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- The Ladies of the Congreational Church )ropoae holding a festival at the opening of the )asement of their church on Wednesday evenug, Oct. 25. Supper will be served for famiies or individuals, between the hours of six and eight. Refreshments through the eveniug to hose whu may desire. The best home muscal talent is engaged for the occasion. The avails will be appropriated to ftnisliing the maement. Admittauce, 25 cents. -The Rev. B. F. Browu, of the Presbyterian Uhurch, bas commenced a series of Suniay eveniug lectures on the Scriptures. His ubject for ne,xt Snnday evening is: The Canon of Scriptures - what ït is, and why it is 10 more, no less. - The ladies ot the Baptist Church at Dexter, furuished the supper at the recent reunión of the Twentieth Michigan Iufantry, to the satisfactiou of the soldier boys and at a proñt of Y64.73 to themselves. - The Rev. Dr. Cocker preached in the Conregational Church on Sunday last, the Kev. Jenj. Parsous, of Saline, will preach in the same Uhurch on Suuday next. - Bev. C. H. Brigham will lecture at the Unitarian Church next Sunday eveniug on Abeard, the Rationalist of the 12tii Century. Students' Class at 9.Ü0 A. M. - At a meeting ot the Cougregational Sociey held on the eveuing of the lOth, the foliowing resolutions were reported by a committee previously appointed and uuanimously adopted. Thuy will meet the hearty concurrence of that large poition of oomrnunity who knowing Mr. Hubbell have learned to appreciate and esteem him : WHEAREA8,Our pastor, the Rev. Henry L. HubbeJI, has tendered his resignation oí his mi.iisterial charge of this church and society; therefore. Resolved, That while we are constrained in the circumstaüces to accjpt his resiuation, we deeply regret the illness which has so long interrupted his labors, and has lad hira to ask for a permanent release from his official cares, that we earnestly sympathize with Inin in his trial, and fervently pray that he may regaiu his heatlh and bu spared tor inttny years oí service in the Master's vineyard. Resolved, That we uesire to record with gratitude our appreciation of the fidelity, earuestuess and tender Ctiristian solicitude with which he has miuistered to us, and gladly recognize the faet, that the unbrokeu harmony whicti has prevailed amongst us in all the varïed expeneuce of the last seven years, the increase in contributious for chantable purposes, the rapid growtli of our membership, and our general prosperity, are uuder God's blessiñg largely due to the intelleetual ability and the loving, conciliatory and ardent Christian spirit of our pastor and teacher. Resolved, That we shail ever remember with especial thaukfuluess, the uiiflagging zeal, the ctieerfulness, and the self-sacnficmg devotiou with which he has so long toiled for the completion of our new house of worship, Resolved, Tnat we wish to express our sense of the great value of the service, which Mrs. Hubbell has reudered by her wise counsels and her Christiau activity in every department of church work, and especially in keepiug alive a hearty interest in missions. Resolved, That we shall ever cherish with most affectionate interest the memory of our pastor's Hfe with us, and that he and h's taniily may' be assured that whereve-r they may go, they will be fo lowed by our best wishes and our earuost prayers for their welfare. Our neighbor of the Argus just before start inüf lor the Ceutenuial last week, read the Rei ister, atter taking in provisions for tli cruise, and went to bed. Then he dreamt h saw his graudmother. She told him tlier ought to be an injunctiou put upun the Regis Lef, etc. - Register, Oct. 18 We forgot to ask perniiasion of Bro Pone of the Aeguö, and hü oonseciueutly tukes a se riitus view of our heedless way of doing thiugs -Register, Oct. 18. Now, as "our ueighbor" left for the Centen nial on the 3Uth day of September, several day bofore the Register emptied it kettle af lus upou Harrimau's head, he couldn't have hac his "dreums" very much disturbed by anythiu the Register sid,- in f act he is n't at all likel to be over-worried by anything that jourua eau 3ay. He rather hkes to see the " sta combiuation troupe" threw Usolf, and it is en tirely unnecessary to ask his permission. H is in just the happy state of miud of the aft'ec tiouate husband who was found laughing whi] his wife whipped him, and whose explanator; remark was, "it pleases her and don't hurt in a bit." So, lay ou, dear fellows, make black guardB or asnes of yourselves ad libittim, au don't live in mortal fear of the inteipositiou o an "injimctiim." You have au uudoubte right to indulge in daily and nightiy horror o that writ, but it wout "stick" iu'such a case a the oue under consideration, so do your leve beat to prove that you are the Ctiristian yo charge Harriman is not. The public will uo mistruat it uuleas you make a good ahowiug.


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