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Paris As A Seaport

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The idea of makmg Paris a seaport - in ether words, of rendering Üiö Seinc navigable for sea-going vossolst - is again coming to the snrfaoo. The river nt Paris is only bctween sixty and Bfcvcnty feet above the level of tlie ocean, and a distance iu a straight line of 120 miles, although, followiug the conreo of the stream, it is 210 miles. The problem is howto lessen thelatternumberaudmako a greater dejtb. of water. Ifc appears iliat to dredge ont Roven feet wonld need an expendituro of 13,000,000 francs, and an additional three feet would requiro 11,000,000 more. It is stated, moreovor, thut the average size of Frenoh vessels is under 300 tons. The Ministor of Public Works and the Prefect óf the Beine made an exploring oxpedition the other day to Konen, ana the journey is to bo repcated by the Municipal Council. Of oourso, no decisión has been arrived al, but the lower esti ■will probably be adopted. Boston is gradually growing accustofaed to the waya of Anna JJickinaon. Whon she thrusts lier hand under her bu'tlt', where hst pistol-poclset liangs, anfl'öivys witil liorrible ealmuf'.ss, 'i-Keep :ivv:; l'rom me, aiv, :' cverybody knows tlmt' theie's d oramatífl orifao H"'ui!vher arouud.


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