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Commercial Values Changing

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In several classes of goods an important upward tendoucy in pricos has become apparent, moro cspccially witbiu tho past inonth. In the eotton goods trade, tho cliaiigeof terne is conspicuo! is. Ou bleached goods a genei al advanco of 24 to 5 per cent, lias boon cstublislwd, and tho market still shows firmncss. On printing cloths a rise of 25 per cent. hns oceurrod, and on prints an advance of 7i to 10 per cent. These improvements are duo entirely to the changed relations botwecn production and consumption. In wpolen fabrics thero are no such dcflnite syniptoms of improvement, although the market is steadier thau at any period siuee the panic, tho difficulty being that we have an undoubted exces? of woolen machincry, and especially of the class that produces seeonil and third rd: goods, and that, alüiougli a large percentage of thu looms are now idle, yot they ure liable to resume work the 1 momeut any signs of recovery appew, Tkere are isolated branches, notably the flanuel trade, which show firmness in irices. In silk textures an advance of 5 x 15 percent, has been wellestablisheO, whilc on other articles of this elass, sne as sewings and twists, the rise has rangedl Erom 10 to 25 per cent. Tho wool market,. after settling to an extremdy low rangó of values in sympathy with thd deprossed condition of the woolen trade, has establifhed au advanco of & to 5 cents jxr pound, or at the rate of 10 to 12} .r sent. wpon the leading classes of wool, 41 ♦ ■ Hideff, nfter being long ategnant, llave, witliín íhelast two weeks, developed an activity -wbisb has establiRücd an advnnce of 1 to 'L CHSttia ptx ponnd. Tlu mout rciaarkable ehatlge hiuf ocenrred in petroleum. Since the middle of Juuc the pricse of refineeï oíl has advanccd from 14} to 25 cents. This changa amounts to an iiicyoase of $24,000,000 in the valué oí onr exportable surplus of this article. Cloffee and sngars also show considerable firmness.- AC!" Ywk Bul letin.


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