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Farewell To Summer

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Slimmer is fading ; the broad leaves that grew So freshly green when June was young.j [are failing ; And, all the whisper-haimted forcst througu, The restlees birds in saddened tones are calling, Froiii rustling hazel-ccpse find tangled dell : 11 Farewell' weet Suinmer, Fragrant, fruity Summer, Sweet farewell!" Upon tfce'windy hillsin many"a field," The honey-bees hum elcw abovo the clover, Gleaniiig the lat est sweets ite bloomBinay yield, And, knowing tbat their harvest-tinie is over, 8ing, half a lullaby and half a knell : "Farcwcïl, sweet Suniraer, Honey-laden önmmer, Sweet farewell !'" The little brook that bnbblea 'mid the f crne. O'er twisted roste and sandy shallows playing, Seems fain to linger in lts edd'ed turns, And with a plaintive, purling voice is saying, Sadder aud sweeter than niy soug can teil : " Farewell, sweet Summer, "Warm ad dreamy Slimmer, Sweet farewell!" The fit ful breeze sweeps down the windiüf? lane, With gold and crimson leaves before H flyiug ; lts gusty laughter has no sound of pain, But in the lulls it sinJrs to gentle sighing, And mourns the Snmmor's early-broken spell; 14 Farewell, sweet Slimmer, Itosy, blooming Summer, Sweet farewell " So bird, and bee, and brook, and breeze make mean With melancholy song their loss complaining ; I, too, must join them, as I walk alone AmoDg the sights and sounds of Slimmer'. wan ing ; I, too, have ïovcd the season passing well : So farewell, Summer, Fair, but faded Summer, Sweet farewell !


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