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Last we gave our roadurg the prooeodings of the Democratio County Convention and placed the ticket nominated in its proper place in our columns. Of these candidatos we may now say : Col. John L. Burleigh, the noininee for Sonator, is a new comer among us, yet a young man, a gradúate of the Law Department of the University, olasa of '76, genial and social in his manners, and popular among all classes. During the war he was an officer in the Seventeenth New York Infantry, and was severely wounded at tho second battle of Buil Run. Gen. Fitz John Porter, under whom he served, cominended his conduct in warm terms and nimended him for promotion in the egular arniy. He will inake a gallant run and will attend intelligently to the uterestu of his constituent. WiUiam D. Ilarriman, nominated for Jadgo of Probate, has resided in this jityeight years. Originally a Republican he has not for five yeara voted a Republican ticket, and for four years has aotively identified himself with the Democraoy. He is in the prime of life, of soholarly tastes and habita, a lawyor careful and methodical in the preparation of his papers, and of good judgmont, and will make an excellent officer. His nomination accords with the action of the New York and Mttssachuselts Denioeracy in recognizing the Liberal element, and with the urgent invitation Oí Lilti Ofctö V-UlAJllliltüO luiimug luw woperation of " all citizens, irrospective of past party affiliations, who are opposcd to continuing the corrupt rule of the past four years and to the control of bad men at the seat of government." Mr. Harrinian will malee an active canvass and will be no stranger to the Domocracy of the oounty when the day of election arrivés. Josiah S. Case, the candidato for Sheriff, was unanimou8ly Bupported in oonvention by the delegates from Manohester : a sufficient guarantee of his Democracy. He has had long experience as a constable and for the past six years has been deputy sheriff, discharging his duties to the satisfuction of Sheriffs Webb and Fleming and all parties intrusting business to him. He will inake a cood sheriff. _ o - - Peter Tuite, unanimously and by acclaination nouiinated tor County Clerk, is well knowu, both personally and ofiicially, to the Democracy of the county. He has sorved one term as Register of Deeds, and for tho present terra as Clerk, - to the satisfaction of Court, bar, and the public having business at the Clerk's offioe. His re-election is of course certain.' Charles H. Manly, candidate for Register, is widely known. He has faithfully and well served the people one term in the saín e office, and will bring experience to the discharge of his dutiei. Being a Democrat will give hiin the entire Democratie vote, and the fact that he has lost an 'arm on the battle field, fighting the rebels, will, of course, give hini the vote of thoLe special patriots (in their own estimation) theRepublicans. J. Willard Babbitt, of Ypsilanti, is a lawyer of good repute, a gentleman of unblemished charaoter, and will in uk e a good Prosecuting Attorney. lie is indorsed by his fellow-citizens, without distinction of party, as a man of sterling qualities. Matthew Gensley, the noniinee for Trea8urer, is a one-armed Germán resident of Freedom, though bom in Lodi. He is now Treasurer of his town, and though a young man is vouched for by those who know him as capable and trust-worthy. And that is what is wanted in a Treasurer. Charles R. Whitman, one of the caudidates for Circuit Court Commissioner, is an Ypsilantian, and it is enough to say that, considered either as a lawyer or a gentleman, a Demoorat or a citizen, no better selection could have been made. D. Oliphant Church, of Saline, the other oandidate for Circuit Court Commissioner, is a young lawyer with a reputation to make. If elected he proposes to open an office in this city for the accommodation of those having business with a Commiasioner. Mr. Wilbur is the present Surveyor and a good one. Mr. Clark bas served one torin as Coroner, and Mr. Rislon did not aspire to that office but had the honor thrust upon him. Both are widely known. Sucb. is the ticket. It is a good one, and ought to be unitedly and heartily supported. - - ■ -. ► .■ ■ - - It 13 the wont of many Repubhcans - innocent, well-meaning souls - to imagine that the Democrats are an inferior race, lacking in decency, respectability, morality, and virtue, - and that all these qualities are monopolized by the Republican party. And yet Henry Ward Beecher and Theodore Tilton are both apostlos of Republicanisin, and the recent sleeping car adventure of T. T. at Albauy will not lessen, in the least, his claims to Republican admiration and consideration. Republicanism cov ers a multitude of sins. PaCkARD, Casey & Co. are greatly elated over the reported close of tho Indian campaign : not because the Indians have been conquored or even frightcned, but becausa t.hey want the" troops transferred to Louisiana and Mississippi to iuterfero with and control the elections.


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