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Frightful Fall

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Froni a gentleman who camo in from Spring Hill, Kan., yesterday aftcrnoon, we obtained the particulars, as we give them below, of a fearful ride which was taken by a party of ten on the evenmg of Sunday last, in the vicinity of Spring Hill, which wül, in all probability, regult in the death of a young and beautiful lady, a resident of Tontzville. The party referred to had been attending the camp-meeting, which has been in progresa neor Spring Hill for some days, and delayed their return home until night carne on. Wlien they started from the grounds in their wagon the heavens were heavily hung with threatening black elouds, whioh were ever and anon lighted vip with the lurid glare of lightning. The angry tones of thunder could be heard muttering in tho distance, portending a storm. Nothïng daunted by the threatening aspect of the weather, the party, consisting of ten persons, started from the grounds, and drove rapidly through the almost impenetrable darkness toward their home, keeping the road by the light given by the lightniug's bright flash. On they went, rumbling over the road, while the thunder rolled in dcep tones, as if warning the party of danger, and at times drowning the noise of the rattllng wheels. When some distance out, and not a great way from Spring Hill, the driver missed his bearings, and drove over a precipitous place, and the wagon and its load of humanity, with the horses, was sent whirling down, down, a distance of sixty feet, with a terrible crash. The scène presented, our informant, who talked with one of the party, represente as having been one of horror. The prostrate horses groaned piteously, and their struggles were teïrible to behold. ïsie ecreams of the ladies, who had been thus suddenly whirled through the air, and cast with terrible force upon the hard ground, down a distance of sixty feet, mingling with the roar of the thunder, were simply awful. The news of the accident soon reached the camp grounds, and a scène of the wildest confusión ensued. Lights were seen moving hurriedly about the grounds through the darkness. Tho faces of the people who had been awakened by the sad news bianched with terror. All was confusión. Soon the gorge into which tho wagon and its inmates had been precipitated was reached, and many friends were surrounding the injnred ones, and hands were busy extricating the members of the party from their perilous position. Miss Maxwe'l was found fastened under one of the prostrate horses, fataliy injured. The other parties, among them Miss M.'s father and mother, were found badly bruised, and the other members also injured so severely as to be unabie to help themselvts, but none fataliy. The wagon was broken into many pieces, and the horses injured fearfully. It is said that the wagon turned over twice before reaching the base of the precipice. The injured parties were promptly taken to safe quarters and cared for. Miss Maxwell, it is fearod, cannot possibly recover. How the party escapod being killed instantly, is a' mystery to everyone.


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