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A Lightning Bolt Writing God's Name On A Blasphemer

A Lightning Bolt Writing God's Name On A Blasphemer image
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bome of our contemporánea secm disponed to question the truth of our statement that a negro man who was killed by lightning a few daya ago in Campbell County had tho letters "GOD " on bis body. Dr. Thomas E. Moorman, whose postoffico address is Mt. Zion, Campbell county,', has furniahed the Richmond Christian Advocate an account of the circumstanccy, ironi which we extract the following : " On the evening of tho 6th inst. Perry Jones and George Brown, colored men, notoriously the most profane, wieked persons in the wholo community, with threè other colored persons, touk refuge, during the rain accompanied by a good deal of lightning ahd thunder, in a tobáceo barn on the land of Mr. Geo. Creasey. 'Trom their severa! positions one would have thought that two of the others were in more, and the third in as mueh dangor as Jones and Brown wero. They, as their custoni was, were engaged in cursing and swearing. Suddenly the lightning descended upon thern, and white tho other three were oomparatively uninjured, Jones was killed and Brown was stricken down senseless and almost lifeless for a time. He revived af ter a few minutos, and soon seemed to have rogained ali of his strength. but was dumb and bereft of his ïnind for several hours. The lightning had set firo to his elothüig, and he was burned oh his chest and left side and arm bef ore tho lire was extinguished. in his maniac elïbrts to freo hímaelf from thoso who were restraining him the skin was rubbed from the burned ilesh and presented the following cliaracters, GOD. Very close representation, to say the least of them, of tho capital letters used in priuting tho name of Deity, while arovind and botweon them the skin was unremoved, and :i[)purently not burned. The above eh.u-actors occupied the angles of an equilateral triangle, which, as you are doubtleas awnre, was in ancient days tho symbol of Defty. This man then appears to have been branded witli tho name of his Creator in the symbolio liuiguago, it may bo of his forefathers three theusand yoars ago, and in tho printed language of the nation to which he belongs." - hinchbura News.


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