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The following telling hits are from the inagnitioent speech of Ex-Grovernor Blair, at Crawfordsyille, Indiana, on Tuesday of last week : Shall wo govern with seventy millions a year for the civil service, or shall we go back to thirty 'i The raen in power soein to have forgotten that they are servante of the people, holding a great trust for their benefit. The people are thoroughly aroused and rei'usu to be carried away by campaign stage-play. The public burdens press them too heavily to porinit uuy selt-deceptiou. Taxation is oppressive, business is dead, aud hope is even disappearing. Away with the plunderors who sell offices, blackmail contractors, steal the Tery ships at the wharves and break them up for old iron, turn the public revonues from the treasury into their own pockets, pay enormous salaries, and then seize them to buy votes with, and turn the very fouutain of your benevolence toward the Iridian tribes into sources of fraud and corruptiou. It is indeed a most hutniliating confession, if it be true, that we cannot safely put a notoriously corrupt party out of power because we have not the public virtuo to put anything better in its place. For niyself, I refuse to believe any such thing. It is not true that there is nobody in the country fit to be trusted ; and the assertion comes of blind partisau prejudice and entirely misleading comparisous founded upon a state of things long paasod away and an exaggerated estiuiate ot causea that have oeased to exist. This is JauieV Russell Lownll's view of the Widow Butler's raid on the Lowell District as contributed to The Aatiou : When curroncy'8 debaseil, all coins will pass, Aak jou for proof P The wiuow's miglit 18 brons. The Bostou Journal is outspoken in iepreoatiou of the electioa of Gon. Butler to Congress. It says : " He has kept more good men frora beooming Republicans than he ever recoivod Republican votes in the course of his politioal career. The opportunity is inviting to manifest an independence which will givo a8suranco that Butlerism is repudiated where it is best known." The Washington JtepvMican sayg : Cari Schurz has always been noted as an agitator and a theorist - a man, in short, who follows wild vagaries and ia nevor satisfied with tho surroundiug condition of affairs. It is not to be wondered at, therefore, that he is a disturbing factor in the prosent campaign. He bas pretendad to carry the Germán vote in his pocket so often - for inssance, in 1872 - that neither native nor adopted citizens have any faith in him in those latter days. Whilst the small fry Eopublican leaders are exulting over the military order of Don Cameron, one of their big guns. Gen. Logan, says tho order is " a damned nonsensical boomerang." Here's a straw : Twenty-seven Boston gentlemen took a sail down the harbor last week. A majority of them have always voted the Kepublican ticket, and all but three of them are going to vote for Tilden this fall. - Boston 1'onl (Dein.)


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