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Vaccination is encotintoring mnch opposition in the north of England. A bale of goods seized by the pólice in discharge of a penalty for ref using to vaccinate a child took placa early in Anglist ut Dentón. The anti-vaceinatorsappearcd in force and held au open-air mass nieeting previous to the salo. A Methodist minister condemned conipnlsory vaccination and asked the crowd to subscribe and buy in the property - a silver watch, two pictures and a table. A hat wan passed around, and the contumacious citizen lost nothing through resistance to the law. A numbbk of Chinamën were engftged in building one oí thcir peculiar dauas for mining purposes across tho Mokoluumo river, California, a short time ugo. Tho water was abont four f eet deep, a!tUough a short distanco bolow was a hole twelve feet tleep. One of the nese accidentally feil into this hole and drowned, and a coinpanion who went to the rescue also shared tlie same fate. The superstitious Chinóse thereupon abandoned the claim, though it was a rieh one, tore up the stakes and lumber, and have gono to seek a more auapicious locality.


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