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Dnrin? Gov. Tilden's adminiatration aboi one-half of tho Stato taxcw have bcon romittod that i, in round mnnucrs, $8,000,000 out o: $16,000,000. Almoat all of the $8,000,000 tlu navod is uiaulu up of retrouclimouta brough bout by Gov. Tilden. The followmg Htatomoht Bhowa tho dttte cnee bctweuu the eontribntions to the ninli fundrt of thfó Stato In 1871. tho lant yearp Oov. Uíx'h admiuislration, and iu 187G, the laut yoar of Gov. Tiklcn'H admiuintratiou. In 1K7-1 tho appropriationu wero : l'or uounty drht sinkiiig fuud (1,200,01)0 i'or canal dcbt siuking funl 1!)S,ks Total in 1874 $4,458,888 In 1870 the appropriations wcro : For lionnty Binliind f mul $2,022,701 i'or cau.-il dubt sinUiiiK fuud.... 723,357 ToUl in 187R $3,718,058 LnBB ïlliplied in 187( $1,712,830 The following talement eliowti tho actual savíngH through rotrc!iuhmcnt mado in 1S7ÍÍ in comparison withtho appropriuüous for 187d: TAXKtf. Vn&t Qov. DU UMerCknt. Tilin 1874. den in 187(i. For extracrdinary canal repair $1,898,144 None Aw.'inin ftnil outlayfi in Pxcess oí appropriations. . . 474, 53G Noiifi. (i-Ti'-i:ii xpenses, Lacludiog capítol, Wíyluins and rcforniatory 0,037,020 $4,005,887 Totals $8,460,300 $i,0!5,887 Total undnr Qov. Dit in 1S74 $H,ir, p,800 Dcduot total undcr öov. Tilden 1U1876. 4,003,887 Bahg undir Gov. Tilden in 1876. . $4,454,413 To this savinK munt alfio bo addcd U6 :iiiplication of eaviugst froui forniiT taxes and tho éxpenditures whichthy worc ïöflM, amonntiugto ],94O,1'24 inimal savïhg from' tttxation $í;4)3,537 TUis amount, howevor, inadoqnatoly ropresentB tho eavinp; in 187C. The followiug exponditnrcn, aithougli tbt y conu; from the revonuoa aud funds of tUo Stato, ultimatoJy affect tho taxes : In 1874 tlo exponsea for ordinary canal repaics were $l,fi74,510 In L-iTlithoy werft 1,7 . v.p MiüiiK a total in 187C of $ 197.031 In 1874 Uu; re-áppropriátfoua of c:ik1i already in trciifury were $011,878 In 1876 they were Nono Making a savinfs in 1870 of 017,379 Another saving of $1,313,4 0 Addaciual eavlbg f rom taxatiou 6, i"...:(7 Tolal saving in 1878 $7,717,947 Thus ioaving ontiroly out of account tlio contributioim to sinkiug fumín, it íb evident that rctrenohmonte alono have aaved to tlio State, in lH7ti, undor Ouv. Tildcu, over the amount, in 1871, ouder Gov. üix, tlio imraeime euoi of 67,717,017. In ddltion to thoso urna tho rcclamation irom oxix'ii'.litni'CH ;;oin,' on wlirn Gov. Tildón cerne in, ándér appropriations mado in 1874, aud provided by taxation, Wcrc tl,iM080 Dcilnrl part iiu'Iiulod in tho abovo ütatomoJit 745,207 l'.alancc $ S.r4,73 Thia roduution liaa beon accomplNhod. notwithstaiidmí an inercaso of 1207.8(111. u tlin tnx for BOhaoU in 1870, over that of 1874 ; and iKitwitlistanding f200,000 of tho taxoa of 187C i an u'lvanee to the omigrant eommi Tlio rcrtuctioTi of txon i ncarly $8,000,000. Th'j whole Hiiving h maro tlian eOOO.COO. Buat niXiLS itom froin 77 ■ l'Uiixccr, of Ouük'r City : " Thoso tryiijR tlie exporiiaeut of ndsing vogetabuia in Ui" gnkilio;! are maiing asucoees of it. Potti toes uro ftlready i largo v quail eggs, wliilo ]mü;s:'!' ■' befpsara doing remarkablywoll,1'


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