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Iudiaua I This is üie word which has elecriüed the Democracy into a state of the wildst euthusiasm. To say that we are courident f iiual success alter the great victory is a pleïnaiii ; the looks and actions ui man teil in anguage plainer than words that the old party ; Jerïeraou and Jucksou is ahuut to resume ie control oí the Repubíic which it niaguitied nd gioritied. The "day oi deliverauce'1 has awned upon the nation, and Republicana as eli as Democrats have reasou to rejoice. The treets of Manchesttr presentad % gala appearuoe Uie day the election returns came in, for ie Repubiicans in their great joy that Indiana ad gone Democratie, flung out their Hayes ud Wheeler Üags and helped all they could to ander the Democratie victory due attention. ome evil-djsposed persons muy say that the Repubs" had been ïniposed upon, and in the juileless simplicity of lamb-like natures supose(3 that Indiana had jione fur Grrant,Hayes, nd uorrupriou. Your correspondent spurns lis inintiHtioii. It wtis sheer joy And thaukulness for the success of Reform which made ie Radicáis so jubilant, and the Democracy ught to thunk theni for their kiudly interest u tho victory. A very succasslul meeting and pole-raising ook place Öaturday at the Nichols Schoolïouse, in Southwestern Manchester. Tho auience was 1 rga, attentive and enthusiastic. 'ha speakers able and eutertaining, and the ause glorious. It is no wonder the meeting was a success. Messrs. Fay, Norris and Hewtt addressed the meeting. So it goes ; nearly very school district in the township is alive to :ie cause of reform. Messrs. Cheever and Sessions addressed a landful of Kepublicans Saturday evening at Jonklin's Hall. There was no enthusiasm on ho part of the audience, and it is almost a vonder that the speakers did not retire in disgust long betore they did. By the way, the venomous attack of the Register upou W. D. Horrim.-m, meets with he contempt it deaerves, in tins community. Mr. H. won hosts ot friends here duriug his hort sta}' with us, and his character as a genLeman, and his personal and political prohity re too well known to receive injury from diseputable and vituperative assaults. Politics excepted all is quiet in Manchester.


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