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Southern Affairs From A New Standpoint

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F.V. eri,A,s OUltTts, l' C0K0OBD, h'. II., TO nts ÖOLOBEÖ KEV. BEOTIIEE IN MCHMOND, TA. Conbori), N. II., July 2C. Dkau BnoTOKR Ddnjee : On tho l'ith intant I sent you a chcok for $50, and havo roeivod no rcceipt or anytuing frorn you Binco. Tc-day I received a lotttor from ITarper's ?orry in which is the following sentence : ' Tho report is current here that Bro. Duujeo ïas gono over to the rebela, and ia going to stamp for Tilden and Hondricka. I am afraid t ia bo." My Dear Bro. Dunjee, is thoro auy trutli in ■nat report ? Havo you even had a thought of doing sneu a thing ? If you have, I pray you )ause beforo you tako a Biugle step in that di■oction. Snoh a courxo would bo a. cauao of jreat grief to all your true frienda. and all the ruo lover of frecdom aud piely. In doing this you will bring a woundand repronch upon your miaaion work amoug freedmen, aud ruin your own usofulneBS aa a minister of Chriat. IIow irili all those feel wno havo contributod for your support ia our mission work, for lliehmond meeting house, etc., etc., if you now doaert your bretnren and go over tó the old rebs, tho hatorB of the colored man and tho cause of freedom, and givo your intlueuce to atreugthon tho hands of auch mou au Jeff Davis, and thoso who have murdered thousanda and thouaands of your eolorod brethren at the South within a 'few years past to prevent them from voting for the causo of theii own Qod-given righta ? Oh, thia oaunot be. I will not believe it eau bo ao till I hear more from you. Do write me by r turn mail and Bond rcecipt for the Í50. and teil me if there is odv foundation for the report to whicti I have alluded ; and be entreated to go no furthcr in that direction, if you have taken one step, uutü you consult witü your true friewls, Brothers Morrell, Stewart, Burgess, Anthony, Chaso, etc., etc. Do not fail to let me hear from OU at once, and givo tho facto on thia subject. Youra truly, SiiA3 Cdrtis. P. S. - Tilden and Ilendricka are identifiec with the old rebel party, and will be supportec by ex-rebela of tho Jeff Davis atripo; and those who aympathi.ed with them dunng the war and since, and I would jast aa eoon vote for Jeff Davia for President as I would for Saín Tilden, tho former asaocinte of Boaa Tweed, o: New York, and always a rebel eympathizer. S. C. THE EEPLY 01' REV. JOHN W. DUSJEE, OF RICH MOND, VA., TO HIS 1UÍV. EIlOTHEIt IN COUCORD N. H. - WHO A1ÏE THE RKAL FItLENDB OL' TUI COLOEED MAN IN THE SODTH - THE COKVINCINU TEST1MONÏ OF AN EX-SLA VE. BlCHMOND, AUg. 21, 187fi. Deau Brotder Cdrtis : Yours of July 20tl is bífore me, aeking me about rumors which you have heara in regard to my going over to tho " robols." First, I would state that I have tried to fulfill my wholo daty in my work here, and have not at an; time noglectod my miesion duties. No man ia more intereated in all that pertains to tho best welfare of the colored people and their highost devolopment. So, I havo triod to con duet myeelf and teach my poopio that it ia their Ohristian duty to make friendo with tho white peoplo of tho South, among whom they hye Thio can bo dono without Bacriliciug any prin cipal of mauhood ; in fact, tho Southoru peoplo do not aak tho colored people to compromiso a single right. But we who live hero soe the great importance of a full and manly recon ciliation between the two races. Thia can be dono by dividing tho colored voto between the two parties. Aa soon aa it is thus divided they will cease to an object of oatracism and bone of contontion. Both partios will then treat them with due respect. Take Virginia aud the white people of this State are as frieudly to the colored poople as thoy are auywhero iñ America ; tho most friendly feelinga exiist be tween the two races. What we who are iater ested iu tho great causo of humanity are en deavoiiug to do i to break down all color linea and altogother forget slavory, the war and tho past, and go on to higher attainments am a broador Christian manhood. I believe the white people of tho South are true in the pro fessions they are now making. Thoy do no desire any more slavery ; they will stand by all the resulta of tho war : thoy aro in the Union to go out no more forever. They aro laboring nobly in our State for public education. without regard to color. I havo every right in Richmond that I would have in Boston They are doing all for the colored people in a benevolent way they can do. You kuow the late war laid its withering hand upou tho South aud there aro many poor peoplo, both wliitt and black ; notwithstanding, thero are mauy o the white gentlemen who havo contributet largely to misaion work for our poople in lïichmond and other places in the South. There are 31,000 colored people in thia city who are depending en the white for the bread the; eat. Many poor poople of color woulc starve to death hero bmt for the kinaness of the whites iii giving them shelter and food. You can have no idea of the true condition of thiugs here. Now, in face o: all these facts, I do not tliink the white people of tho South are very dangerona rebels. Juet a word abont some of our troubles. You have beard mnch talk about "carpet-baggora." You havo no idea tho amount of trouble these men have given us. Men who wore of the word' charactera in the North, who wero from the lowest haunta of New York nnd Boston, men aa bad aa crime could make them. who were negrohaters at tho North, havo come South and taken advantage of the ignorance of the coloree people, and have been elevated to places o1 high trust in our State Governmenta, for tho sole pui pose om their part to plunder the pub lie. This same class of mon have arrayed the colored peoplo againat the whitea for politics purpoaea, aud, when trouble comes, doserl them. All the moba which we have had in tho South have been gotten up by bad men. ] know wo have eome lawleös white men hore, but the good people of the South must not bo blamed for their acts. You have them at (he North witb. you. Thia wild and fruitless conteat has been goiug on for years, and who aro the snfforeiB ? Tha colored men, being tho weaker party, always loae ground, and must at laat go tó tho wall if tbo Sght is kppt up. I know you in New Hampshiro may not see thia matter as I do, bul I teil you that the negro of the South must go under if tho policy of the laat few yeara ia to bo continucd. Now, if tho Homo Missions Board disehargos me for these sonliments I regret it, but cannot yield my honest convictiona. I am sorry I cannot make them eeo tho ri'iihtfulneas of my poeition. You aak ruo what tho peraons wlio have contributed from lime to time for my support would think. To this ] would say. if they underatood my trne poaition, they would, I tliink, niake thoso contributiona more readily thau over. The negro is now passing through the mout critica! period of his bistory, and hiB deatiny for good or ovil vyill be sealc-d by Lia action. If he arraya lnraself against tho wbito people, ho must, aooner or later, bo grouud to powder. Thore ia no natural antagoniem between tho two races in tho South ; tho whitea and blacks were bom aud brought up together, and livo and die together. The late trouble Ht Hamburg, 8. C, and other tronbles we havo had in the South ainc. the war, have not been tho rcsult of illfooling on tho part of our homo psople, but are tho result of the action of bad mon who havo como South and kopt up, from yeur to year, tho most bitser political conteat, and havo uBod Overy effort to keep tho white and colored people from maMng f rienda. One of their principal moans ia tho wholosalo uso of bad whisky - also appcalin? to the very worst passions of the ignorant. No atoue w loft uuturned on their part to oxanperato and excite the feehnga of onr poor people, which uiight at any time bo kiiulled to a llame which might reeult in bloodshed. I only wonder wohave not had tou riota where wo liave had ono. Now, I aay tbat overy good man in tho tjoutb, whito and black, onght to join nauda and rid our soctiou from tliia terrible fctato of tbings. I hope you will not misunderatand me ; these chsrges aro not against tho good poopio of tlieNoith. Wo will give the nost heart.y woleoino to any good mau in tho iorUi who may como among na for that purxae. I tliink that if you wt-ro to live here a few yearu you wonld takc tlio same atand wo lave. Wo have pomo men from tho North who are highly reepected, but all of those tekc the same stand, and are not tho mon objocted to. Tho colored men, if they are to bo citizens of tbii cenutry, must differ jiist as whiio mon do on all tito great questioiiB of the day, Kuch sh finance, tariff, axation, and questionB of law, trade, etc. Uutil wo anivo at thia poiut wo will ho mero machines, and not men iu tho true boubo of llio ;erm. In couchwion, I would cali your atten;ion to the report of the Hou. B. B. Douglas, of Virgiüia, 0:1 tho Frof-ilmaTi'ri b;uik fraud, and the speeoh of lijn. W. 8. Btirrger, of Ponusylvania, on tho subject. I wonld also cali your attontion to t'io largo amount of mouoy stolen from tho widows and orphaiiH of tho colored soldiors and sailors. Ihe dibtrict ring a 1 man; other tilinga might bo montioncd, )ut time and apaco will not allow it. The colored voter of tho South, aa rulod by tho R'lical, liHK no liborly in tho únoot his ballot; liuli liborty we clnim and munt hnvo, ortvnimeHlavcH. lic should bo taiight.indeppnd euro and eelf-reliauco. Pleaao aiiawur 1110 a 'Ow iucHtiona. Wl:o ahould bc tliulHHt. nlgoof tho true conlitionof the Southern people? I, whowaebdrn ind brongbtup (n the South, sh I havo boei), and gorved twentj'-aevon yoaiB of niylifoa slavo (wliüii i boy l playéd with wbito boyn, mul know Lbere iu -.o mtoral bad ftoling bewoen tlio two racen), or yooraelt? Whatoan ron in Nuw Hampsliire ana Muino know of our condition down here 'i When you Cii'l our pco1 !.■ -rcbolft" yon do them a groat wrong. I boliovo tho pooplo of tho Soutii are a.s loyal to tho Union aa thoeo of the North. laak yon . Chriatian, do you think it right tobo oonataut y tbnsiog the Southern people 'f TheyhaVftMolne back to tlio LTinoii and fully aeoepted uil pf lbo amoudmenta to the coustituiion, v.itu ui the reBiilto of the war. The ouly reaaou why luy havo made suoh au clTort to got lioHl t their own Htato Govornmontei is to irotect themaoiveu from the wieked plunttcrnga and robbery of carpct-baggors ; and every jood man, white and black, ought to join hands o emancípate otir seotion frpm thia fearful tate of things. Remembor, tiiatour homes in he South are as dear to ua as youra in New -laiupshire. Now, how would yon liko your State ,o be infcated witli a gung of thetfo politica! hievea, from anothcr far couutry, plundering ho public trcaaurv an] lenving a tax on the eople too heavy for tbcm to bear, exciüng riota, oaoaing bloodahed ? I ask you, would vou help thcni to continue the work of destrncion againnt your owu pcoplo ? I teil you tuis s our condition, and tho eolored peoplo are the nain ageucy by which they are enabled to do their work ; andin my judgment, nothing but a divioion of the eolored vote can bring poace md proHperity which we ao much need, aud I f eel that no pulpit workor miaeion effort will enable mo to do as mnch for my race aa thia work. I lave givon this matter oleveu years thought, and for yoars I havo faken groat pauw to inforth niysolf na to tho true feeliug i)f tho people of the South, and tbouo are my conclusiona : Firat, that tho wliites douire livo with the oolored people in psace and quietneeB, and are doiug all they canto gain that object. Thcy do Bol want all of tho eolored pooplo to vote the IJemocratic ticket, but believe it would be best to divide their voto betweon the two partios. This poiut wonld have been gained yeara ago, but for the terror of the Radical party and it loyal league. Thero haa been no intimidation in Iho South worao thaii that practiced by tho curpot bagger party of the South. I do not charge the oolored people with this craelty. They aro not to blame ; they are ouly tools in the hand of theae tad men. I have known Bome eolored men to be whipped, nome turnod out of their ohurches and all kinda of intolerant abtiHC have been heaped upon those eolored mon who dai'ed vote the Democratie ticket. In soms parta of tho South the Hfe of a eolored man (Uemocrat) ia not very safo. ] aubmit thoae factfl to you as tho ho'neat convictiona of my hoart, and muat aay I can nol accept your advice, becauao in ao doing ] would not do jnetico to myeelf and race. Youi-a, with groat reapect, John W. Düniee.


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