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Result Of European Harvests

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ltctnras show a preponderating decroase iu wheat and rye, the two ceronls which conie chietiy in coinpetitiou with onr own giaiu, and tho resolts on wbieh alone, therefore, we have presented. In tho most important conntrins, however, - France, Central and Southern Rnssia and Austro-Huugary - thero is an average erop ; but the increase in the central and Southern provinces of Rnssia is sot off by an amoat total failuro of wheat iu the northern section. The most conspicuous deerease is shown in the case of Prussia and other Germán States, the falling ofl' applying aliko to wheat and rye. As a rule, the failure appears to liave oecurred in countries lying to the north of the lif tieth parallel of latitude, while ovorythingsouthof that line comes up to au average standard. We cannot jut express a slight suspiciou that these returns are, ' in some degree, affected with that uuconseious disposition that clings to all producers to underestimate ,he quantity of their product. Tho jearing of the percentages upon the total rield, at the most recent dates, is as Acres uiuler Aerea under l'ojiulaWluat. liíje. tion. Norway 11,866 32,851 1,742,000 VllBsia 4,l'J(,nO 10,070,661 21,843,100 Di'imiark 128,853 561,607 l,78(,000 avaria 718,025 1,46I,788 ,883.0CO WurWuibur 39,-JU 1UO.OOI 1,81S,ÜOO (Ollaml 214,074 487,578 3,767,000 Yunce 17,136,667 4,7;W,378 :w,lll!IOOO lutria 3,301,411 4,J38,365 20,420,000 Uuugaiy 4,986,019 C7,ÍC9 15,800,100 - Ñeio York Bulletin.


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