudoreement, ano that at that timo he liad hcard of notliiug calcuktt-d to excito the slightCBt anxiety in hia miud in regard to oithcr of them. He bolievsd tbem both ínnoocnt. He wat led to writo thia inciorsoniont y having had his attention froMuenllv callod to aaaertiona byeartain persona iu 8t, lMum I.liiit they liad such potont ionuoiicoatthoWüitollouso that the Scc-etary of iikj J'ieaín-y wuuld not'je able to reach them. 1 I h oírorls to bring the ring to punuaznent, ni ordor to utroni;tlion the hands of Bocrotary Uristow, and to conymco theae unprincipled perBons of their ïmpotcnce, as well a to ehow all members of tho whiKky ring that tho persons roferred to w ra impostor, and had uo ïi.Unoiice at tho Juwcutivo Maufion, he made tho indorBoment V' I" refomug to tho accuracy of Mr. WilaouH toatimonyso f ar as it relates to ilutes, the Pi-CHideut said he could not help thinluug thfit Mi'. Bristow niust have taken L'Otea of vhat occurred at evory Cabinot meeting in tv)ik;h tho proKOüiition of the whbkj nog warj aiéoDosed, and that immediately after tiich ho held a conferonco with olicitor Wilsou Ou many poiuts the President aaid that hu thought os Holicitor Wileon had already answored himaelf." Gek. Hobaob Forter was beforo tho sub committeo on the whisky frauda last week. In rofe-cneo fo Bluford Yilaon's tostimouy, he wiid ho did j;ot alludq to "Sylph" a a lewd woman, ín epèifcing of her to McUonald. (en. 13 'OOv made au explanation to the President and i ie Attorney General. If the witnoss had thiiH po;cuof "öylph,"howould have boen inventing a rumor, which would have rellccted on the President. Tlie witness douied positivoly that he told witnoea that '■ t!io reatoHt favor he coidd do the President v.-au to hiold lJabcoclt." He douied other oasortions of Wilson. Tho witness said that ho never be&rd Gen. Babcock reforred to aa concerncd in the speculationa, excopt from tho nevèpapen. GENEKAL. Advices frorn t!o Northwest territory deny the report tliat tho Britwh Indiana will join the Sioux in war. A Government rnounted policO fcroc is watching tho nativos strictly, to guard agunat tl:eir croseiug the line. Tbb uliip ïarmontli, froïn Baltimoro for Halifax, i : reccnlly cnpsized in B lmrricane and uuiik. Tlo Captain, Lis wifo, two cliildron, uid all the orqjy bat woro lost. Tho Burvivoiu, aftcr iifty-MÏx hoius' cxonuro ou pioces of tbc wreek, weto rescuod. Sn young men from Cana3a reoontly purticiputtd in duei at lüeiimond, Vt.. ono of tho priuoipal, Artlmr Kovert, boing wounded in tlio log by Loon Vcdrey, lii opponont. The partió wcio urrested and held to biiil. ï'jih railroad war hae now baconio genernl llaHt and West, and the prospect to owners of rüilroad-Htock in anything but encouraging. If tliisi state of iilTniru cuntinuca niueh longcr half . roadi in tho country will bo forend inlo bttniraptej ; :i:.d, ks tho prospecta are now, ih: I bo bept up indeniiitely, a Vandcrbüt Boeme dclcnniucd to biing ibout the above roHlllL. FOKKIGN. Anothj-.k diaHlrous railway accident in re partod frorn Eugland, b volye perenno 'üro killed and tliirty injurod. Tho affair happonod on tho Somoraet and Dorsot road, near Etadstook. The nows from Kurope is tliat the war in Servia is substantially over. The Turks havo takon Gurgusovatz, au important poaition on tho southeastern froDtior of Servia, at tho junction of tho road from Paratchin with that from NiBch to Wlddin. This opone up to them the valloy of tho Morava, and through that the way ia tolerably straight to Semeudria and Belgrado. Bof ore the advance is made, however, thoro will bo a juuction of tho two Turkish forces, which havo penetrated Sorvia from the eonth and west, and tho combined army will uumber, all the forecs beiug ostiinatod, npward of 100,000 men. The dotcrmination cxpreBned at Constantinople, when war was declared, was to ovorruu Sorvia, and reduce it to a province of the ompiro. TIn will bo dono uuIchs Austria or Bussia inteiferes. And aflor Servia, Montenegro will bo attonded to. The French Qovomment haa granted the pormission necessary to lay au ocoan telegraph cable botween l'aris and New York, and stocksubBcriptions will soou bo oponed. . . . A Vienna dispatch states tho Servian Premier ltistics rojeots all offer of mediation, doclariuf: that Seivia will not troat for poaco uittil the Turks aro undor the walls of Belgrado. . . .Tho oxtousive London establishmont of Orant A Co., engravors, lithographors and publinhors, has been uestroyed by fire. Lobb estimated at $1, 000, 000 .... A dispatch from 8t. John, N.B., states thai extensive forost fires are raging in that district. Thousands of acres of timbor land had boon burnod over, and tho fiamos were spreading, threatening soveral towns. lÍNci land bas called Turkoy's attention to tho Bulgarian outragoa, and intímate) tliat thero ha been more than enough of auch atrocitio. A telegram from Cotmtautinoplo aunouneo that tbo Sultan has granted cjmpleto amnosty to tho Bulgnriana mplieatod in the late iiHinfi with tlio cxception of the leader and iic.tivu movere in the rvolt. . . .The Boriiu coireepondeut of the London Standard saya it hati transpircd that the Emporors of liuaeia and Austria, at tlieir conference at Jlcichstadt, agreed that wheu peace was concludod tho Port might tako guáranteos to prevent Servia from again assaulting Turkey, but that the Turks should never be permitted to occupy a Servían town....A Viouna dispatch awerta that the Turks continuo to inassacro Chriotiana in BoHiiia, that many villages are ompty, their inhabitanta h&viug boen sluightcrod ; that horrible atrocitie havo bcou committod, and bundreds of dead bodies are floating down tho Una Disraeli luis been rained to tho House of Lord, with tho titlo of Earl of Beacouafield. Tuk energetio raoasuros that vrorc to havo made short work of tho Cuban insurrectiou liave not como to pasB aecording to pi'omise, and the warfare cf the Lusamente continuos to be prosecuted with fearful fcrocity. A fort in Cieufucgos, garrisoned by fourteen 8pimb soldiere, was attacked by a band of sixty rebels, whose dematid for its surrender being refuBM thoy burned tbo fort and with it tho garriao of fonrteen. The next day a Spanish dotac! ment, nnmberiug lt'C men, wero attacked aiu routfid by a Hupoiior insurgent (orce twenty-three of tho regular troop am tdeir nomm:m'lir being killed... Although DteraeJi is to be elevatofl to the poer age, he will rcmain I'rimo Minister. 8 Stafford Northcote will becomo leader of th House of üommons. It is the general im ]reííion that the conseratives are woakcne by the change, but Disraeli is physically nn able to sustain tho labor of the leadership o tho Honse. ... A Madrid (Spain) dHpatch saya "The heat at Jladrid is foarfui, excoeding an recollectiou since 1800. Tho city is desertee Forty fiold laborera are dead, ner Öeville Tho vinea in Andalusia are scorching am failiug." It is roported that Disrali will shortly resign tho Premiership, and that he will probabl be succeeded by Lord Derby.


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