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Killed By Cannibals

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The schooner Dancing Wavo arrived at Sydney from the Solomon Group, July 4-, with the news of a massacre that had been perpetrated by the South Sea natives, Capt, Hamsou and all hands, excepting one on board the Dancing Wave, having been mtzrdered. Oa the 22d of April last the Dancing Wave called at Florida Islaud to obtain native labor for Somerset. Natives weteengaged and brought on board, and there were also others who had received tomahawks and other articles from the Cap. tain in barter. Without warning, the natives rose lipón the crew, attacking them with tomahawks, Capt. Harrisoj was almost instan tly killed, together ivith some of his crew, while the chief officct and steward, after being wounded, reached the cabin, where they shot themselves. A seaman nanied Broad (oj Board) jnmped overboard and got to Sayau, forty miles off, in a boat, vrhen the vessel was rccovered by the cre-w of the bark Sydney, and it was then found that the natives had plnndered hor. It is said t'j at the natives took two heads and one body ashore. Broad, bef ore escaping, shot several of his asroilante, and several natives from another :)land, engaged on board, were also killed. Subsequent to the receipt of this intelligence Commodore Hoskins recorred a communication from Consul Layatd, at Noumea, dated June 17, to the effect that he had jnst heard from Capt. Lind, owner of the Laura Lind, (hat he feil in with the Eev. Mr. Inglis, in the missionary vessel Dayspring, who reported tbat an English vessel from Queenslaud liad run ashore at Tanna, at a placo called Vagóos ; that the crew fired at the natives, who attached them in return, bnrned the vessel, them killed and ate the crew. Capt. Lin? had been in Port Besolution, and he sajs that all the natives who came in agreod as to the destruction of the vessel and her crew. - Melboume {Australia) Argug.


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