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American Goods Making Their Way

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Tliere is no doubt of the fact tbat American goods, because of their honest make and tile sterling wear tliere is in thern, are obtainining preference amoiig purchasers over English goods. An American manufaoturer of tlie Southeast, being somewhat incredulous respectiüg the frequent averments that American goods were actually obtaining a foothold in English markets, determinad to make a tour of inspection for himself. He accordingly visited Eagland, Scotland, Ireland and Wale?, and was agreeably SLirprised to find a decided vorification of the stories ho had hcard. The wholesale jobbers and the retailers of Liverpool, Manchester, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin are enthusiastic in their praises of American goods. They stated that the strong competition among Euglish and Continental manufacturera had been so sharp and their desire of inaking money so great for years past that damaging adulterations had become the rule in goods of all kinda, and that the people wero becoming utterly sick of paying money for fabrica that were really of no value. It was statod that American goods gave great satisfaction, and that their sale would probably greatly increase, provided there was no departure from the integrity of their make. ïhese facts are very encouraging. America ought to reach a point at no very remóte period of time whon she could manufacture all of her cotton in her homo milis. - St. Louis Republican.


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