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illness, ana as yet Hayes gets no help from hiui, in New York or elsewhere. South Bend (that is the name of the Iudiana city in which the late Schuyler Ooifax resides, or resided) gave a large Democratie gaiii at the recent electiou Bro. Talmage has vacated the ediloiinl tnpod af Hm Ckrixïtan at W&rlc and therefore both that journal and its readers ougtn to be exceodiugly grateful. JUDGE Hoar has accepted a noinination for Congre8s against Ben. Butler and it is to be hoped that in the threecornered contest a Domocrat will bc eleoted. Jake Eehm and A. C. Hesing, tvo of the Chicago whisky ring conspirators, have been pardoned, and will do gallant service for Grantisiu and Hayes in the pending campaign. The Demócrata ourried tour Indiana districts by absolute and largo iuujorities. The RepublicanB had sinall majorities in four, and carried five by bare pluralitios. There may be Republican cousolation in such figures. Too transpakent i the explanation that the private secretary of Qovernor Hayes wrote the letter indorgiug the principies of the American Allianoe aud acoepting its nomination tor President, and mailed thesame without subuiitting it to the Governor. Piivate secrotaries do not do business in that way, - and re: tain their positions. The Repubticans boast of a gaiu of four niembers of Congress in Indiana, and yet the Democratie niajority in the Htate, figuring on Congressmen is T.SS.'i, The agrégate vote of the State, for Governor, was 433,403, and excess over the Governor vote of 1872 - the largest vote ever polled in the State prior to the recent election - of 55,514. The Independant or Greenback vote exceeded 15,000. " Siiai.i. Ben. Butler lead Massachusetts captive '" is the question which heads a Boston letter to the New York Sun. Of course he will if the average Republican has bis way. Butler is a fit representativo of his party, - in Massaohusetts and elsewhere, and it is an indication of mental imbecility for Republicana to denounce Butler in one breath and shunt for Republican isin with the next. Butlerism, Grantism, and Republicanism are synonyms. West Virginia has never given its electoral vote to other than a Republican candidaie for President, but the nearly 12,000 Demosratic majority given on the lOth inst. insures its voto for Tilden in November. And West Virginia adjoins Ohio on its eastern border, gave its vote in the Cinoinnati Conviuition to Hayes, and was counted as ono of the jeweU in his crown. Ohio is now sandwiched in between two Democratie States. It may itself turn up Democratie in November. Htranger thitigs have happened. Democrats needu't be alarined by the boasts of the Republicana that Hayes will carry Now York, and receive his election by the electoral vote of Tilden's own State. Such a thing is neither probable nor possible. New York is as sure to givo its electoral vote to Tilden as the sun is to riso and set on the day of election. The Republicana concede Gov. Tilden to be a good organizer, and, with the aid of skillcd assistauts and the people to back hiui, he has no fear of defeat in his own State. In ftict, he eetimates his majority .at 75,000. One Dr. Chaui.kk Kyxd ia ft liegent of the University of Michigan, an institution fonndod, nnurished, aud built up vinder Democratie administrations, au inattttttioo which has fuuud iu Domooratio meinbors of tho Legislature, whether in the majority or minority, its warmest and most liberal frieuds and suppoitois. But for tho foresight, broad views, and prudent gonerosity of those Democratie fathers of the State this Kegent Rynd would probably be now pioking atone somewliere in the wilds of Canada iustead of in the enjoyment of the emolumenta of a pro feasion acquired in the University halls, with the aecumulated honors of office. Thi8 Regent resides in the oity of Adrián, supposed to he in the State of Michigan, a State which boasta of its systeiu of education, a systeui originated by Demócrata aud ñnding all through the Stute its firmest friends in Democratie circles. And yet this Regent Ryud, in a speeoh at the Opera Housu on Tueuday evening last, held up the Demoeracy as the foes of education and 8ohools, and predicted dire and terrible woes to come upon our education - al systeni and institutions through a Democratie victory. The tears he ahed over the gloomy prospect were large and nutnerous. Sueh speeches publicly mark Regent Rynd the dumagogue and blatherskite that his intimatu friends havo known him to be. And ooupled with 8uch atuff it is no wonder that he Haunted the bloudy shirt, tore opeu the half-closod wounds of the late war, and lauded the Grant administraron as a model of eeonomy and honesty. Hudn't Regent Rynd better seok gome other town for his rhetorieal and pyroteehuical display, - say ome log school house in the dense wooils of southern Lenawee. THE Republicans are shoutiug them. sel vea hoarse ovar the gain of a few member8 of Congress in ühio and Indiana. A sample district or two will show that they have, at U-ast iu the iustances nauied, only regained their owu. In 1872 Isaac B. Sherwood, Republican, was eleoted to represent the Sixth Ohio district, receiving a majority of 1,068. In 1874, owing to a Republican división and a Kilkenney sort of iight between the two Republican organs in Toledo, the Blade and Commercial, Frank H. .Uurd, Demoerat, was elected, aud represents in the Forty-fourth Congreas a Republican district. The reoont election of Senator Cox, Republican, is therefore a victory whioh briugs with it no cause for Republican boasting. In the Twentieth Ohio district Richard C. Parsons, Republioan, was elected iu 1872 by a majority of 2,521. In 1871 Mr. Parsons being a oandidato for reelection, and the proof thut he was both untit and corrupt beiug positive, he was bealen by Henry B. Payne, Demucrat. At the recent election Mr. Payne was beaten by Mr. Townsend, a very popular Republican, simply beoause he lost the votes of several thousand Ropublicans given to him in 1874, and not beoause of a change in the politics ot althar the votera or the dáatriot Tho Third Ohio district, in which the Re publicans claim another gain, gave iu 1872 a Republican majority of 1,220; the Ninth district, another gain, was Republican in 1872 by 327 ; and the Eleven th district, the fifth guiu, gave a Republicau majority in 1872 of 907. These five districts were all Kepublican in 1872, so that the Democrats only lost what was uot theirs. The Republicana are welcome to all they eau make out of such figures and gains. A New Canbidate.- Chauucey W. Greene haring withdrawn from the Democratie ticket, on which he had been placed agaiust hia protest, as candidato for Commissiouer of the Stut.e Land Office, tho State Committee has filled the vaeancy with the uanio of Jo 8eph Brush Fenton, of Flint. Lieut. Fenton is a native of Genesee county, a son of the late widely known and highly respected Gov. Fenton, is in the prime of lifo, being 3.3 years oíd, and has the repntation of being a flrst-cl.vss business man. Possessed of a oharactor and rep utation above suspicion or raprouch, the citizens of tho State have au opportuni ty to honor thetnselves by giving him their votea. Those who kuow him, aud in Genesee county and the Saginaw Valloy ihey are legión, will, without dÍ8tinction of party, pretfr him to his opponent, Gen. Partridge, whose reputation is so soiled that the best Republicans of Bay county, in which he resides, have becu opeuly aud persisten tly endoavoring to procure his withdrawal or removal from the ticket. Lieut. Fonton left school in 1861 to nter the Eighth regiment as a private, was promoted to a lieutonaiigy for brave and gallant conduct, and left the regiment in 1863 because of ill-hoalth. Vote for Lieut. Fenton, do honor to a brave man, and aid iu elfccting au hunest officer. Jefferson Davis has writttm from London to a friend in Washington that he earnavtly desires the etectiou ot Tikten, and that the symputhies of all ttiu uionareliists and Confedérate exii8 in Kugiand me with tho Demooratic ticket. All of which is true.- I'ittsburgti Commercial. In ail of which there is not a single word of truth. The Commercial, like other Republicans, is hard pushed for capital. Jeff. Davis don't care a straw for Tilden or the Demoeracy, and his sympathies, if he has any, more naturally iiow out with those of Mosby, toward the Republicans and Hayes. He lives only in notoriety and hns the Republican party to thank for keeping liim before the Southern people. TheXoithfield bgiik robbers claim to huvo Jeeu brooght up by religious pirents, mil two of them used to teach Bible c asaos. - i'ittsburgh Commercial. That's uotliiiig. Zach Chandler was once teaoher of a Sunday School in De;roit, and Don Henderson, the distiujuished temperance apostlo of Allogan, was .a momber of his class. In AX article cmicising an Indiana Democratie ballot, the Lansing liepuhlican says : " The Congressioual vote would be thrown out in this State, as it reads, ' For Cougross, lOth district.' Our aw requires it to read, ' For Represeutative to the 45th Congress.' " Will our uotemporary point us to auy such 'law." Wo should like to gut "well leeled" before printing auy tiekuts for :he coming election. It is sCARf'KLY neoessary to cali attention to tli coirespoudonee, in another ooluinn, betweeu Mtissrs. Sawyer and Beakes, opposiug candidates for Reprem'iit.-iiivi: in this district. And it is, 1 in rl iiil, equally unnecessary tor us to gay wo t .hink Mr. Boakes has the better of Mr. Sawyer. Ho was nominatfed by a Democratie Convontiou in the the interests of the Democratie party and the whole public. And the " peculiar circurnatances" upon which Mr. ■Sawyer places so uiucli stress wore : that ho had di'clinod to bo a. candidate, es" pi!i:inl!y agaiust Mr. Sutton ; that he bad aaid that if no candidato was presonted to the couveution besides himsolf and his uoinination was unanimous he wonld consider the questiQn ; and that his "peculiar" ombanassoient carne trom the fnct that Mr. Sutton had been a prominent candidato before the convention. Mr. Boakes holda hvmself uuder no obligatiou to tnake persoual explanation to his opponent, henee failnd to diapose of the burdtm of Mr. Sawyer's plaint. We may also say that Mt. Sawyer, in our opinión, is wrong in forenhadowiug a dispoaition to invito legislative iuvestigation into the affaire of the University. The Regenta are oharged by the Constitutijn with the burdeu of aduainiatering its infernal and financia! att'airs. and well the frauiers of the Constitution kni'W that it was not safe to roposo that duty in the Legislatura And the courts aro opon to all partios aggrioved by the action of the Regenta Did Mr. Satvyor never hear of the ruon kry, the oats, and the cheese, and does he seek a repotition ? Iu addition wt havo only to say, that the Demócrata could have made 110 bettor uomination than that of Mr. Beakea. He combinos ability with legislativo experience, anc if elected will not ouly faithfully represent the body of his ooustituetits anc the intorests ot our city and the district but will trom the fitst rank as one o: the leading inemberB of the House. TlLE " bloody shirt cauipaign ' didn' win in Indiana, despite thu fact tha Kilpatrick's cali tor money was liborall; reBpondod to, and the uearly six thous and niajority of the lOth instant will be increased to twenty thousand ou the evening of November 7. Harrison wa a muoli strongor candidato in Indiana than Hayes, and polled a niucli large vote than Hayea can, while William did not get the full numberof votes tha will be givou for Tilden and Hendricks Indiana is no longer a doubtful State and its 15 electoral voteí inay safely be chalked down iu the Tilden column And Indiana is ono of the States Hayes was nominated to cárry. The ltepulili cans are evidently victims of misplacec eontidonce. ChrOXICLIXQ the fact that tho green backers didu't make uiuch of a show iu Indiana, polling only a little more thai one hnudred votes iu that soft-ruone; bed, Iudianapolis, tho Nsw Yorl Ev niay l'oxt says : " Most of tho voter of that way of thinking appear to have been perfeotly satisfied with the positioi of tlio Dqimuifc4 prty íiti t,hñ financia question. Does the l'ost forget tha Wolcott, tho greenback candidato fo Goernor, withdrow in favor of Harrison, (not " Blue Jeans"), and that in his letter qt withdrawal ho allegod thai three-fourths of the greenbackers were Republicana '. IXDIAXA. was fearfully and wonderfnlly cut iuto Representative districts by a Republican Legislature, with a view to prevont the eleotion of Democratie mouibers, and especially Mr. Holman, whose distiict was a model o: gerrymandering. Dospite this Republican inguuuity and rascality Mr Holman was elected in 1874 iu a district suppofsed to be and made to be Repnblican. His det'eat now, over which the Republicana erow so loudly, is only a goina: back to its original or ürst love And the saine romark doubtleaa upplies to the otuer three district gainod by the Reputdicans. An impkkssion haa gainod currency that re-registration is ueuessary in al] the towns and citiesof the State. There is no law rtquiring general re-registration, and it will only bo made iu such city or cities as muy have special legis tion requiring it. The several township boards of rugistration will perfect the registration lists on tho Saturday preceding the election, or November t, anc meetings iu citius for the same purposo will be held on the same day, unloss otherwise provide 1 by special legislatiou. In thia city the ward boards oi registration will meet on Tuesday, October 31, and the general board on Wedneftday, November lst. Let every voter remember these dates. Hon. David A. of the oldost, most proioinent, and most respected citizens of Monroe, died on the 13th instant, aged 7(i yeara. During hiü long re8Ídence in th;it city Mr. Noble had held ujiiiiy poütioDU of trust and honor, sorving iu local offices and in the Legislatura, and in 1852 he was eleeted to Congrios trom the district then eomprising neurly the whole of the "Southern tier," benting Josepli R Williams, afterwatd the fitst Preaideat of the Agncultural College. Durinsr his term the Kansas-Nevada bill, wtiioh disruptod tho Demooratiu party, was passod at'ter a ong strujCiíle. Mr. Noble forosaw iu that bill gel-ui of Democratie doieat and rcuorded his voto against it. It would have been woll for the Domocracy and the country had his politiciil colleaguus been equally far-8eeing and wise. BENATOB MORTOS bas turned his back upon tho cainpaigu and gone to California, - to engage in the investigation of the " Chinese cheap labor " question, he boing chairman of the special committee. Why ib this thusiy 'i Are there uo more battlcs to be fought, - in Indiana or out of it 'i The New York Sun classities the electoral vote as follows : Certain to voto for Tilden, 19,j; likely to vote for Tilden, 22. Certain for Hayes, fiö ; likeiy for Hayes, 58. Doubtful (Pennsylviinia) 29. The first or ccriain figure gives Tilden ten more electoral votes than uecessary. J. Webster Childs in cnvassing tlm district in the iuterest of lawyor Willits. He has evidently forgottm i luit. the interats of the great agricultur al class require that a farmer bu sent to Congress. Soine mon do have exceedingly short memories. The official returns from all the counties in Indiniiii give " Bine Jeans" Williams a uinjorily of'5,119. Well doue tor a doubtful State, a State selected by Chandler, Morton & Co. as the battlo Held of the caiupaign.


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