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A Train In Collision With Elephants

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On the railway from Madras to Shoranore, as a train was running at a fair speed, the engineer saw a herd of elo)!ii:nts approaching him along the line. He whistled dovni the brakcs. la an instant, however, they were into the herd. The leadiug elephant, an enormovn tusker, was apparently only cnraged by the whistle, and cbai'ged Uk; ftdvancing train. Thero was a trercendouH conoussioii. Tho elejhant waa knocked oii' to ono side, mutilated and wiithing, and .the train, aftor a series of violent jolts that noarly threw it off the lino, carne to a standstill against the bodies of two other animáis of the herd. ïhe tusker was dispatched by an English gentleman who was traveling in tho train, and his tusks were secnred, aftor which the train proceedcd on its jouruoy. The herd scarapered awav, and turned whon aboufc a mile off on a' Jmoll', lookiug in n dazed, fctupid way at tho ir.iiu as it uiovod otï. - London Globe.


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