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Robeson's Idea Of Reform

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Tbough Congresa granted an appropnation of nearly thirteen inillions for the support of the navy, Mr. Seoretary Robesou has no money, he suya, to pay the offioers of the active list, so he has issued a " firmau " which placea over üvo hundred of the best men in the navy on furloügh and starvation pay. Mr. ltobeson, it seenis, bas money enough, however, to maintain the Tallapoosa to carry Colouel Fred. Grant, Isaiah Hauscom and other worthies, with thüir retinue of toadies, to the Beaside resorts of fashion. He has mouey enough to muintain tho Dispatch to trausport hirnseli and faiuily, includiug his horses aud servants, his maids, his ox and his asa, and everything that is his, to Rye Beach, via Newport. He has uiouey enough to keep in coiniuiasion suuh useless vessels as tha Michigan on tho lakes, because Z,ich. Chandler and Simou Cameron desire it to be done, to enable their friends to make pleasure trips in the sumiuer. Hu has uiouey euough to maintain a dozen vessels equally uaeless to the country to till, as he is doing dow, the uavy yards with workmon pledged to vote the straight administration ticket at thu coming election. Such things, done by their most strenuous advocutos, prouiise beautiful civilservice reform under Messrs. Hailer and Wheezo. " It' elected I shall, however, conduct the governmont upon these principies." Certaiuly, sir, you will ; you caunot help it.


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