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Gen. Grant says he "longs for the 4th of Maruh." It is not often he indulges in so popular a remark. - Springfieltl Hepubliam. Kilpatrick ia to be sent home to New Jersey. His " bloody shirt and inoney" letter let out too .mach truth to benefit the carupaign on the Republican side. Skilied American mechanica are sailing frora New York and other ports to seek in the Old the work they cannot find in the New World. The remedy of Grant and the Republicana is to put the troops in marching order. - Baltimore G-azette. About the ürst thing one sees when he opens a Republican paper is the sentence : " Xhank God ! Congress has adjourned." No doubt there are dozens of other corrupt officials who ought to be investigated by the House. Their respite is ouly temporary. - Orand Itapids Democrat. Senator John A. Logan ia reported as objecting foroibly to Grant's order or the concentration of the army in the South, as " the worst d - u thing that oould happen to the Republican party." But, it' we rightly understand the distinguished blatherskite, it seems that he objects, not to the order, but to the publication. He thinks that it should have been kept seoret. - fi, Louis Times. Froni every section of the country we have the most cheering news of the condition of the oanvasa. This ia the people's battle for true reform, and they are everywhere making favorable progregg against the corruptionieta. - Saltimore Gazette. William Cullen Bryant, at Cummington last week, said that the statement in the Republican papers that he had gone back on Tilden is untrue. He says he will support him at the polls, and believes he will be elected. Widow Butler, had the question qopped to her, yesterday, blushed, sighed, huug down her head, toyed with her fan and consented, remarking that that was the variety of hair-pin she was, when a nice fellow talked to her on the square. - Nexo York Qraphic. Mr. Bristow styles the Republican party " the party of convictions." True. There are Hesing, McDonald, McKee, Joyce, Avery, Babcock and Belknap were proven guilty, but not convicted. - 8t Louis Times. Mr. Bristow discovered a short time since that the administration was oovertly attacking him, even furnishing points, hia f rienda claim, against him for use by the Democrats, and he haa been ailent in the oampaign during the past three weeks. When Don Cameron geta the South supplied with troops enough to overeóme the black population, and convince the negroes that it is high treaaon to join a Democratie club, we trust he will turn his attention to Pennsylvania, where the Molly Maguires, constituting an important element in the Republican orgaiiization of that State, are murdering unoffeuding men and women at the rate of four or five a week. - JV. Y. Hun. Many reforms have been attempted by Republican officials, which they would not have dared to enter upon, if their party had not been confronted by a Democratie House of Representativos whioh made exposures that conipelled and enabled Rapublican officials to punish great wrongs. - Governor Seymour's Letter. The Republican party has outlived its usefulness. It hs surrendered again and again to the bummers in its rauks. It is controlled, to-day, by the Butlers, the Blaines, the Conklings, Mortous, Logans and Chandlers. It has no power to reform itself while holding the offices. It sneers at every suggestion of reform. Meanwhile the Democratie party lifted out of its ruts, takes a new departure, and confidently asks for popular support. It has shown ihat it deservea success, and the Republicana deserve defeat. - Boston Herald. When the present Congress was elected, and wheu it met for orgaiiization, the Republican papers were full of prophecies of the terrible results to follow. The country was warned of the coming dangers in doleful strains. Well, the Democratie Congress has had one of the longest aessions on record, and its work has commanded universal commendation - praise from enemies. The work Congress began is to be continued by the election of Tilden and Hendricks. There ia no other way out of existing troubles. - Albany Argus. Senator Bayard said, referring to Taft's order : No document ao partizan in character, ao reckless of all conatitutional limitations upon power, so regardleaa of historical truth, so utterly insubordínate to the decisiona of the Supreme Court of the United States, has in the history of our country issued from a departuient, not only acting as all department should act, under the aauction of law, but looked to by all other departments of the executive as itaelf the fountain of law by them. General Franz Sigel is a " Confedérate Brigadier" now, becauae that he believea that in the interest of pure and honest government Samuel J. Tilden must be elected Preaident of the United States. Longstreet and Mosby are pure patriots, however, they believing that, as the Republioan party has given them a taste of the flesh pots, it alone is to be trusted. This is Republican logic, which the people can appreciate at its true value. - Free Press. " A better government can be secured under proper economy, with all unnecessary and improper leakages stopped, than under a system of extravagance which tends to make all publio officers indifferent and reckless. This is the true secret of administrativo Reform. In New York we are running the government for little more than half what it cost two years ago, and the woïk is at least as effioieutly done. - Sarn'l J. 2'ilden's conversation at Albany, 8ept. 4. The Corainissioner of Internal Revenue, beiug called on for a decisión, is compeüed to pronouuce Gov. Tilden's course in strict conformity with the official directions and decisions of the Treasury Department at the time. Of courae Senator Logan, who got Gen. Raum his place, and all the other radical hghts, are anxious for a contrary opinión; but the law is too plain, and they are for once beaten ia their own household. The 'Times has dropped its first charge, and now tries to shift its ground; but no one ia foolish enough to believe that all the gross receipts of any porson, fiim or Corporation, are part of earnings or profits. If all we reeeived in a business way were net gain, most of us would be very well off indeed. Governor Tilden and his clients and aasociatea had some very heavy loases in 1861-62, as many other men of affaire had in those years, and these losses out down his retumable uet income. Even the most stupid Republioan now fully understands that groas receipts are not net income. - New York Letter.


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